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BREAKING – Trump Makes Historic Move to DEFY Obama. Now Obama is Reportedly Furious.


Donald Trump has not even taken office yet, and he has already demonstrated he is going to move swifter than his predecessor.

Trump issued a mandate “without exceptions” that all politically appointed ambassadors must leave their posts by Inauguration Day, breaking with decades of tradition where the incoming president gives foreign ambassadors a brief grace period depending on their situation. This move is the first step in dismantling many of the foreign policy procedures of Barack Obama, via the New York Times.

Of course, the liberals are not taking this well, worrying about how this will affect ambassadors’ lives.

The New York Times provided some sob stories, such as in the case of Ambassador Andrew H. Schapiro, who is seeking housing in Prague as well as pressuring his children’s school in Chicago to change their policy and take his children back mid-year. Then, there’s Ambassador Denise Bauer, who is hoping her daughter will be able to graduate high school in Belgium with the rest of her class.

“When you have people out there whose only reason for being an ambassador is their political connection to the outgoing president of a different party, it’s pretty logical to say they should leave,” said Ronald E. Neumann, who is currently the president of the American Academy of Diplomacy.

“But I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.’”

While a part of me can certainly understand Mr. Neumann’s logic, another part realizes that Donald Trump believes this situation has become extremely dire.

He realizes that Obama has left his mark on the world after eight years in office and is currently messing up relations with our allies, like Israel, and our potential allies, like Russia.

If our incoming president is going to keep his word and truly “Make America Great Again,” he is going to have to make some hard decisions. He is going to have to uproot some people, and those liberal snowflakes are just going to have to get over it. When you work for our country, you have to move around whether you’re a politician, a military service member, or an ambassador.

Besides, why should President-elect Trump leave these Obama appointees in place? Who knows what kind of ridiculous instructions our sitting president has given to them? Liberals need to realize that these ambassadors have been so badly tainted by Obama’s ideology that only “major surgery” is going to fix our standing in the world.

Furthermore, this move by Trump is actually a good sign. It means that for the first time in perhaps three decades, we have a president who intends to keep his promises.

Donald Trump is going to do whatever it takes to rid our country of Obama’s mess, and he doesn’t care how many toes he has to step on to accomplish it. Good for him.

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BREAKING – Donald Trump Makes Major Gun Control Announcement, People Are Surprised


Donald Trump has made statements that will no doubt haunt the dreams of liberals late at night, but this one is sure to make them have to dry their sheets in the morning!

Trump wants to eliminate the gun free zones in America. Why? Because this is where a majority of shootings have taken place.

If you think about it, a gun free zone is a perfect place to take a gun if you intend to cause harm. No law-abiding citizen is going to have a gun, so you can cause the most damage.

This happens predominately in places like military bases and schools, with people attacking those who are left defenseless.

Our military are trained and ready to defend against attacks, but there are no guns allowed on base. They have to be locked away in the arms room for safe keeping if you live on post or stored at home if you live off post.

While military bases should be safe zones for our military, they often times aren’t. Soldiers are left defenseless, sitting ducks on their own home base before being taken out by someone with a gun. And he or she cannot be stopped until the police arrive.

This is what Donald Trump wants to correct, but I’m sure liberals will have a cow about it. They are often preaching about implementing stricter gun control laws in the entire country, leaving everyone in America defenseless against attackers.

Someone breaking into your home where your children sleep? Well, too bad because all you can do is call the police and hope they are close enough to stop the criminal from killing you and your family. That’s the way liberals want to do things.

But with Donald Trump’s policy, you or someone else who is armed can stop the criminal before anyone or at least too many people are injured or killed. We cannot leave the American people defenseless, fish in a barrel waiting to be shot.

Military personnel should be able to carry their guns and, of course, have safety training and the restrictions that come with that. Many think Army bases are safe and secure, but they are often times some of the biggest targets—and that goes for schools too as we all well know.

People should not be afraid of guns because guns don’t kill people. A gun left alone, not held by anyone, will not shoot anyone “just because” or suddenly attack out of nowhere. It’s an inanimate object. A tool, nothing more.

It is people who kill people, and that is something liberals need to realize. Taking away guns will not improve the situation—it will make it worse. You might as well paint giant targets on our backs and make it easier for the criminals to take advantage of us all. Under Trump’s proposed policy, the people of this nation have a chance to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones.

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BREAKING – THESE 30 Liberal Cities Are Preparing For War with Trump. Here’s the List.


As the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration pass by, our country’s Democrats are scrambling for one last handout from President Obama.

