Teamsters at odds with Fred Meyer, vote to authorize strike

By KOMO Staff   TACOMA, Wash. – Teamsters Local Union 117 has authorized a strike, and were out educating shoppers on what they say are attempts by Fred Meyer to degrade warehouse workers’ health care plans and outsource jobs   Saturday morning, members of the Teamsters Local Union 117 voted 241 to 2 to authorize […]

This Dog of the Day is Absolutely Unfazed By His Feline Friend’s Antics!

Today’s Dog of the Day has the patience of the most devout yogi. No matter how hard its feline friend tries there it stays, relaxed, neutral, unfazed. Don’t you wish you could be so calm!? Maybe we should all take notes! Click below to watch this super cute video! _______________________________________  

Murderous barbarians who cannot be negotiated with or reasoned with!

This a video that as many Americans as possible should see. Watch it and pass it on. This is what we are up against folks. Murderous barbarians who cannot be negotiated with or reasoned with. These savages must be annihilated quickly before they solidify a bigger base of operations and influence. _______________________________________________________________      THIS […]

Watch: San Jose firefighters rescue child from hot car

By Ann Rubin – San Francisco SAN JOSE, Calif. — A day after a toddler had to be rescued by firefighters from a hot car at a San Jose shopping mall, emergency responders talked to KTVU about the danger of leaving children unattended in vehicles. The rescue happened Monday afternoon. The mother apparently told […]

Tips to avoid getting stuck with fake Seahawks tickets

(Photo: Travis Pittman, KING 5 News)   Michael Konopasek, KING 5 News   It’s not only the hottest ticket in town but the most attractive ticket in town when it comes to con artists.     SEATTLE — It’s not only the hottest ticket in town, but the most attractive ticket in town when it […]

Five things to do when your neighbor complains about your dog.

By Pat Miller You can’t assume your dog has been a saint all day just because he’s asleep when you get home.   The natural thing to do when someone complains about your dog is to get defensive. “My dog? Causing a problem? How dare you?!” Don’t go there. Defensiveness exacerbates hostilities, escalates tension, and […]

Tacoma police use cell surveillance device

The Associated Press TACOMA, Wash. — Police in Tacoma say they have been using surveillance equipment that can sweep up records of cell phone calls and text messages up to a half mile away to find suspects of felonies since 2009. However The News Tribune reports ( ) the department has been deploying the […]