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The Miraculous Medal





“Sister Labouré come to
the Chapel; the
Blessed Virgin awaits you.”

St. Catherine Labouré was startled from
her sleep by these words from her
guardian angel, appearing to her as a
small child. It was 11:30pm on
July 18, 1830 in Paris, France.


Upon her angel’s insistence, she
hastened to the chapel while her
sisters slept. As she prayed, a
faint swish of silk was heard.
Then, She appeared.

“The Blessed Mother wishes to
speak with you”,

her angel prompted her.

St. Catherine folded her hands in
Mary’s lap, eagerly attentive to every
word from her Blessed Mother.
Our Lady said to St. Catherine:


“God wishes to charge
you with a mission. You will be
contradicted, but do not fear;
you will have the grace to do what is
necessary . . . Times are evil in
France and in the world.”

“Graces will be shed on all,
great and little, especially
upon those who seek for them.”

Then, a faint swish of silk was heard again
in the chapel, four months later.
It was November 27, 1830, at 5:30 pm.

Raising her eyes to the main altar,
Sister Labouré saw Our Lady standing
on a large globe, with her hands
generously shedding bright rays
of graces. Words surrounded the
vision which read,


In the vision, Mary is standing upon a
globe as Queen of Heaven and Earth, crushing the head of the serpent beneath her feet. The vision is a message from heaven to all her children revealing
the truth of everything said about her.

Her Immaculate Conception.
Her glorious Assumption.
Her role as the New Eve.


Our recourse and intercessor, the mediator
of God’s graces to the whole world.
The Blessed Virgin charged
St. Catherine:

“Have a medal struck as I
have shown you.
All who wear it will receive
great graces.”

The back of the Miraculous Medal
displays Mary’s “M” intertwined with the
Cross of Christ, symbolizing her perfect
union with the redemptive
suffering of her Son.

Underneath are His Sacred Heart
and her Immaculate heart side by
side, forever united in heaven and
working together for our salvation.

The crown of 12 stars symbolizes
Mary as Queen mother of
Israel’s true King, Jesus.

“And a great sign appeared
in heaven: a woman clothed
with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a
crown of twelve stars.”

– Revelation 12:1

The Miraculous Medal is a testimony
to the power of trusting prayer in the Mother of God.

“Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse
to thee.”

Faith is its greatest miracle.

“If they wear the medal around their neck and say this prayer
confidently, they will receive special protection from the Mother of God and abundant graces.”

Two thousand Miraculous Medals were struck on June 20, 1832, fulfilling
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal’s
wishes. When St. Catherine received
the Miraculous Medal she said:
“Now it must be propagated.”

“Graces will abound for persons who
wear it with confidence.”

– Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal


So, wear it with
confidence . . . and beauty!



Medal on
24 Chain


Medal Blue

Medal – Sterling
20 inch chain

Children’s Oval
Miraculous Medal
Gold/Sterling Silver

Gold/Sterling Silver
Miraculous Medal
18 inch chain

Pewter Miraculous
Medal with 24
inch chain


Sterling Silver
Genuine Cameo
Miraculous Medal

Miraculous Medal
w/ 18 inch chain

Miraculous Medal
Rosebud with
24 inch chain

Sterling Silver
Oval Profile
Miraculous Medal

Miraculous Medal
w/ 4 hearts and CZ
Crystal Stone

Miraculous Medal
w/ 20 inch chain

Engravable Oval
Sterling Silver
Miraculous Medal

Engravable Oval
Sterling Silver
Miraculous Medal








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