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Des Moines City Council opposes Tacoma methanol plant


by Jack Mayne

A proposal for a $3.4 billion methanol plant in Tacoma’s tide flats has been put on hold, and the Des Moines City Council unanimously approved a resolution opposing the plant at Thursday’s meeting.

The Chinese government-backed plan stirred huge controversy since Northwest Innovation Works proposed the $3.4 billion dollar project. If built, it would be the largest methanol manufacturing facility in the world, according to Citizens for a Healthy Bay in a recent Tacoma News Tribune story.

The developer last week asked the City of Tacoma to formally pause the environmental review process.

Review suspended
Councilmember Rob Back said the applicant for a methanol plant on the Tacoma waterfront has asked for a “pause” in its application, adding that the city of Tacoma has decided to “treat this decision to suspend the environment review as the applicant’s decision not to proceed with its current applications.”

Back said the Des Moines resolution opposing the plant would be kept on file for any future movement by the applicant.

Des Moines’ resolution was passed as part of the Council’s Consent Agenda. The resolution said since the city the adjacent to the city of Federal Way “and is with close proximity to the proposed project site in the Port of Tacoma,” and that “the project is of great concern to the City of Des Moines and its residents.”

The city’s opposition is “due to a lack of information and the apparent absence of an adequate and transparent process surrounding this proposed project, the Des Moines City Council is opposed to Northwest Innovation Work’s methanol plant proposal at this time.”

The Normandy Park City Council also approved a similar resolution opposing the construction of the $3.4 billion gas-to-methanol production plant.

Animals in cars
The Council also adopted an ordinance that prohibits keeping “an animal in an unattended vehicle under circumstances which could harm the animal.” The ordinance also allows police or the city’s animal control officer to “reasonably remove confined animals without liability for damage to property caused by the removal actions.”

Don’t penalize seniors
Several seniors complained to the Council about the monthly Friday furlough closure of the senior’s exercise facility, stressing the need for older people to get regular exercise. One speaker suggested perhaps a small fee could be charged.

“The deficit need not penalize seniors,” said one person.

The Council took no action on the requests.



Art is a universal language dating back millennia……….


April Anne Henson

6 mins       02-25-2016

Some powerful words written by an Evergreen State college student:

Art is a universal language dating back millennia. Art can be used as a universal language to attract much needed attention from the larger global audience that the Earth desperately needs.

With the concept of acquisition of wealth, affluence and social eminence through the act of distributing present in many indigenous cultures in mind, can the creation and exchange of art be used as a form of reciprocity to relieve and/or resolve environmental grief, loss of traditional culture, loss of land and other forms of loss that have happened as a result of western industrialization and western influence?

In the creation of art, the artist gives the viewer the opportunity to take a look inside their soul and experience their emotions, their passions, their desires, their pain and their sorrows. One drawing can tell the story of a single life or of an entire culture.

Human induced environmental change has a significant impact on all of us. Indigenous communities are the most susceptible and perhaps one of the most overlooked groups of people when discussing climate injustice.
It seems as if many people are in a miasma of environmental ignorance. The vicious indications of a changing atmosphere surround us at all times. We see accumulative evidence in our everyday lives through droughts, record

rainfall, record high and low temperatures and powerful tropical storms. Big oil corporations spill incomprehensible amounts of crude oil into the pristine oceans, covering everything it touches with sticky, black slime. We see images on television of entire shorelines full of dead animals while representatives from oil companies, buttressed by local law

enforcement, fight to keep journalists and their telling cameras out of areas affected by the death and comprehensive ecosystem obliteration caused by their destructive and polluting methods of extracting fossil fuels from the Earth.


Methanol plant in Tacoma on hold amid opposition


Originally published February 19, 2016 at 8:08 pm Updated February 20, 2016 at 11:14 am

Citing the “tone and substance of vocal opposition,” Northwest Innovation Works has asked the city of Tacoma to temporarily halt an environmental review of a $3.4 billion methanol plant proposed at a port site.

