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A Nation at War!

Mike Post


Our nation is at war. From 9/11 to the Boston Marathon, from Fort Hood to Chattanooga, from San Bernardino to last night’s horrific attack in Orlando, radical Islamic terrorism has declared jihad on America. Early reports indicate the Orlando terrorist had pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and he had previously been investigated by the FBI. And yet, as with the prior attacks, we were not able to act to stop this act of vicious terrorism that has now murdered 50 and injured more than 50 others.

Our hearts go out to those killed and wounded last night. Our prayers are with their families, and with all their grieving loved ones.

It is a time for action. We need a Commander in Chief who will speak the truth, and who will unleash the full force and fury of the American military to utterly destroy ISIS and its affiliates. We need to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act, so that known ISIS terrorists cannot use U.S. passports to return to America and wage jihad. We need a President who is serious – who will identify the enemy by name and do everything necessary to defeat it.

The next few days will be sadly predictable. Democrats will try to use this attack to change the subject. As a matter of rigid ideology, far too many Democrats – from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton – will refuse to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” They will claim this attack, like they claimed every previous attack, was isolated and had nothing to do with the vicious Islamist theology that is daily waging war on us across the globe. And they will try to exploit this terror attack to undermine the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding Americans.

Enough is enough. What we need is for every American – Democrat and Republican – to come together, abandon political correctness, and unite in defeating radical Islamic terrorism.

ISIS doesn’t just target soldiers. They don’t just target Republicans. Or Jews. They also target Christians and fellow Muslims. They target each and every one of us. As we saw this morning, they target the gay and lesbian community. Their objective, which they broadcast worldwide, is to murder or forcibly convert every single American.

For all the Democrats who are loud champions of the gay and lesbian community whenever there is a culture battle waging, now is the opportunity to speak out against an ideology that calls for the murder of gays and lesbians. ISIS and the theocracy in Iran (supported with American taxpayer dollars) regularly murder homosexuals, throwing them from buildings and burying them under rocks. This is wrong, it is evil, and we must all stand against it. Every human being has a right to live according to his or her faith and conscience, and nobody has a right to murder someone who doesn’t share their faith or sexual orientation. If you’re a Democratic politician and you really want to stand for LGBT, show real courage and stand up against the vicious ideology that has targeted our fellow Americans for murder.

Today, all of America stands in solidarity with the people of Orlando. All of us should lift them up in prayer, demand action, and if you have any information about the Orlando shooter or potential radical Islamic terror plots, please act to keep us safe by using the FBI tips website:


The information I’ve provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information could subject me to fine, imprisonment, or both. (Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1001).


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BOOM: Target Just Got Hit With Some DEVASTATING News… This Is Karma

American News May 18, 2016


According to reports, a new campaign launched by Life Site News and the Child Protection League has just been spotted on the streets of Minnesota, demanding that residents #FlushTarget. The organization argues that the company is endangering women and girls by exposing them to sexual predators.

“They are opening bathrooms to all men, whether transgender or non-transgender,” Julie Quist of the Child Protection League told reporters.

One truck carrying the ad features the image of a young girl being confronted by a man in the restroom, with the caption, “What about her rights to privacy and protection?”

The truck is scheduled to stop at every Target store in the state over the next few weeks.

“Everyone has the right to use the bathroom safely and in privacy without fear of being raped or assaulted,” Claire Chretien, national spokeswoman for Life Site News told reporters. “Unfortunately, Target, one of America’s largest retail chains, has decided to let any man access women’s bathrooms in their stores.

Watch the vide below and tell us what you think.

Muslim Refuse To Remove Head Covering For Officers – Gets Brutal Wakeup Call


According to recent reports, a Muslim woman in Dearborn, Michigan is facing serious consequences after she tried to use Shariah law as an excuse to break the law.

When police pulled over Maha Aldhalimi, they noticed she had a warrant out for her arrest due to many unpaid parking tickets. The officer had no choice but to arrest her and bring her into the station to face penalties.

Things turned ugly when officers ordered Aldhalimi to remove her hijab for their standard processing check. She refused to do so, citing her religion.

The cops informed her that if she refused to comply with their regulations, the hijab would “be removed involuntarily against her will.”

Eventually, they were forced to move forward with that threat. According to documents, Aldhalimi “was shivering and crying from the humiliation and distress of the encounter and orders.”

