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TERRIFYING! This Is the Single Most HONEST Video You’ll See About the Refugee Crisis


The biggest fear about the migrant crisis used to be the odds terrorists would merge into the crowd and make their way into new countries to inflict damage. But, that’s only one challenge the refugees present.

The major issue has become their refusal to assimilate to the culture they migrated to, and their criminal behavior. European countries are being destroyed by the violent and bigoted migrants who ignore their laws and customs, and abuse their people. (via Allen B. West)

Since the migrants have come into Europe, there have been increases in crime, assault, and rape. To Muslim refugees, that is daily life, it’s normal, and so they are inflicted that heinous violence upon the rest of the world.

And they see their culture as “superior?” It’s easy to see why the migrant’s countries are unlivable – they’re inflicting the same destruction and devastation as they have on their own countries! Not only that, but the cost of resettling and taking care of these refugees is breaking the bank.

This video shows the true circumstance of Europe, in particular one refugee camps in France which is called “The Jungle.” The sheer violence in this short video would discourage even the most hardened traveler from going to Europe right now.

Soon, Europeans are going to be migrating to America to get away from the violence that is ruining their countries. They may be criticizing the wall Trump wants to have built now, but once it’s built and our migration is under control, they’ll see how much safer our nation is.

Protecting your country from unlawful migration, and instilling a ban to stop the migrants coming from certain Middle Eastern countries, is not a bad thing. Some of the European countries should strongly consider it, to keep their people safe.

Call President Donald Trump what you want, but he is dedicated to protecting the American people from harmful and senseless violence. Instead of hating on our President, European leaders could learn a thing or two from him.

It’s not wrong that the American people don’t want our nation to end up like “The Jungle.” It’s not racist or “Islamophobic,” it’s common sense! Europe is in a crisis, and we don’t want our country to be in the same crisis.

Our country is in need of some serious change as it is because of the acts of former President Obama. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt, we have abominable health care that pretends to be affordable, we have too few jobs, and too many homeless people. Our country is not as well off as the liberals think it is.

The last thing we need is more refugees in this country, not only because of the hidden terrorists coming in, but also because of the regular migrants who are not terrorists but are no less violent. This is ridiculous, and we do not want them here. It would be like inviting a murderer into your home, and then being surprised when he tries to kill you later on! Get some sense, people!

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BREAKING: Trump Goes NUCLEAR on Obama’s “Secret” Project, Heads Are Rolling


In January, the media reported the State Department’s “mass exodus,” saying the staff didn’t “want to stick around for the Trump era.” Another media lie, but here’s the truth!

This report was vastly exaggerated as only four employees resigned. It is also normal for a handful of people to resign as a new administration comes in, but now there is an actual mass exodus, with Rex Tillerson, as secretary of state, firing many from the seventh floor, via Independent Journal Review.

I’m so glad Tillerson wasted no time in draining the swamp. The seventh floor in the State Department is very powerful and includes the counselor offices as well as the deputy secretary of state for management and resources.

This floor is the one that has been calling itself the infamous “shadow government” and was recently in the midst of the Hillary Clinton scandal under former Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy.

In October, during the election between Trump and Clinton, Kennedy reportedly tried to sway the FBI into minimizing “the classified nature of the Clinton emails in order to protect State interests and those of Clinton.”

Kennedy, of course, was one of the four officials to resign after Trump came into the White House. He saw the writing on the wall, but Tillerson also had to deal with those who were left behind. This is a clear message to the rest of the government — the Trump administration is here, and no corruption will be tolerated.

The people were fired right after President Donald Trump started blaming administration leaks on government officials, whom he supposed were trying to block the appointment of his “own people.” I agree — the corrupt are trying to keep their agents in the alcoves to disrupt Trump.

R.C. Hammond, a spokesperson for the State Department, made a statement on the matter, “The State Department is supported by a very talented group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats. We are appreciative to any American who dedicates their talents to public service.”

Hammond mentioned they are busy at work trying “to build out our team,” which is connected to the firings.

Trump has always been adamant about replacing those who were on staff when Obama was president because of the corruption and the scandals that followed the former administration like the plague. Our president wants people he can count on, not those still loyal to Obama.