By Hal Bernton

Seattle Times staff reporter

Citing the “tone and substance of vocal opposition,” Northwest Innovation Works has asked the city of Tacoma to temporarily halt an environmental review of a $3.4 billion methanol plant proposed at a port site.

“To force a facility on a community that does not welcome it would not be consistent with our goals,” Murray Godley,NW Innovation Works president, said in a statement Friday. “Therefore, we have decided to pause the … environmental review process.”

NW Innovation’s largest partner, CAS Holdings, is a commercial offshoot of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Other partners are Double Green Bridge Hong Kong and Johnson Matthey, a United Kingdom-based corporation.

The Tacoma facility would be the largest of three Pacific Northwest plants proposed to turn natural gas into methanol, which would then be shipped to China for use in the plastics industry.

The project would employ 1,000 workers during peak construction and provide 260 jobs once the plant is up and running.

The environmental review would examine a range of issues related to the project, proposed on 125 acres leased from the Port of Tacoma. The liquid methanol would be shipped to Chinese coastal plants that would manufacture olefins, a feedstock used in plastics.

A city official involved in the environmental review could not be reached Friday for comment, but a public meeting on the project scheduled for Feb. 24 has been canceled, according to a city website.

NW Innovation Works officials, in an earlier interview, said they hoped to begin construction in 2018.

In the statement released Friday, the company said it remains committed to the Tacoma project and will use the next several months “to engage the Tacoma community in further dialogue.”

The company would restart the environmental review process after the community dialogue, the statement said.

NW Innovation Works has proposed two other methanol projects, one in Kalama and another at Port Westward along the Oregon side of the Columbia River.

Hal Bernton: 206-464-2581 or

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cony5 hours ago

This could be a turning point for Tacoma’s environment and civic life – great news.



stopthecount!7 hours ago

Put 260 people to work building and installing solar. Pretty incredible the article doesn’t even mention the water use. And Methane? The worlds most potent greenhouse gas?

Let the Chinese recycle plastic.



stopthecount!4 hours ago

Excuse me, I should have said methanol, not methane.

Tacoma was just pulling away from it’s “Tacoma Aroma” era, and these people want to pollute just like the bad old days.



Steve Tolme 7 hours ago

I thought it was absolutely incredible that this idea made it as far as it did! What an idiotic proposal. What about the environment?! That plant was going to consume what, 20 million gallons of FRESH water every 24 hours?! Is Tacoma insane?!

Thank goodness the citizens rose up and called them on the BS. The only way this idea could have made it as far as it did, was by a lot of cash being spread around. Follow the money! Remember the names of local Tacoma politicians who supported this joke too – and keep them in Tacoma. Don’t inflict their poor judgment on the state!



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Federal Way votes to oppose Tacoma methanol plant

John Langeler,   

KING 5 News10:44 a.m. PST February 12, 2016

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Opposition against a proposed natural gas-to-methanol plant in Tacoma grew Thursday night with a unanimous vote against the project by the Federal Way City Council.

The vote came in an emergency meeting called by Mayor Jim Ferrell. And while the resolution lacks any real power, its real intention was to raise awareness in the neighboring city of Tacoma and in Pierce County that there are concerns over the possible environmental and safety impacts of the facility.

“This is on a scale we haven’t seen in the Northwest,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell. “It’s just beyond me how you would want to put the largest methanol plant in the world on Puget Sound.”

NW Innovation Works plans to build a $3.4 billion gas-to-methanol plant at the port, one that would be the largest in the world.

The company plans to produce 5,000 metric tons of methanol per day to be sent to China for plastic manufacturing.

While it touts its project as green, critics point to the large amount of water and electricity usage needed to operate the plant, as well as possible environmental effects.

Several state lawmakers are working on bills to keep the plant from being built.

NW Innovation Works was not at the Federal Way meeting, but Lou Paulsen, who negotiated the company’s lease for the Port of Tacoma, tried to calm concerns.

“With the hundreds of millions of dollars spent cleaning up the tide flats, it is imperative we protect our investment,” said Paulsen, “There are a number of environmental advantages to this project which will be revealed over time.”