While we respect the right to religion, Sharia law is NOT above state or federal law. What do you think? Are you happy these police officers moved forward?

Outrage Over Executive Order 16303

Did you know that Obama recently signed Executive Order 16303?

People are outraged because this little-known executive order could be the trigger that leads to more government control… and possibly even martial law.

Because thanks to this executive order, Obama now has the power to take complete control of our country at the drop of a hat.

Here’s what the Washington Post warned:

“Executive Order 16303 (National Defense Resources Preparedness) states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction – all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis.”

That sure sounds like martial law.

The worst part? Obama can choose when and where to use this new power… it’s not restricted by Congress in any way… so he could decide to use it whenever it suits his fancy.

And not to be a fear monger, but can you imagine what could happen if Hillary or Bernie gets elected? They’ll be able to use Executive Order 16303 too.


It makes sense that some folks see this as an unprecedented move by the government to take over even more of our personal freedoms… squash them up and toss them by the wayside… along with the other freedoms that they’ve already trampled and left in the dirt recently.

Here’s the important thing…

This is a huge wake-up call on how critical it is that you get prepared NOW to be more self-reliant and ready for anything.

Because you don’t ever want to rely on this or any government to take care of you in a crisis.

Makes sense, right?

There is an old saying used throughout history by dictators like Mao and Stalin: “Control the food, control the people.”

So the 1st thing you need to worry about in a crisis or natural disaster situation is where your next meal is coming from. You don’t want to have to look at your family and have to tell them “We’re running out of food” or worse yet “We’ve got nothing to eat.”

The problem is that simply buying canned or bulk foods at the store won’t cut it because they don’t last long enough, they’re susceptible to rodents and bugs, and they’re not very portable. It’s a common and potentially fatal mistake.

That’s why we recommend Food4Patriots survival food kits. This is a breakthrough new line of survival food and there are 4 reasons why it’s literally flying off the shelves:

  • Food4Patriots is an incredible value. This high quality survival food without any fillers or poor-quality “Franken-food” that the other guys use to pad their survival meals. They are made and packaged right here in the U.S.A. You won’t believe the prices on these kits – a fraction of the price what some other brands charge.
  • There’s no fancy packaging, it’s military-grade sturdy stuff and can stand up to the crazy things that happen in a crisis. This food has a shelf life of up to 25 years, so you have complete peace of mind for the long term. And he’s using the most compact kits so you can store them anywhere in your home without any extra hassle. They’re sturdy, waterproof and stack easily. And extremely covert too.

  • You can make these meals in less than 15 minutes; just add boiling water, simmer, and serve. Most folks say they taste as good or better than any other survival food they’ve EVER had. And you get a whole slew of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you don’t get stuck eating the same thing day-in and day-out.

  • They have come up with some impressive FREE bonuses that are ONLY available to folks who purchase one of these kits on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, the kit 3-month came with 5,400+ heirloom survival seeds, 4 hard copy books, a 11-in-1 survival tool, and some other cool stuff.

With the threat of increased government control on the horizon, it’s no wonder that these kits have been flying off the shelves recently.

Don’t miss out because this is the #1 item you should be hoarding.

> Go grab your kit now before they’re all gone

To your survival,
Frank Bates

P.S. Something else just happened that may explain why people are lining up to buy survival food. We can’t say too much about it here, but it involves a 4-letter government agency and their covert attempt to buy up an entire warehouse full of survival food. Watch the controversial video here before its gone without warning again.


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Des Moines City Council opposes Tacoma methanol plant


by Jack Mayne

A proposal for a $3.4 billion methanol plant in Tacoma’s tide flats has been put on hold, and the Des Moines City Council unanimously approved a resolution opposing the plant at Thursday’s meeting.

The Chinese government-backed plan stirred huge controversy since Northwest Innovation Works proposed the $3.4 billion dollar project. If built, it would be the largest methanol manufacturing facility in the world, according to Citizens for a Healthy Bay in a recent Tacoma News Tribune story.

The developer last week asked the City of Tacoma to formally pause the environmental review process.

Review suspended
Councilmember Rob Back said the applicant for a methanol plant on the Tacoma waterfront has asked for a “pause” in its application, adding that the city of Tacoma has decided to “treat this decision to suspend the environment review as the applicant’s decision not to proceed with its current applications.”

