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A fun New way to make greetings cards etc.

Picture Collage Maker Pro is a simple-to-use Windows collage maker for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from ordinary photos in minutes. It offers users several options for using their photographs in creative ways.
Click the link to know what art works it can make exactly:…


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Lower Back pain! Finally Someone Who Can Help!

Patient’s First Visit

When you arrive for your initial visit at Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation, our Patient Services Representatives will ask you to provide the following information:

Referral Form

Download our Referral Form to take to your physician to complete.

During your course of therapy, it is important that you keep us informed of any changes you may have such as a change in insurance, a change of address, or physician, etc. so we may continue to provide you with excellent care, service and accurate billing.

What should I wear?

All examinations are private. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that is appropriate for exercise.  We may need to ask you to change into a patient gown for your evaluation and treatment, but if you would be more comfortable wearing your own attire please bring your own shorts and tee shirt.

How long is each visit?

The initial evaluation, will take approximately one hour. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete Patient Registration Information. Each follow-up visit will take approximately 45 minutes depending on your treatment plan.  The frequency and duration of your treatment program will be in part determined by your physician and therapist’s recommendations but will also be based on your goals and availability.

What should I expect during my initial visit?

During your initial evaluation, a physical or occupational therapist will review your medical history with you and will then complete a thorough therapy evaluation.  Together, you and your therapist will develop a treatment plan which meets your needs.

To schedule your appointment call one of our clinics today.

They Treat Back Injuries!!  😀 😀


Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain

We can help your back pain and neck pain

Research indicates that at least 70% of people in developed countries will experience low back or neck pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain is a common complaint. Most people in the United States will experience low back pain at least once during their lives.

What are the signs/symptoms of back and neck problems?

  • Recurring pain or pain that does not go away
  • Stiffness or swelling of a joint
  • Back or neck pain which limits your activity
  • Numbness or  tingling
  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Loss of motion and flexibility
  • Decreased balance and falls
  • Difficulty walking or climbing stairs
  • Headaches
  • Decreased endurance and muscular weakness

What are the underlying causes of back and neck pain?

Injuries, disease, bad habits and repetitive stress can lead to low back pain and neck pain

How are back pain and neck pain treated at Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation?

Our physical therapists will assess your mobility and help you to restore normal  motion. Your muscle strength, coordination and balance will also be examined.  Our well trained therapists will assess and treat the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems.  We are experts in restoring optimum function so that you can return to the activities you enjoy!
At Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation you will be thoroughly evaluated. You and your therapist will design a treatment plan which meets your specific needs. Treatment may include: therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, body mechanics training, and modalities as needed (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser, etc).  A home exercise program will be developed for you to assist you in achieving your goals.

What are the goals of back pain and neck pain treatment?

Our goals are to assist you in decreasing your pain and in regaining normal mobility, strength and function.  We want to quickly and safely help you correct the following problems:


  • Muscle imbalances (tight or weak)
  • Hypermobility/instability (increased motion)
  • Hypomobility (loss of motion)
  • Decreased mobility of muscle, tissue or fascia (connective  tissue)
  • Inhibited muscles
  • Postural issues (“bad habits”)

This service is offered at:

Gig Harbor Clinic
Tacoma Clinic
Lakewood Clinic
Puyallup Clinic
South Hill Clinic
Spanaway Clinic
University Place Clinic

Manual therapy can help your pain. Please visit our page on MANUAL THERAPY


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two sister sites down

This is the special art private club and no outside contact here yet? as new people have too be checked out before membership and URL are granted too this area..  Keeps it safe. I lost most of my arts news hobby site trying to restore the pw for the Christian good reads sites.  So I’ll use these for backup’s on the new project..  As this board does not broadcast to the public. 

First off,  Keep the politics out of the arts and crafting clubs.  Does not go there…

Keep formatting simple, not everyone likes fruit  or flowers background or weird fonts …

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Connect the Dots for Colorful Acrylic BEADS

Pearlized, Metallic, Marbled, Matte and More
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

America’s Favorite Beading and
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Go dot to dot and join other jewelry makers who enjoy the vast array of colors, patterns and finishes of lightweight acrylic beads!
Beads with pearlized coatings, faceted surfaces, marbled color, matte finish, metallic accents–and so many other fabulous styles–are waiting for you.
What are YOU waiting for? Your palette awaits.
Happy Beading from all of us at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads,

Chris and Stuart

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Free Jewelry-Making Project

“Red Bead Float” Necklace and Earring Set

This continuous loop necklace (with matching earrings) is an ideal project to use with lightweight acrylic beads of any style! While this design uses beads with a vivid rubberized coating, any other smooth, faceted or textured components can do the job just as brilliantly. Make your own version using these free step-by-step instructions.

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How Are We Doing?

Customer Comment:
“Just received my order in good shape. I was blessed by the tissue paper laying on top with stickers for love and peace. A lovely touch. Small things can do great good. Thank you”
– Suzann

Your comments are welcome!

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Russia beefs up anti-piracy laws


The law has been updated to cover piracy of books, music and software

Russia is beefing up the law it uses to tackle online piracy.

The law was introduced in mid-2013 and gave the authorities the power to tell internet companies to cut off access to sites found to be pirating media.

As first enacted, the law only applied to sites that shared pirated movies and TV shows.

The updated law has been expanded to cover sites that share links to pirated music, books and software. It does not cover images.

‘Common goal’

The updated law comes into force on 1 May.

It gives those accused of harbouring pirated media just 72 hours to respond to a complaint before a permanent ban is put in place.

No court order is required to shut down sites.

Instead, officials will respond to complaints from rights-holders.

Those accused of pirating content will then be able to argue their defence in court – but if they lose two cases, their site will go on the block list.

Figures from Russia reveal that in the first year, anti-piracy watchdogs got complaints about 175 sites, which resulted in 12 of them being put on the banned list.

Most of those banned are believed to be sites that share BitTorrent “trackers”, which people use to find pirated media.

Earlier this week Sergei Zheleznyak, deputy speaker of the Russian Duma, warned pirates about the imminent change.


From next year, social-network sites in Russia must keep data about users within the country

Mr Zheleznyak said the sites had until 1 May to enter into a “constructive dialogue” with the firms that hold the rights to the media being shared around.

Talking to Russian media, he said: “Our common goal is to ensure that all work is adequately rewarded and that the benefit from successful books, music and wonderful computer programs is enjoyed by those who created them, and not those who stole them.”

Russia has also released figures that it says show that the action against pirated video has been successful.

Online sales of movies and TV shows have doubled since the law came into force.

The imminent arrival of the updated law has prompted some Russian sites to make changes to the way they work.

In early 2015, Russian social network VKontakte removed a feature from its app that let people stream music they had uploaded to the site.

The anti-piracy law is one of several different pieces of legislation enacted by Russia aimed at the internet.

In August last year, Russia imposed restrictions on popular bloggers telling those with more than 3,000 daily readers to register with regulators and to follow regulations that governed what they could say.

Human rights groups said the law was “draconian”.

In September next year, a law comes into force that will require internet companies to site servers that gather data about Russians in the country.

Critics fear the data will be pored over by authorities to locate people who use social media to organise protests.

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