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The Miracle of the Sun

Our Lady of the Rosary Library


October, the month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary






October 13 . . .  is the Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. This
occasion provides us with a special opportunity to refresh our memory
regarding the circumstances and events connected with the fulfillment of
the promise made by Our Lady of Fatima to the three peasant children. She
promised that she would grant a great miracle on October 13, 1917, removing
any doubt about their appointed role as trustworthy messengers of her
apparitions and of her messages to the world.

The three peasant children, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia were constantly
badgered, challenged and accused of hallucinations or fraud, even
threatened by various civil authorities. The ecclesiastical authorities –
the parish priest and the bishop – were reserved and repeatedly pressed
them with questions and cautioned them about the gravity of their claims.

It was a painful sadness for them that their spiritual fathers withheld
their judgment and support. But the children remained undaunted and
tenaciously protested their humble obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary and
the truth of the revelations they related regarding apparitions and
messages of Our Lady. Their confidence remained unshaken because of Our
Lady’s promise of the special miracle on October 13th that she would
perform to support them in the sight of all.


They repeatedly told the
doubters, cynics, and accusers that there would be a great miracle on
October 13th at 12 noon. One that all would be able to see. Of course, word
spread throughout the country about this prediction.

Fatima had been inundated by heavy rains for several days, and right up to
October 13th. The ground at the Cova da Iria was a sea of mud. But at noon
the rain became a fine mist. Thousands of people had gathered out of hope
and expectation, out of anxious wonder, or curiosity, or to witness to the
mindless naivete of the masses.


It is estimated that 70,000 people had
assembled. Many still holding their umbrellas. Suddenly, at 12 noon, Lucia
was heard to cry out, “Look the sun!” Her cry was relayed through the great
multitude. People looked up. There were great shouts and exclamations as
the people beheld a stupendous phenomenon. The sun burst through the
clouds. It immediately began to radiate a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors.
It trembled. It began spinning.


Then zigzagging. People were falling to
their knees in the mud. Then a terrible cry went up, because the sun
suddenly began to plummet to the earth. There were cries for mercy. There
were people confessing their sins unabashedly, others were reciting an act
of contrition. They feared that they would be crushed to death. Then, the
sun stopped and slowly returned to its place in the sky.


The whole
experience lasted about 8 minutes. The air was clear. The ground was dry.
Even the clothes of those who knelt in the mud were dry. As could be
expected, this momentous event was reported in the prominent newspapers of
Portugal and around the world. Even in the New York Times.

Simultaneously, there were other events which were visible to the seers
alone. The children saw a series of special visions. First, St. Joseph with
the Holy Child and Our Lady – the Holy Family. Then, St. Joseph robed in
white, seeming to lean from the clouds, half hidden, holding the Holy Child
who was wholly visible and dressed in red. Then, Our Lady on the right of
the sun wearing a blue mantle which covered her head and fell loosely
around her.


St. Joseph tracing the sign of the cross three times over the
vast kneeling crowd. Then this vision faded and vanished to give place to
another of Jesus Christ, vested in red and His Mother under the symbolism
of Our Lady of Dolours (without the sword piercing the heart). The Redeemer
also gives His blessing to the people. As this vision faded, it was
succeeded by still another seen by Lucia alone, a vision of Our Lady of
Mount Carmel with something falling from her hand. These special visions
seen only by the children ceased as the sun returned to its place in the

Our Lady made the sun dance, a stupendous wake-up call, to persuade us of
the truth and the urgency of her messages given through the seers. Her
messages include the need for prayer for world peace, for the conversion of
Russia, and in reparation for sin. She gives us a call to pray the Rosary
every day. To faithfully to go to Confession, to Mass, to receive Holy
Communion and to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, on five
consecutive first Saturdays. What more can we ask for to convince us of the
grave importance of the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima.

The above is an article from “Fatima Findings” (October 2007), a monthly
bulletin of the Reparation Society of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 7920
Beverly Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21234-5308


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