Back said the Des Moines resolution opposing the plant would be kept on file for any future movement by the applicant.

Des Moines’ resolution was passed as part of the Council’s Consent Agenda. The resolution said since the city the adjacent to the city of Federal Way “and is with close proximity to the proposed project site in the Port of Tacoma,” and that “the project is of great concern to the City of Des Moines and its residents.”

The city’s opposition is “due to a lack of information and the apparent absence of an adequate and transparent process surrounding this proposed project, the Des Moines City Council is opposed to Northwest Innovation Work’s methanol plant proposal at this time.”

The Normandy Park City Council also approved a similar resolution opposing the construction of the $3.4 billion gas-to-methanol production plant.

Animals in cars
The Council also adopted an ordinance that prohibits keeping “an animal in an unattended vehicle under circumstances which could harm the animal.” The ordinance also allows police or the city’s animal control officer to “reasonably remove confined animals without liability for damage to property caused by the removal actions.”

Don’t penalize seniors
Several seniors complained to the Council about the monthly Friday furlough closure of the senior’s exercise facility, stressing the need for older people to get regular exercise. One speaker suggested perhaps a small fee could be charged.

“The deficit need not penalize seniors,” said one person.

The Council took no action on the requests.



Art is a universal language dating back millennia……….


April Anne Henson

6 mins       02-25-2016

Some powerful words written by an Evergreen State college student:

Art is a universal language dating back millennia. Art can be used as a universal language to attract much needed attention from the larger global audience that the Earth desperately needs.

With the concept of acquisition of wealth, affluence and social eminence through the act of distributing present in many indigenous cultures in mind, can the creation and exchange of art be used as a form of reciprocity to relieve and/or resolve environmental grief, loss of traditional culture, loss of land and other forms of loss that have happened as a result of western industrialization and western influence?

In the creation of art, the artist gives the viewer the opportunity to take a look inside their soul and experience their emotions, their passions, their desires, their pain and their sorrows. One drawing can tell the story of a single life or of an entire culture.

Human induced environmental change has a significant impact on all of us. Indigenous communities are the most susceptible and perhaps one of the most overlooked groups of people when discussing climate injustice.
It seems as if many people are in a miasma of environmental ignorance. The vicious indications of a changing atmosphere surround us at all times. We see accumulative evidence in our everyday lives through droughts, record

rainfall, record high and low temperatures and powerful tropical storms. Big oil corporations spill incomprehensible amounts of crude oil into the pristine oceans, covering everything it touches with sticky, black slime. We see images on television of entire shorelines full of dead animals while representatives from oil companies, buttressed by local law

enforcement, fight to keep journalists and their telling cameras out of areas affected by the death and comprehensive ecosystem obliteration caused by their destructive and polluting methods of extracting fossil fuels from the Earth.


Methanol plant in Tacoma on hold amid opposition


Originally published February 19, 2016 at 8:08 pm Updated February 20, 2016 at 11:14 am

Citing the “tone and substance of vocal opposition,” Northwest Innovation Works has asked the city of Tacoma to temporarily halt an environmental review of a $3.4 billion methanol plant proposed at a port site.

By Hal Bernton

Seattle Times staff reporter

Citing the “tone and substance of vocal opposition,” Northwest Innovation Works has asked the city of Tacoma to temporarily halt an environmental review of a $3.4 billion methanol plant proposed at a port site.

“To force a facility on a community that does not welcome it would not be consistent with our goals,” Murray Godley,NW Innovation Works president, said in a statement Friday. “Therefore, we have decided to pause the … environmental review process.”

NW Innovation’s largest partner, CAS Holdings, is a commercial offshoot of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Other partners are Double Green Bridge Hong Kong and Johnson Matthey, a United Kingdom-based corporation.

The Tacoma facility would be the largest of three Pacific Northwest plants proposed to turn natural gas into methanol, which would then be shipped to China for use in the plastics industry.

The project would employ 1,000 workers during peak construction and provide 260 jobs once the plant is up and running.

The environmental review would examine a range of issues related to the project, proposed on 125 acres leased from the Port of Tacoma. The liquid methanol would be shipped to Chinese coastal plants that would manufacture olefins, a feedstock used in plastics.

A city official involved in the environmental review could not be reached Friday for comment, but a public meeting on the project scheduled for Feb. 24 has been canceled, according to a city website.