The project touts up to 1,000 jobs during construction and 260 full-time staff.

Video: La. officers unite to take down gang in viral warning

In the latest viral video by Capt. Higgins, he has some strong words for the ruthless gang


By PoliceOne Staff

ACADIANA, La. — In the latest series of videos posted by Capt. Clay Higgins, he joined more than a dozen officers to send a strong warning to gang members that they will be captured, KATC reported.

Law enforcement across Acadiana have joined forces to take down the Gremlins gang. They’ve been accused of murder , theft and drug-related crimes. Ten are already in custody, but Higgins called out the remaining seven in the video.

“You think men like these are afraid of an uneducated, 125-pound punk like you that’s never won a fair fight in his life and holds your gun sideways?” Higgins said. “Men like us, we do dumbbell presses with weights bigger than you.

Higgins told the gang members he would meet them anywhere, anytime.

“If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire…I’ll meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere, light or heavy, makes no difference to me. You won’t walk away,” he said.

Higgins also asked the community for help because in many cases, victims do not cooperate with the police. Higgins told the news site he hoped the strong message will encourage citizens to put the suspects behind bars.

The ACLU released a statement on Higgins video questioning his choice of words like “heathens” and “animals.”

“It is the job of law enforcement to protect those rights while also keeping our communities safe,” the statement reads. “Nothing that Mr. Higgins said will make his community safer, but there is much to suggest violations of fundamental rights of all.”

The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 13 million times, has over 150,000 likes and 440,000 shares.

Fla. police union boycotting Beyoncé concert in April


The concert is expected to be sold out


By Police One Staff

MIAMI — In the latest act of protest against Beyoncé after her new single and Super Bowl performance were deemed anti-cop, a Florida police union is planning a boycott against the singer’s upcoming concert. 

Sun Sentinel reported the Miami Fraternal Order of Police will protest the April 29th show in response to the singer’s “Formation” video and subsequent performance of the track during the Super Bowl.

The video features the singer atop a sinking New Orleans police cruiser and a black child in front of officers with his hands raised. Critics said Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show paid homage to the Black Panther Party.

“The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement,” Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami FOP, told the publication. “We ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts.”

The department has yet to release a statement on the union’s planned boycott.

The concert is expected to be sold out.



Stacy Sample

Stacy Sample I heard the police agency has an obligation to cover the venues regardless if they like the person. If they don’t get volunteers they will still do it. I love that no one is volunteering and hope this continues around the nation.

Unlike · Reply · 320 · Yesterday at 11:08am

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Patrick Flannery

Patrick Flannery If the City orders them to go, the City pays, not Beyoncé. The City has to pay time and one half and, it is all pensionable. Significantly more expensive.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 hrs

Brian M Boccuzzi

Brian M Boccuzzi No police escort through traffic. Police will be doing traffic detail outside… everyone knows that when you got a cop doing traffic things can get very messed up and slow things right down to a snails pace. Just saying…

Like · Reply · 7 · 22 hrs

Lindsay Kissling

Lindsay Kissling Why don’t members of BLM volunteer for security detail? That would be interesting.

Like · Reply · 8 · 21 hrs

Gabe Gigliotti

Gabe Gigliotti All cops gotta do is Direct traffic

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 hrs

Lance Murdock

Lance Murdock Let her Get her own security details ..lots of private companies out there …

Like · Reply · 19 hrs

Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty denied a published report that not a single officer has volunteered for the show, saying more than a dozen have already stepped up and the list is growing every day.
“It’s still two months away,” he said. “We wouldn’t expect all the slots to be filled at this point for an event in April,” he said.

Like · Reply · 18 hrs

Stacy Sample

Stacy Sample Well I am still seeing calls from the Fraternal Order of Police for a full on boycott on both concerts in Florida.

Like · Reply · 5 hrs

Tyler Newton

Tyler Newton Can’t fire everyone.

Like · Reply · 3 hrs

Susan Marisa Gore Vitellaro

Susan Marisa Gore Vitellaro Does the salary come from taxpayer or the celebrity’s funds!?

