African Americans, homeless cited most for pot in Seattle

Several technicians have been in trouble for smoking it, others for driving under its influence, and quite a few more for lying on their applications for past marijuana-related convictions. Watch KATU News tonight at 6 to see some of the more frightening violations the KATU investigators found. _________________________________________________________________ By Associated Press Published: Jul 23, 2014 […]

Scammers target Tacoma residents, businesses

  By Kevin McCarty TACOMA, Wash. — Callers claiming to be collecting overdue bills for Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) continue to target residents and businesses. Adriatic Grill owner Monique Trudnowski said her business received one of the calls. “Immediately we knew something was suspicious,” said Trudnowski. The callers tell people their power will be turned […]

Fireworks sales skyrocketing, and so are fines

By Gary Horcher On the Muckleshoot reservation, pre-Independence Day business is quite literally booming. Customers drive here from tremendous distances—and then wait in traffic to get in and find a parking space. Once inside, dozens of fireworks dealers loudly compete for their attention and their cash, while flashes of knee-buckling explosions shake the earth and […]

Police look for 2 men in Lake Forest Park assault, armed robbery

    Lake Forest Park police are looking for 24-year-old Able Gebregergish (left) and22-year-old Aron Gebregergish (right), who are two men wanted for felony assault and armed robbery. _______________________________________________________________________________ LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. —Lake Forest Park police are looking for two men wanted for felony assault and armed robbery. Police said that on Tuesday morning, […]