In preparation for the onslaught of deportations President-Elect Trump is bound to order once he’s sworn in, at least 30 liberal sanctuary cities are fighting against him by asking Obama to protect their illegal immigrants from deportation before he leaves office, according to WND.

Scattered across our country are about 325 sanctuary cities which hold the designation of welcoming illegal immigrants into their city limits. This official designation makes it easier for these immigrants to get government services and avoid federal immigration agents.

Thirty of these cities sent an open letter to our current president begging him to grant protection to these law breaking individuals. The list includes: Allentown, PA; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Birmingham, AL; Boston, MA; Carrboro, NC; Carson, CA; Chapel Hill, NC; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Dubuque, IA; Ithaca, NY; Knoxville, TN; Los Angeles, CA; Madison, WI; McFarland, CA; Montgomery County, MD; Moreno Valley, CA; New Haven, CT; New Rochelle, NY; New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Princeton, NJ; Providence, RI; Racine, WI; Richmond, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO; and Syracuse, NY.

“We call upon your administration to accept early renewal applications for current DACA holders to extend temporary protections for them,” the letter pleads. “In addition, we urge USCIS to commit to speedy processing of initial and renewal applications,” the letter continues, urging President Obama to hurry up and allow even more of these illegal immigrants to gain official safeguarding by our government.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump was not afraid to promise deportation to all illegal, criminal offenders during his presidency. While the Democrats cry and act as if Trump is a monster for wanting to deport these people, they look past the fact that these illegal immigrants are committing crimes by being here.

The supposed safe-haven cities recently came under fire after a woman in San Francisco was violently shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. To make matters worse, this killer was no stranger to ICE agents—he had already been deported five times.

Of these sanctuary cities, Illinois’s largest city, Chicago, just experienced one of its bloodiest years. The city closed the books on 2016 with a total of 762 homicides, 12 of which occurred over the last weekend of the year alone. Although the designation of “sanctuary” would normally convey a safe and warm living environment for our citizens, it is clear that is not the case.

It is blatantly obvious sanctuary city officials and our new president are slated to go head-to-head, but luckily some politicians have Trump’s back. Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) has claimed he installed a “switch” of policy within the Department of Justice. When he’s ready, Trump only needs to “flip the switch” and the federal funds flowing into uncooperative cities’ police departments will be immediately cut off.

In response to the threat from Representative Culberson, some cities have threatened to sue the federal government. “Suing will not do them any good,” Culbertson said in an interview with Fox News. “This is their decision. This is the law now, as a result of what I’ve done on July 7. If you want federal money, follow federal law.”

It’s hard to understand how any of these cities could defend harboring illegal criminals, but it’s even harder to imagine how they plan to do so without federal funding. It looks as if the first “war” of the new presidency will surely be a Trump victory. Maybe the liberals will learn their lesson and keep their mouths shut while Trump works to make our country great and safe again.

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WATCH – ‘Muslim Army’ Is Hiding In America, Is Arming For WAR Against Trump









Though some have dismissed American’s fears of a Terrorist organization operating in our country,

it appears that our fear was right.


Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project reports that Muslims of America is secretly a terrorist organization which is arming and training itself to fight against Donald Trump! 




The group is reported to be operating 22 training grounds on US soil, in every corner of the country.


The organization has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. According to Mauro’s sources from within the Muslims of America, the leadership has been passing on some very disturbing orders.

Members have been armed and trained, and have been told that they must “be prepared to fight.” This is all hidden in language of “self-defense measures,” but, you might ask, defense from what?


Well, disturbingly, the organization thinks law enforcement is a threat to them. Leadership has told the members to be prepared for the FBI to, “reopen its cases against them as a homegrown terrorist organization.”

If they think the FBI would have reason to re-open such a case against them, then they must be planning some terrorist activities.


In their effort to avoid raising suspicion from law enforcement, reportedly, the leaders have also told any members with criminal histories not to enter the training grounds so that law enforcement cannot use their presence as a reason to enter the area. To me, this indicates they must be hiding something.

Maybe its the stockpile of weapons that Mauro reports the group has. However, Mauro reports many of them believe that their religious “end times” are coming, which might entail a fight with Donald Trump.


Ryan Mauro’s Clarion Project is dedicated to exposing these activities, and they promote Muslim voices who speak against such activities. To all of our patriotic Muslim readers, please get involved with the Clarion Project to discourage your fellows from joining Muslims of America. To all other patriots, stay safe!

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RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide.

It covers the most urgent domestic and international issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more and delivers stories often missed by the mainstream media to create news with an edge. RT provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint.