Like · Reply · 52 mins

Scott Shackelford

Scott Shackelford Gabe Gigliotti , more like divert traffic!!

Like · Reply · 50 mins

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino I totally agree with this and like all Police Unions came out against the ignorance that my son Quentin showed to all Law Enforcement last October by calling you all murderers, I hope that this boycott will also hit her where it hurts in the bank. Clearly the boycott made sure that his movie Hateful Eight was a flop and it is the only way that these ignorant and arrogant so called stars that think they are above reproach will ever listen to what we have to say. However it was because of Quentin’s arrogance that I decided to pledge 10% from the Net Profits of my next movie Prism based on how a US Drugs Enforcement Agent infiltrated the Sinola Cartel and the inner circle of El Chapo Guzman – This will be in the region of $15 MIllion dollars and will be divided up to every state not for ADMIN but for example in NY the widows and children of 100 fallen officers will benefit and in all 3000 theaters across the USA further donation boxes for local LE will be in place. This pledge will continue for Three Years as we all need to show our support for those who risk all to protect us and yet have to deal with idiots like Beyonce and Quentin – Fully supporting this Boycott..

Unlike · Reply · 284 · Yesterday at 11:11am

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Dory Bridgwood Ricks

Dory Bridgwood Ricks Thank you. As a police widow we all thank you. But I have to ask…Quentin is a very intelligent man, what in the world is he thinking? His logic?

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 hrs

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino Dory Bridgwood Ricks I am sorry for your loss and thank your husband for his service.As for Quentin I don’t even think he could explain his logic as to me there isn’t any

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino Penny Marsh Thank you

Like · Reply · 1 · 18 hrs

Robert Ruiz Sr.

Robert Ruiz Sr. When did Quentin call all cops murderers?

Like · Reply · 15 hrs

Çia Azadî Krslovic

Çia Azadî Krslovic Tony Tarantino, you’re a class act and it’s so awesome seeing people of your caliber stand up for the police. I’m not an officer but a big supporter and it’s great to see other supporters as well (especially when you’re met with a lot of negative feedback). My cousin and I like hitting the movie theaters, we will go and make sure to see your film!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 15 hrs

Brian DSouza

Brian DSouza Hats off to you, Sir.

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino Brian DSouza Thank you Brian it is the least I can do

Like · Reply · 3 hrs

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino Robert Ruiz Sr. Last October and many times since then I believe.

Like · Reply · 3 hrs

Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino Çia Azadî Krslovic Thank you for your support and kind words. We all have to remember that when something happens in life the first people called are usually Law Enforcement yet they are the first ones also to get abused or accused as they are an easy target. We have to make their voices heard and until they are then we have to all come together and do what we can to say Thank you and make those in power listen to their needs and more importantly support them.

Like · Reply · 3 hrs

Helen Sautner

Write a reply…

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4 charged with ambush attack of off-duty NC deputy


The men called the deputy out of a child’s birthday party, and the other three ‘jumped out’ from behind cars

By Ron Gallagher
The News & Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Four men face charges of assault with intent to kill in what Wake County sheriff’s investigators say was a sneak attack on an off-duty deputy because of his job.

Remi Nambo, 27, Miguel Angel Moreno, 25, Delfino Alejo, 27, and Gabriel Miguel Moreno, 39, were each charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and maliciously assaulting in a secret manner, a felony.

According to arrest warrants, Gabriel Moreno called Deputy Eduardo Sanchez out of a child’s birthday party, and the other three “jumped out” from behind cars. They beat Sanchez with their hands and feet, the warrants charge.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Sanchez was not working and was at the party at the Panther Branch Community Building at 10900 Ten Ten Road about 11:45 p.m. when Moreno insisted Sanchez come out so “he could talk to him.”

The reason for the attack was because Sanchez is a law-enforcement officer, Harrison said.

“They’re just a bunch of cowards who don’t like police officers,” he said Wednesday.

Sanchez received what Harrison called “pretty serious injuries,” but he elected to leave the hospital and have out-patient treatment.