It is currently unknown who Tillerson will pick to replace the fired individuals, but I’m sure he’ll take Trump’s approach of finding only the very best for the position. This is a great start to draining the swamp and making America great again. And if anyone can do it, it’s the Trump administration.

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Posted by Allison Hillman | Feb 3, 2017 | Liberal Corruption, Top Article

Life After Hate is a group with an interesting story. A description on their website says that the organization “was created in 2009 by former members of the American violent far-right extremist movement. Through powerful stories of transformation and unique insight gleaned from decades of experience, we serve to inspire, educate, guide, and counsel.”

Led by Christian Picciolini, they state their mission is “inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves.”

On the exterior, they certainly paint a rosy picture; reformed extremists, haters that are teaching themselves and others to love. It would be a welcome change if it were true.

This is the real Christian Picciolini, and it seems he is still harboring a lot of hate. Like many other liberals, he presents a façade that doesn’t hold up to close examination. They aren’t truly accepting of everyone, they only accept those that agree with them.

Enter Barack Obama, for the last 8 years he has led the charge of hypocrisy. He left office lamer than most, pardoning criminals left and right, and desperately trying to secure some sort of legacy.

Perhaps it was with that goal in mind that he arranged a special gift to Life After Hate.

The Department of Homeland Security cut the check which was given to Life After Hate. If that doesn’t give you pause, read the sentence again. But make no mistake; Obama’s hand directed all this.

The government then quietly delivered the $400,000 to Life After Hate. In a statement issued by Jeh Johnson they tried to explain; “The funding will go for activities that include intervention, developing resilience, challenging the narrative, and building capacity.

In the body of the statement, Life After Hate is listed under the “Managing Interventions” category along with a mayor’s office, a police department, and several other groups. There is no explanation beyond that.

Given the violence of the left since November, the irony of Johnson’s statement that, “In this age of self-radicalization and terrorist-inspired acts of violence, domestic-based efforts to counter violent extremism have become a homeland security imperative,” is not lost. Liberals have become the leaders of self-radicalization and a lot of this money went to supporting those efforts.

In the statement, Johnson actually singles out Life After Hate as “an organization devoted to the rehabilitation of former neo-Nazis and other domestic extremists in this country.”

Johnson and Obama must have been quite happy to give this much money to such an organization. Picciolini devotes a lot of time on his Twitter account to bashing anyone that doesn’t believe that all whites are as racist as he used to be.

He is dedicated to proving that all whites are Nazis, President Trump included of course. He doesn’t want to admit that some people are capable of disagreements without racism even being an issue.

Life After Hate has several programs they run, all supposedly dedicated to peace.

ExitUSA – “helping individuals who wish to disengage from the white power movement and build a more positive life. Founded and run by former hate group members who have led successful lives post-movement, ExitUSA provides support to individuals who are looking to leave racism and violence behind.”

The Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network– “is a unique and powerful global force in the ongoing struggle to tackle violent extremism. Former violent extremists and survivors are empowered to work together to push back extremist narratives and prevent the recruitment of ‘at risk’ youths. It leverages the lessons, experiences and networks of individuals who have dealt first-hand with extremism.”

Formers Anonymous– “is a group of men and women who have identified a shared problem of attachment and addiction to a grossly irresponsible, criminal and/or drug (including alcohol) lifestyle.”

They also run Strong Cities Network and Harmony Through Hockey.

Their website offers books to buy, written by many of their founders and of course a place for donations to their non-profit organization.

Surprisingly, they don’t mention the large and generous grant from the Department of Homeland Security. It would seem like they would want to advertise that they are so highly supported. Perhaps that is something better left unsaid if the check was not for their charity but a payment to support their anti-Trump movements.

Piccilini and his group are just one more example of liberals who have no good arguments left and so must declare that they are hated and oppressed. It is particularly sad to see someone who has a chance to do some good, like Picciolini, turn to more suppression, just under a different name.

These people are not dedicated to protecting America, they are trying to make America a place where you are automatically a criminal if you are not a minority. They have spent decades accusing whites of hatred based on skin color but they do not see any hypocrisy in doing the exact same thing.

Racism is not limited to whites, it is alive and well in people off all skin colors, religions, genders, and sexual preferences. President Donald Trump is less of a racist than Obama ever was. As our President, his policies have sought to level the playing field for one entity, America. He has not said he will protect only white Americans or only male Americans but in fact has made this statement;



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How Much Longer For The Free Stuff?

