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Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory…..


Does purgatory really exist?
What about Hell?
Is there a difference between ghosts and demons?

As Halloween approaches, we are suddenly surrounded
by ghosts and goblins – spirits who
appear to have returned from the dead.
Most people say it is simply child’s play, innocent fun.




But history, the Church Fathers, and the saints
tell us otherwise.

On April 29, 1926, St. Faustina Kowalska was visited
three times by a recently deceased nun.
During the apparitions, the spirit begged
Sister Faustina for help so she
could be released from purgatory.

St. Padre Pio reported that “there were more souls
of the dead who come up the road
[leading to the monastery]
then souls of the living.”

Today, fewer people say they believe in purgatory.
Their spiritual focus is often only on feeling good or
of a heaven where everyone is assured of
instant bliss.

Visitors from the other side tell us a different story.



During the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the three children,
10-year old Lucia asked Mary if the they would go to heaven.
Mary answered yes, but that Francisco would
have to “pray many rosaries”.

Next, she asked what happened
to two young friends who had recently died:
“Is Maria das Neves in Heaven?”
“Yes, she is” [answered Mary].
“And Amelia?”
“She will be in purgatory until the end of the world.”



A Lutheran minister, no believer in Purgatory,
is the puzzled recipient of repeated visitations from
“demons” who come to him seeking prayer, consolation,
and refuge in his little German church. But pity for the
poor spirits overcomes the man’s skepticism, and he marvels
at what kind of departed souls could belong to Christ
and yet suffer still…

After a week of hearing ghostly noises, a man is visited
in his home by the spirit of his mother, dead for three decades.
She reproaches him for his dissolute life and begs him
to have Masses said in her name. Then she lays her hand on his sleeve,
leaving an indelible burn mark, and departs….

Hungry Souls is a book that you won’t be able to put down
after you start reading. Inside are first-hand accounts of
meetings with souls who were sent to hell and souls
who were sentenced to suffer time in purgatory.
You will hear from their own lips what happens after death,
and they describe in detail the reality and necessity of purgatory.
These are trustworthy, Church-verified accounts.

You will also be taken on a virtual tour of a church in Rome
which is home to Piccolo Museo del Purgatorio
(Little Museum of Purgatory).
Inside is a collection of physical evidence left
during visits by souls suffering in purgatory.
These souls tell us that they are experiencing a type of
cleansing fire. As their presence draws near,
witnesses report feeling intense heat. Sometimes, the
Holy Soul has reached out to leave a reminder –
and the slightest touch of their hands leaves burn marks.




The message brought to us by these voices
from purgatory is this:

“You in the world have no inkling of what we have to suffer!
Being abandoned and forgotten by those who have been
nearest to us in the world: that is most bitter.
Sometimes they stand at the tombs of
our bodies and don’t pray for us at all.
They act as if we don’t exist any more. God’s justice
commands us to be silent.
But we stand at the door of their houses, of our former
dwellings, and wait.
We stand there and wait. Days, years.
We wait for them to give us a small sign of their love
by prayer and sacrifice.
But we stay there in vain. We cry in vain for love. For help!
Tell them…Love should not die at death. We are still alive
and we are hungry for love! For your love!


Are any of your loved ones waiting to enter heaven?
Will you help them?



Hungry Souls

by Gerard J.M. Van Den Aardweg
200 pages
4.5 Star Customer Rating

Order online now or call

Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D., is a Dutch
psychotherapist in private practice.
In addition to his work in parapsychology– writing and speaking about
near-death experiences and paranormal events such as those detailed in
Hungry Souls– Dr. van den Aardweg has written extensively on
pro-life and pro-family subjects.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Purgatory and the Paranormal
  • The Near-Death Experience – and Beyond
  • Purgatory’s Pains and Joys
  • Holy Soul, or Demonic Impostor?
  • Apparitions of Damned Souls
  • Evidence for Purgatory in Early Christian History
  • The Church Fathers and Later Saints on Purgatory
  • The Fire of Purgatory According to Catherine of Genoa
  • The Exhibits of the Museum of Purgatory
  • The Burned-In Hand of Czestochowa
  • Other Examples of Burn Marks
  • How the Poor Souls Appear, and to Whom
  • Blessed Stanislaus Papczynski: An Extraordinary Friend to the Suffering Souls
  • The Modern-Day Apparitions to Eugenie von der Leyen
  • A Deceased Sister Visits St. Faustina
  • A Ursula Hibbeln: The Simple Woman Who Helped Many Souls
  • Two Apparitions to Padre Pio
  • The Bohemian Widow Who Saw the Dead
  • How We Can Help the Holy Souls
  • Epilogue: A Poor Soul Appears in 1870
  • About the Author
  • Notes
  • Bibliography

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