Investigators are still looking into the case, Harrison said, but they had found no connection between Sanchez and the four suspects. “He never arrested any of them,” Harrison said.

Records show that Nambo, who lives at 105 Caminetto Court in Raleigh, and Miguel Moreno, who address was listed as 7216 Old Bunch Road near Wendell, were first arrested early Sunday at the community building on misdemeanor assault charges.

Moreno was freed on bail. Nambo was also charged with resisting arrest and failure to appear in court on traffic charges in Nash County, and he remained in custody.

Tuesday, deputies charged Nambo with the felony assault charges at the Wake County Detention Center. They arrested Miguel Moreno at his home, Alejo on Lynn Ridge Road in Raleigh and Gabriel Moreno on Ray Road in Raleigh.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

  1. Officer Safety
  2. Police Jobs and Careers
  3. Patrol Issues
  4. Use of Force

Feds: Owner of ‘clean and sober’ facilities was dealing drugs


By KOMO Staff            Thursday, February 11th 2016

EVERETT, Wash. – The owner of a number of “clean and sober” residential facilities in Snohomish County was arrested this week following an investigation that revealed he was dealing illegal drugs, federal law enforcement officials said Thursday.

Timothy Rehberg, 50, of Everett was arrested Tuesday. A search of his main office at I.C. Clean People Recovery Housing in Everett turned up about a pound of crystal methamphetamine, a quarter-pound of heroin, small quantities of marijuana, oxycodone and methadone, said U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes.

A .38 caliber revolver also was found at the office, authorities said.

According to charging documents filed in Snohomish County, Rehberg came to the attention of law enforcement officials in December 2015, when a witness identified him as someone selling methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.

Further investigation confirmed that Rehberg is the owner and operator of a chain of clean and sober housing facilities under the name of I.C. Clean People Recovery Housing.

A person working with authorities made four buys of illegal drugs from Rehberg, including methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana, Hayes said.

Federal officials also said Rehberg is prohibited from possessing firearms due to prior felony convictions as well as an active protection order from a domestic partner.

Federal charges are due to be filed Thursday.

The investigation was led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Seattle police with assistance from other federal authorities.

What To Do Now, to STOP the Purposed Methanol Plant ?!?!?!



Take Action

What can you do now
to stop the proposed methanol plant?

    Say NO to the huge methanol refinery proposed for the heart of Tacoma

    Petition by Claudia Riedener

    To be delivered to Tacoma City Council, Tacoma Mayor Strickland, Port of Tacoma Commissioners, Washington State Department of Ecology, The Washington State House and 2 other targets (click here to see more)

    The 3.4 billion dollar methanol refinery, proposed by NW Innovation Works (owned by the Chinese government) is estimated to use 10,000 gallons of fresh water each minute and enough electricity to power 320,000 households. Also used in the chemical process are huge amounts of fracked natural gas pumped in via pipeline. The sole purpose for this methanol would be to make more plastics in China. Meanwhile our recycled plastics are not reused by the industry, and most end up in landfills. Methanol is highly volatile at room temperature and methanol refinery explosions are a real danger. Nearby residents and the ICE detention center are located within a potential blast zone. The chemical refinery would also release about 1,000 gallons of waste water per minute and toxins such as arsenic, lead and formaldehyde into our air.
    Our region has already spent billions to clean up after dirty industry. Let’s not allow them to pollute our sensitive environment on the Salish Sea again.
    The Pacific Northwest has experienced its worst drought in history. It has been forecast this will be the new normal. Let’s protect our most important and valuable resource – fresh water – and let’s not sell it off at fire-sale prices. Contact your city, Port of Tacoma, state and national representatives and the Washington State Department of Ecology and tell them NO to the largest chemical refinery in the Northwest – NO WATER FOR METHANOL!

    Terrifying images show massive explosion rip through yet another chemical facility in China – the fourth toxic blast the country had in less than a month

    • Nanming Chemical Co Ltd’s plant in Lishui, eastern China, exploded on the afternoon of September 7
    • Misused electric welder that ignited methanol at the plant was though to be the cause of the accident
    • No injuries or casualties were reported following latest explosion and the fire is currently under control


    China saw the fourth chemical explosion in less than a month yesterday.