President Trump keeps sending out a clear message. Immigration to America is a privilege, not a right. If you want to come and stay, you must contribute.

President Trump’s administration will be looking to roll out more restrictions on immigrants planning to enter the U.S., as well as those already in the country. The administration would be seeking to “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and develop standards for “determining” whether an immigrant can be deported after five years, if that person receives a certain amount of public assistance, including Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Medicaid.

The second order, titled “Executive Order on Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs” calls for eliminating the jobs magnet that is driving illegal immigration to the United States. The order would rescind any work visa provisions for foreign nationals found not to be in “the national interest” or in violation of U.S. immigration laws.

Illegal Immigrants living in sanctuary cities can apply for and get, public assistance without fear of deportation. Their illegal status is kept confidential. They come and go at will.

The term “sanctuary city” is a generalized description where city funds are not used to implement federal immigration laws. These cities have decided by legal regulation not to inquire about the immigration status of the people in which they come in contact. In other words, it’s another form of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Sanctuary cities continue to be a festering public-safety concern throughout the country. ICE has identified about 300 cities that are uncooperative and obstruct immigration enforcement. There are four whole states, California, Connecticut, New Mexico, and Colorado that have declared as sanctuary states.

A detainer is the primary tool used by ICE to gain custody of illegals for deportation. It’s a notice to other law enforcement agencies that ICE intends to take custody of the alien. It also includes information on the alien’s criminal history, immigration violations and potential threat to public safety. While many Americans, even veterans, struggle with getting adequate medical care, not so with the illegals. Medical care provided to illegal immigrants is costly for New York City’s legal residents. A 2002 report by the United States General Accounting Office, in-patient care in hospitals provided to illegal immigrants cost the state $474 million.

However, this figure fails to include the out-patient costs associated with treating the illegal immigrant population in emergency rooms. When these figures are included, the overall taxpayer-funded, non-reimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal immigrant population amount to an estimated $690 million a year.

Almost half the households headed by an illegal immigrant are receiving welfare, food assistance and health benefits for their children. In total, the illegal immigrant population residing in New York costs the state’s taxpayers more than $5 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration costs. On a per person basis, the annual tax burden amounts to about $874 per New York household headed by a native-born resident. That’s just for New York! Sanctuary city status has really paid off for them. Multiply New York’s cost of public assistance for illegals by 300, the number of sanctuary cities, and a clearer picture is shown. We can’t continue this way.

In Your Neighborhood?

This flies in the face of globalism and open borders. Just look how that’s worked out for Europe. Angela Merkel and European Union leaders are reeling from the defeats they’re facing from their open borders policies. Their globalist agenda is being challenged by the voters in their respective countries. The United Nations won’t give up on it and plans to push for the New World Order.

Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit,” which refers to the June 23, 2016, referendum whereby British citizens voted to exit the European Union. With an austerity program in place and its economy barely out of recession, Britain is one of several European countries whose voters appear disenchanted with mainstream politicians and worried about social and economic issues, including immigration. The proposed changes would make it easier to deport foreigners who commit serious crimes, increase fines on companies that use illegal labor and force private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants. Temporary immigrants would also be required to pay for some of their health care.

On immigration, the government said its new measures would seek to stop immigrants from using public services to which they are not entitled, make it harder to appeal deportation orders, regulate access to health care for immigrants, and prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses.

I Love My Food Stamps!

The conditions that exist today in Germany are like what they were in the 1920’s in respect to immigration. Now as then, it could lead to extreme elements coming forth to apply their version of nationalism. We’ve learned through history that’s a dangerous place for Germany to be. It’s a dangerous place for our country to be.

Germany has been under siege from a flood of refugees from Syria. The backlash from the far-right has been intense. Copies of Mein Kampf have been flying off the shelves.