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Electoral College votes secure Donald Trump as next US president


December 19, 2016

Donald Trump has cruised to victory in the Electoral College despite thousands of anti-Trump protesters who converged on state capitols across the country.

Monday’s vote ensures that the billionaire will become America’s 45th president.

Texas put the Republican president-elect over the 270-vote threshold. Electors had been deluged with emails, phone calls and letters urging them not to support Trump. Two Texas electors cast protest votes against Trump, but in the end he had more than he needed.

The Electoral College has 538 members, with the number allocated to each state based on how many representatives it has in the House plus one for each senator. The District of Columbia gets three, despite the fact that the home to Congress has no vote in Congress.

This story is by The Associated Press.


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Electoral College poised to make Trump win official – but not without drama













The Electoral College is poised Monday to select Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, despite efforts to disrupt the 227-year-old process that so far appear to have resulted in just one openly rogue voter. Still, Democrats and Republicans on Sunday spoke with some uncertainty about the anticipated outcome.

“We expect everything to fall in line,” Reince Priebus, White House chief of staff in the incoming Trump administration, told “Fox News Sunday.”

Electors will convene in state capitals across the country Monday to make the results of the Nov. 8 election official.

In most presidential election years, the Electoral College vote would essentially be a formality. But electors have been facing pressure for weeks from anti-Trump forces to upend the November results; protests also are expected at state capitals on Monday.

While the efforts stand little chance of succeeding, those factions have been fueled by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s win in the popular vote. She won roughly 2.6 million more ballots than Trump but lost the Electoral College vote.

Trump got more Electoral College votes by winning many of the smaller, less-populated states in the Midwest and South, along with the big coastal state of Florida and traditionally Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Trump and Clinton also split the six most populous states.

Trump needs 270 electoral votes Monday. And the state victories put him in line to get 306 of the 538 — with each state getting one vote for each House and Senate member. The three remaining votes go to the District of Columbia.

Priebus, who still runs the Republican National Committee, which is trying to keep count of the apportioned or “pledged” votes, cited the only known and so-called “faithless” balloter, who lives in Texas and whose vote goes to Trump but plans to vote for another, yet-to-be-named Republican.

“But other than that, we’re very confident that everything is going to be very smooth,” said Priebus, noting a massive petition drive to get electoral voters to cast ballots against Trump and the alleged harassment of some of the voters, particularly in Arizona, where Trump won 49 percent of the vote, compared to 45 percent for Clinton, which entitles him to all 11 electoral votes.

Arizona elector Robert Graham told Fox News on Saturday that the 11 electors have received hundreds of thousands of emails telling them not to vote for Trump and that he’s received information that some of the other 10 have been followed or have received a death threat.

“It’s out of hand when you have such … a small group of people that is pushing so hard against millions if not hundreds of millions of people who still appreciate this whole system,” said Graham, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “The Electoral College is part of the Constitution.”

All swore to party officials that they will back Trump, even though they’re not legally bound to do so, and plan to hold to that pledge.

Trump responded to the reports of elector harassment and intimidation Sunday.




“If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!”

There is no federal law on electoral votes. Some states bind their voters — often state party officials — to the popular vote. But the penalties for violations are minor, such as being disqualified from future balloting.

On Sunday, John Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman, suggested that 37 electoral voters bound to Trump could defect, which would be enough to create at least a tie and send the vote to the GOP-controlled House, where Trump would still likely win.

Podesta, as he has in recent days, pressed the argument on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Russians hacking the emails of Democrats during the election led in part to Clinton’s loss.

He also made a last-minute argument that members of the Electoral College should have an intelligence briefing about the hackings before voting Monday.

“I assume that our electors are going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” Podesta said. “But the question is whether there are 37 Republican electors who think that either there are open questions [about the purported Russian hackings] or that Donald Trump … is really unfit to be president. … And I guess we will know that … tomorrow.”

The Associated Press tried to reach all 538 electors and was able to interview more than 330 of them. Many reported getting tens of thousands of emails, calls and letters asking them to vote against Trump.

But the canvass found overwhelming support for the system, and the nominee, among Republican electors. The AP found only one pledged to Trump who will refuse to vote for him but did not identify him as the voter in Texas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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Right now, electors in California officially cast their vote for president and vice president.


The Electoral College is poised to select Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States, despite efforts to disrupt the 227-year-old process.

Right now, electors in California officially cast their vote for president and vice president.

Posted by Fox News on Monday, December 19, 2016

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Breaking News! Islamic terrorist attack in Germany – Muslim with a truck plows into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin


Germany under Islamic terrorist attack.

Breaking News! Watch & Share!



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