    This time the explosion was in Lishui, a city known for its picturesque landscape in the Zhejiang province of eastern China.

    So far, no injuries or casualties have been reported and the fire is said to be under control, according to People’s Daily Online.

    Firefighters battle a fire at a chemical plant after explosion on September 7 in Lishui, China. No injuries were reported as a result of the fire.

    Chinese media has reported that an electric welder was misused, which led to the ignition of methanol in the factory and caused the fire.

    It is thought that the fire started on the ground floor of the three story factory building where the chemical plant’s refinery was housed.

    Initial reports indicate that the explosion occurred sometime in the afternoon of September 7.

    Fire trucks from several local fire departments were dispatched to Nanming Chemical Co Ltd in the city’s economic development zone at 3.33pm.

    The fire was controlled by 6.30pm.

    Photographs of the fire site showed roaring flames towering over the neighboring trees.

    As fire trucks sprayed foam over the fire, heavy smoked bellowed out.

    Desolate, burnt out buildings and cars were left after the fire died down but no one was injured.

    It is thought that the fire started on the ground floor of the three story factory building where the refinery was housed. has reported that an electric welder was apparently misused, which led to the ignition of methanol in the factory.

    Fire trucks from several local fire departments were dispatched to Nanming Chemical Co Ltd in the city’s economic development zone.

    The buildings and grounds of the chemical plant was left desolate following the explosion and fire, which was dampened with foam spray ,

    Lishui is known for its picturesque landscape. However, this explosion makes it the fourth chemical explosion in less than a month.

    According to the company’s website, Nanming Chemical Co Ltd specializes in ‘development and production of hi-tech fine chemical products’.

    • August 12: Tianjin, eastern China. 161 people have died so far, another 12 are still missing.
    • August 22: Hengtai, Shandong, eastern China. One person dead and nine were injured.
    • September 1: Lijin, Shandong, eastern China. 13 people have died.
    • September 7: Lishui, Zhejian, eastern China. No injuries or deaths yet.

    The sizable company was founded in 1994 and has an estimated revenue of 150 million Yuan (£15 million).

    The Lishui incident makes it the fourth chemical explosion that has been reported in China in less than a month.

    An enormous explosion that sent shock waves through the city of Tianjin, eastern China, on August 12 was the first of these.

    The accident caused the deaths of more than 150 people.

    This was followed in quick succession by two separate explosions in Shangdong, a province just south of Tianjin.

    The four explosions called into question the safety measures employed at the chemical plants and local media speculates that there will be increased stringency announced in coming months.

    Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo has already announced that the city would step up controls on hazardous chemicals companies and others are expected to follow suit.

    It is currently not known whether anyone will be charged over causing the explosions in Lishui.

    Tianjin explosions (above) on August 12 had sent shockwaves through the sprawling metropolis. Over 150 people died as a result of it.

    Damage to the area was extensive as two separate explosions took place. Tianjin residents are on high alert about the resulting pollution.

    Article Comments HERE

    Altlas Foundry Explosion – Tacoma, WA

    Massive Explosion Rocks the Atlas Foundry in Tacoma, WA on October 06, 2007..

    2007 Atlas Foundry explosion

    Tacoma News Tribune

    Published on Sep 28, 2013

    Raw archive footage of the October 2007 explosion at the Atlas Foundry in Tacoma.

    Tacoma Foundry Explosion Breaking News

    Erik Sandoval

    NWC News Exclusive coverage of the explosion as it happened………

    These are some examples of what happens in a large chemical explosion..  Although Small that gas plant they’re planning will take out almost all of down-town Tacoma and more, if this should happen. Not too mention the polluted water and air etc.…

    NO  Methanol Refinery In  TACOMA EVER!!!!

    This place blows up! It,’ll be 20 times worse then that gas explosion at the refinery. .. in China etc.!!