“Besides naturalization that is acquired through the fact of having been born within the confines of a State there exists another kind of naturalization which can be acquired later. This process is subject to various preliminary requirements. “One condition is that, if possible, the applicant must not be a burglar or a common street thug. It is required that he shall not be a burden to the State of which he wishes to become a citizen. In this realistic epoch of ours this last condition naturally only means that he must not be a financial burden. If the affairs of the candidate are such that it appears likely he will turn out to be a good taxpayer, that is a very important consideration and will help him to obtain civic rights more rapidly.” —- Adolf Hitler

Extremism leads to extremism. We have some challenging times ahead as we take back control of our country. Thankfully, we have the strong leadership of Donald Trump to get us there. We’re going to need it.


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BREAKING – First High Quality Picture of Trump’s Inauguration Just Released, Media Humiliated


The mainstream media were wrong and pushed out another fake news story. I never tire of writing that, and I’ll likely be writing similar things for the next four years!

The first high quality images from Donald Trump’s inauguration have been released. The enormous crowd captured in the photographs totally debunk the claims by CNN that a lot of empty space was left after the president’s reporters filed in to watch the monumental change of power. Fake news is once again reigning supreme in the mainstream media.


These photos clearly show a full-capacity crowd was present to watch the 45th president of the United State take the oath of office. The crowd stretched back for more than one mile on January 20.

The high quality image, which truly depicted the Trump inauguration crowd, was taken from a press riser and is from CNN‘s Gigapixel. The amazingly clear image allows you to get a wide view of the event AND zoom in to see individuals in the crowd.

The expression on Hillary Clinton’s face, as captured by the Gigapixel image, is absolutely priceless! We will likely never know the true attendance numbers from the inauguration, but the wide scan view of this image leaves no doubt that it was one heck of a gigantic crowd!

When you go to the CNN Gigapixel page, there are instructions on how to maneuver around to get a broad view and how to zoom in to get a close-up view on individual faces. That’s all fine and dandy, but they only give us the option to check out the crowd around the podium and first few rows and not the ENTIRE scene.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets spent the bulk of two days claiming low attendance figures for the inauguration. They are actually still mocking President Trump for trying to set the record straight and being concerned about the sharing of accurate information – be it written, spoken, or snapped with a camera lens.

The widely distributed image claiming to show the crowds at both Barack Obama’s first inauguration and Donald Trump’s quickly went viral. Liberal mocking rapidly ensued, as did claims that Press Secretary Sean Spicer was lying about the number of proud Americans who watched the ceremony.

Sean Spicer said Donald Trump’s inauguration was the “most watched” presidential swearing-in ceremony in history. There is zero proof he was making a false claim.

Spicer was obviously noting ALL of the tens of millions of Americans who watched Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible and take the oath of office in person, on television, and on social media live streaming feeds.

Unlike liberals who have ample time on their hands and can spend days on end walking in protest, the bulk of Trump supporters simply could not take the day off work to travel to Washington, D.C. to watch the exciting event in person.

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BREAKING – Trump Just Released His Plan For Muslim ‘Refugees,’ Media MELT DOWN


President Donald Trump has done it again, folks. He used common sense when developing an America-first policy and has driven liberals nearly stark raving mad!

President Trump could sign an executive order to limit refugees and immigrants from terrorist Muslim countries entering the United States, The Hill reports. The president is expected to sign executive orders relating to the border wall, sanctuary cities, and immigration from countries known for radical Islamic terrorism.

The executive orders are expected to be unveiled during his visit to the Department of Homeland Security today. Protecting the border and preventing ISIS from turning American streets bloody were cornerstones of Trump’s campaign.

Multiple congressional aides and immigration experts were reportedly briefed about the anticipated executive orders. If reports are accurate, Visa holders from the following countries where terrorism is predominant will primarily be prevented from coming to the US: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Liberal mainstream media pundits and lawmakers are already chastising the plan as imposing a religious test on refugee seekers and immigrants. The lack of concern voiced for American citizens by those who may pose a threat to national security is shocking.

One of president’s immigration related executive orders is expected to include language pertaining to the “extreme vetting” Trump talked about at length on the campaign trail. Each time the outsider Republican discussed putting Americans first when it comes to immigration from terrorist countries, his massive crowds erupted into loud rounds of cheers and applause.

“In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is long overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. I call it extreme vetting,” Donald Trump said during a rally last summer.

The ban on refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries known for terrorist activity is not expected to be a permanent policy. News reports based on comments by alleged insiders maintain the change in policy will be a multi-month ban while the extreme vetting guidelines are developed and enacted.

