2 dead, 4 critically injured in shooting at Marysville high school

By KOMO Staff and Associated Press Published: Oct 24, 2014 at 11:09 AM PDT Last Updated: Oct 24, 2014 at 4:04 PM PDT MARYSVILLE, Wash. – A student opened fire Friday morning at Marysville Pilchuck High School, killing one student and critically injuring four others before fatally shooting himself, police and witnesses said.     […]

This “Lion Whisperer” Is Incredible! See Him Get The Cuddle Treatment From His Favorite Lion Pride

  Kevin “The Lion Whisperer” Richardson is one fearless cat lover. While most people would be a bit concerned seeing a lion emerge from the tall grass, Kevin just gets ready for cuddles. Watch below as he greets his old pals, who happen to be wild lions, in the grasslands of Africa.   ___________________________________________________   […]

2nd health care worker with Ebola in Dallas took plane day before symptoms showed, officials say

True Blue Warriors via TBW’s True Blue LEO News 3 hrs · Edited · Of Interest – We just posted this here because now there appears to be numerous flights that are involved and not just the one. The second health care worker to test positive for Ebola in Dallas traveled by air the day […]

Possible grow operation fire burns Federal Way strip mall

By Rob Munoz   FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — A popular Federal Way awards shop and tattoo parlor are complete losses after a fire early Tuesday. The fire shut down both directions of Pacific Highway South between Dash Point Road and South 288th Street for more than six hours. South King Fire said the fire may […]

NEW BATTLE PLAN: CDC boss lays out steps to counter Ebola exposure

EMBATTLED CDC DIRECTOR Dr. Tom Frieden lays out a new battle plan to counter further contamination of health care workers dealing with Ebola patients, including sending rapid response teams to any hospital with a new case.   CDC lays out new plan to counter Ebola exposure in US Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Embattled […]

Waterspout triggers rare tornado warning in Pierce County

      TACOMA, Wash. — A waterspout was sighted near Anderson Island Saturday afternoon, triggering a rare Tornado Warning to be issued in the Puget Sound region.A trained weather spotter reported the waterspout touching down in the waters west of Anderson Island at 12:10 p.m.   By Scott Sistek Published: Oct 11, 2014 at […]

Toddler poisoned by e-cig liquid

By Alison Grande KENT, Wash. — A Kent toddler was poisoned by liquid nicotine.  Winona, 22-months, found the bottle of liquid her dad uses in E-cigarettes and drank it. When her mother found her she was already showing symptoms. “Her eyes were rolling back into her head,” said Nicole Oliver. She didn’t know what Winona […]

When Officials Say The Infection Rate of Ebola is 2 Be Afraid, Be very Afraid

  by Code Breaker   All communicable diseases have a number assigned to them that tell scientists and doctors how fast a disease is spreading. This number is always based on past outbreaks to start with and then, as n outbreak continues numbers are produced for the current outbreak. These will be revised as an […]

Catholic Reverend: Not possible to extract violence and terror from Islam

Written by Allen West on October 3, 2014   As we sit quietly by, watching this entity called ISIS endeavor to create an Islamic caliphate or recoil at the recent beheading of an American woman, I believe it’s time to conduct a serious analysis of Islam. I care not for the cultural jihadist apologists and […]

10 lessons Learned From the new FBI Study on Active Shooters

  by Code Breaker   By: Greg Ellifritz Last week, the FBI released its most recent research report on active shooters in the United States. The 47-page report is quite informative and worth the time to read. The study looks at a very small and well defined subset of mass shootings.  According to the publication: […]