NW Innovation Works officials, in an earlier interview, said they hoped to begin construction in 2018.

In the statement released Friday, the company said it remains committed to the Tacoma project and will use the next several months “to engage the Tacoma community in further dialogue.”

The company would restart the environmental review process after the community dialogue, the statement said.

NW Innovation Works has proposed two other methanol projects, one in Kalama and another at Port Westward along the Oregon side of the Columbia River.

Hal Bernton: 206-464-2581 or

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cony5 hours ago

This could be a turning point for Tacoma’s environment and civic life – great news.



stopthecount!7 hours ago

Put 260 people to work building and installing solar. Pretty incredible the article doesn’t even mention the water use. And Methane? The worlds most potent greenhouse gas?

Let the Chinese recycle plastic.



stopthecount!4 hours ago

Excuse me, I should have said methanol, not methane.

Tacoma was just pulling away from it’s “Tacoma Aroma” era, and these people want to pollute just like the bad old days.



Steve Tolme 7 hours ago

I thought it was absolutely incredible that this idea made it as far as it did! What an idiotic proposal. What about the environment?! That plant was going to consume what, 20 million gallons of FRESH water every 24 hours?! Is Tacoma insane?!

Thank goodness the citizens rose up and called them on the BS. The only way this idea could have made it as far as it did, was by a lot of cash being spread around. Follow the money! Remember the names of local Tacoma politicians who supported this joke too – and keep them in Tacoma. Don’t inflict their poor judgment on the state!



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Federal Way votes to oppose Tacoma methanol plant

John Langeler,   

KING 5 News10:44 a.m. PST February 12, 2016

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Opposition against a proposed natural gas-to-methanol plant in Tacoma grew Thursday night with a unanimous vote against the project by the Federal Way City Council.

The vote came in an emergency meeting called by Mayor Jim Ferrell. And while the resolution lacks any real power, its real intention was to raise awareness in the neighboring city of Tacoma and in Pierce County that there are concerns over the possible environmental and safety impacts of the facility.

“This is on a scale we haven’t seen in the Northwest,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell. “It’s just beyond me how you would want to put the largest methanol plant in the world on Puget Sound.”

NW Innovation Works plans to build a $3.4 billion gas-to-methanol plant at the port, one that would be the largest in the world.

The company plans to produce 5,000 metric tons of methanol per day to be sent to China for plastic manufacturing.

While it touts its project as green, critics point to the large amount of water and electricity usage needed to operate the plant, as well as possible environmental effects.

Several state lawmakers are working on bills to keep the plant from being built.

NW Innovation Works was not at the Federal Way meeting, but Lou Paulsen, who negotiated the company’s lease for the Port of Tacoma, tried to calm concerns.

“With the hundreds of millions of dollars spent cleaning up the tide flats, it is imperative we protect our investment,” said Paulsen, “There are a number of environmental advantages to this project which will be revealed over time.”

The project touts up to 1,000 jobs during construction and 260 full-time staff.

Video: La. officers unite to take down gang in viral warning

In the latest viral video by Capt. Higgins, he has some strong words for the ruthless gang


By PoliceOne Staff

ACADIANA, La. — In the latest series of videos posted by Capt. Clay Higgins, he joined more than a dozen officers to send a strong warning to gang members that they will be captured, KATC reported.

Law enforcement across Acadiana have joined forces to take down the Gremlins gang. They’ve been accused of murder , theft and drug-related crimes. Ten are already in custody, but Higgins called out the remaining seven in the video.

“You think men like these are afraid of an uneducated, 125-pound punk like you that’s never won a fair fight in his life and holds your gun sideways?” Higgins said. “Men like us, we do dumbbell presses with weights bigger than you.

Higgins told the gang members he would meet them anywhere, anytime.

“If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire…I’ll meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere, light or heavy, makes no difference to me. You won’t walk away,” he said.

Higgins also asked the community for help because in many cases, victims do not cooperate with the police. Higgins told the news site he hoped the strong message will encourage citizens to put the suspects behind bars.

The ACLU released a statement on Higgins video questioning his choice of words like “heathens” and “animals.”

“It is the job of law enforcement to protect those rights while also keeping our communities safe,” the statement reads. “Nothing that Mr. Higgins said will make his community safer, but there is much to suggest violations of fundamental rights of all.”

The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 13 million times, has over 150,000 likes and 440,000 shares.