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Novena To St. Joseph – 6th Day – March 15

Consider his glorious titles:

1. He was the crown of all the patriarchs, and of all the ancestors of the promised Messiah. He inherited and enjoyed the fruition of
their united benedictions.

2. He was the crown of the saints of the Old Law; all their
prerogatives, all their virtues, were concentrated and perfected
in his person.


3. He is the crown of the saints of the New Testament; he
surpasses them all in dignity, as being head of the Holy Family,
of which Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man, was a
member; and as, in the discharge of this function he acquitted
himself so as to deserve the title of the prudent and faithful
servant by excellence, so should he also surpass all the other
servants of God in glory.


Virtues to imitate in St. Joseph:


1. His faith, which was most lively and most fruitful in good works.
2. His equanimity whether in prosperity or adversity.
3. His zeal for the honor of God, and the salvation of man.


Prayer (graces to ask of St. Joseph):

Most blessed St. Joseph, who alone were destined to enjoy and to
witness the accomplishment of all the blessings of the patriarchs, you who were raised to the supreme dignity of the father of the Messiah, in whom all nations were to be blessed; behold now the patriarchs themselves approaching to place a crown of glory on your head, and to acknowledge you for their king; they are followed by all the saints of the Old Law, who also wish to present you, as their chief, with a crown composed of as many brilliant stars as you have surpassed them in degrees of perfection; and lastly, the saints of the New Law – the apostles, martyrs, confessors and virgins – come with their palms mingled with lilies and roses, to crown the chief of the family of God on earth, the first disciple of Jesus Christ, the first imitator of His divine example, the first saint whom the law of grace produced, even proclaimed such by sacred writings.


We praise and bless you a thousand and a thousand times, thrice
blessed patriarch of all saints! Elevated as you are now in bliss, forget not your poor, miserable client here on earth, but deign to bestow on me some small portion of that abundance of good things with which you will be eternally replenished in the mansion of your heavenly Father. The most ardent of my desires, my glorious patron is that you would bestow upon me the salutary fruits with which the tree of life is laden – that tree on which Jesus Christ consummated the redemption of the world.


Enriched with this precious fruits of benediction on earth, I shall
confidently hope to taste one day the fruits of glory with which the
elect shall be satiated for all eternity. Amen.


Practices of Devotion and Mortification:

1. A more rigorous fast than usual.

2. Perform one of the works of mercy, either spiritual or corporal.

3. A visit to our Divine Lord, at which ask to be made a sharer in
the blessings enjoyed by St. Joseph.

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