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Novena To St. Joseph – 7th Day – March 16

Consider his glorious titles:

1. He was singularly favored, assisted and honored by the angels.
From them, he received comfort in his anguish, light and
direction in his difficulties, and help and solace in his labors. St.
Joseph was appointed to discharge the function of guardian angel
towards Jesus and Mary.

2. No saint was ever so intimately associated with Jesus as St.
Joseph, who so often caressed and fondled Him in his arms.

3. The life he led in the society of Jesus and Mary, was more a
celestial than an earthly life, more divine than human; it was a
tissue of simplicity, innocence and fervor; it was a foretaste of
the felicity of the blessed.

Virtues to imitate in St. Joseph:

1. His respect for the ministers of God.

2. The peace and tranquility of his soul.

3. The truth and sincerity of his words, and the modesty of his

Prayer (graces to ask of St. Joseph):

To behold you so singularly favored by the angels, is to me no matter of surprise, O glorious saint! for you are as one of them by your angelic purity.

Why marvel to behold them even viewing with each other in rendering service to one whom they consider superior to themselves in dignity?

Ah! if envy could find a place in their hearts, it might well have been excited on seeing the happy privilege which you enjoyed of living on terms of such intimate familiarity with our Divine Lord, the Infant God, the wondrous mystery of love, the centre of joy, the source of felicity.

Blessed be that mouth, which has so often praised and glorified Him; blessed those arms, which so lovingly embraced Him; blessed that bosom, on which He so sweetly reposed.

By conversing day and night with your Infant Savior, you learned to become a child like Him, and to imitate the innocence, simplicity and purity, and all the other amiable virtues of the “Word Incarnate”.

Ah! you were fully sensible of His ardent desire to see all Christians become like little children, that they may thus be enabled to enter by the low and narrow gate that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

I also burn with an ardent desire to conform myself perfectly to the
Divine Infant Jesus: obtain, then, for me all the virtues suited to that happy state of Christian childhood; may my heart be guileless, my thoughts pure, my intentions upright, my words innocent, and the whole tenor of my life and conduct conformable to true Christian simplicity and humility; obtain for me the grace to become once more, by sincere repentance and a truly penitential life, the little child of Christianity which I was once made by the waters of regeneration, but whose fair and noble lineaments have, alas! been so often defaced and abused by the ravages of sin, the only real evil. Amen.

Practices of Devotion and Mortification:

1. Excite yourself to sincere contrition for all your past sins,
kneeling before an image of the child Jesus, offering up to Him
the innocence, simplicity, and purity of St. Joseph.

2. Make a visit to the Most Blessed Sacrament, at least in spirit, for
the purpose of conversing with the Lord Jesus, and of making
Him an offering of all the caresses which St. Joseph bestowed
upon Him.

3. Give alms to a poor child, a lively image of Jesus in His adorable infancy.


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