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Spoiled Dumbed down generation!

Melissa Puckett


Would you force your children to go play with others who are mean to them, who break all their toys, speak bad words, and are violent to them? Why is it ok for our government to do this to us? We the People have sat back and watched all other races receive more rights, while we are projected as “racist pigs”.

Now as We the People watch our nation be turned into a third-world, from the black population, our own government has allowed a record number of “refugees” into our land in 2016, and are set to allow even more in 2017.

This is war, and We the People are losing. Do not make the mistake of thinking one president is going to change this. He is up against, what JFK was up against, this elite group of people are the biggest monsters this planet has ever seen.

Even Hitler would bow-down to this monetary system. Anyone can see the data showing that whites are not producing enough babies, and at the rate we are going, this monetary system would crash. Their solution is to flood us with more numbers. Scientists have already stated the all the earth’s resources will be depleted within 15-20 years.

If you look into “The Bell Curve” you will see that they are flooding our countries with those who have lower IQ’s. Those races with lower IQ’s are violent, irrational, and implosive as we can see by looking at their own countries. Same goes for here in our own country, look at Detroit, New Orleans, Newark and St. Louis, etc. etc.

All these cities have something in common, not racism, but race. Since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in late 1963, more Americans have been killed by gunfire in this country than died in all U.S. wars. Not because of guns, but from the blacks. We have been allowing just 13% of a population to do this to America and now we are allowing them to bring in even more violent, irrational, implosive people.

Think about this, for those we will one day leave behind children, whites are now born the minorities in this once beautiful country. Take a close look into South Africa while you are thinking about your children.

Wake up people, we are being looked at as integers (whole numbers) and no longer people. We are not being lead to slaughter, but it is coming to us. Generation X has got to put a stop to this, the millennial generation will never stand a chance.

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