The Department of Homeland Security will be tasked with creating and improving the current vetting process. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, top intelligence officials testified before Congress that the current vetting system is filled with holes and leave many facets of an immigrant’s background unknown.

During the presidential campaign, Trump vowed to evaluate immigrants and refugees to determine if their ideological values mesh with American principles.

Religious tolerance, gay rights, and women’s rights were among the areas of ideological differences that spark concerns when allowing refugees and immigrants from the Middle East to come to the United States.

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GOP Rep Posts Photo of Him Shaking Hillary’s Hand at Inauguration — His Caption Sets Internet on Fire


Hillary Clinton may not be safe just yet. Remember, with yesterday’s inauguration came a new administration and new leadership in the justice department.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz had a brief brush with Clinton on the platform yesterday at the Inauguration. He then posted a pic on Instagram with the following caption: “So pleased she is not the President. I thanked her for her service and wished her luck. The investigation continues.”


Chaffetz (R-Utah) has been one of the lead bulldogs during the investigations into Clinton’s acts of impropriety. He made it clear that his work isn’t finished.

While many critics are reacting on social media to Chaffetz’s comments, they should not be surprised by his words. He never denied that there is an ongoing investigation.

In fact, as recently as January 10, he retweeted the following message: “Congressional Panel Will Continue to Probe Clinton Emails-@ABCNews.” So, he has shown no signs of retreating from this probe.

Chaffetz sits on the House Oversight Committee and continues to have the power to hold hearings and issue subpoenas. Expect him to do both. Hopefully, he can be more fruitful now that the new president is in his corner.

Conservatives are convinced that, thus far, the investigations into both Clinton’s private email server and potential fraudulent activity at the Clinton Foundation have been held back by pressure from the Obama administration. Many are concerned about the justice at the department of justice, including at the FBI.

Last week, as the Angry Patriot previously reported, the closing of the Clinton Foundation was announced. Hmm, I wonder why. Maybe because they know the consequences for their actions are coming. Why have their employees been leaving in droves? The writing’s on the wall.

One cannot help but chuckle at the Chaffetz picture and consider what might be really going through his mind: “Great to see you! I’m planning to have you arrested. Love your pantsuit. Have a great day!”

We need the Chaffetzs of the world right now. Men and women who stand for truth and ethical behavior. We salute your willingness to wage a nasty, long, rough fight with the entire liberal media breathing down your neck. Thank you for your service, sir.

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ALERT – Days Before Inauguration, Police Find HORRIFYING Items All Over D.C.


What police officers recently discovered near the White House clearly illustrates just how dangerous the scene on the ground is around Trump’s inauguration.

A woman walking along the Potomac River found two guns tucked away inside a violin case. Police investigators searched the area and discovered more weapons hidden around the same area.

The United States Park Police said the woman who found the violin case of guns was walking along the wooded area near the C&O Canal, which runs along the river, Fox News reports.

The responding police officers also found ammunition and weapons hidden inside various pails and garbage bags.

“At this point, we don’t know how they got there, why they’re here, or when they got here,” said United States Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Anna Rose. Rose added the officers found a combination of rifles and handguns near the Potomac River during their search.

The woman who found the violin case full of guns took it to a nearby boathouse and gave it to police.

She then detailed where she found it to guide them in their search. The Washington, D.C. police bomb squad was conducting a sweep of the area where the hidden guns and ammo were found.

Barbara Saffir told the press she saw a violin case on top of a concrete barrier and saw two police officers standing guard over it when she pulled into the parking lot to go for her usual run. According to Saffir, that area of the park is “normally super quiet.”

“Nobody ever hikes on that side of the canal” where the violin case was found, Saffir continued. “People walk on the towpath.”

“Out of an abundance of caution we cleared the area to be sure no bombs or anything threatened anybody, and we found other multiple gun and ammo,” Rose added. Police investigators are also still working to try to determine if the weapons had been used in any crime. “There’s no indication as to why these guns were here, when they came to be here or circumstances,” Rose also said. “That’s all under investigation.”

The guns might not have been used in any crime… yet. The threats of protests against Donald Trump by liberal groups included actions up to and including rioting and violence.

This woman may have just unknowingly prevented dozens, if not hundreds, of deaths at the inauguration.

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