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Obama Rallies His Army Of Illegal Immigrants, Plans NASTY Surprise 3 Days Before Trump Takes Office


What a jerk!

By Prissy Holly

With just a little over 50 days remaining before his presidency is completed, Barrack Obama is pulling out all the stops to screw America over one final time. As a blatant slap in the face to Donald Trump and all law-abiding citizens, this president is leaving another fecal stain on our country, utilizing his army of illegal immigrants to smack Trump where it hurts, just 3 days before he’s sworn into office on January 20.

One of the platforms that Trump ran on during the entire election was bringing jobs back to America, while deporting illegals back to their home country, who frequently rip away jobs from American citizens. But Obama has just imposed a last-minute regulation that will take hundreds of thousands of jobs away from law-abiding American citizens and giving them to illegals, by expanding the H-1b outsourcing program. To add further insult to injury, this nasty gift will go into effect just 3 days before Donald Trump is sworn into office in January.

This regulation will drastically increase the inflow of these workers, which will allow them to obtain permanent Green Cards, eventually providing a path for citizenship for not just them, but their families also.

There’s no doubt that Obama is doing this to thumb his nose at Trump, who pledged back in March to end the H-1b outsourcing program. But thanks to Obama’s child-like antics, Trump will have even more of Obama’s deplorable legacy to undo once he takes office.

If Trump is unable to undo this regulation expansion quickly, it will have major implications for Americans for years to come, as 100,000 of these types of workers will continue to flood into our country on an annual basis, snatching up potentially millions of jobs from Americans.

For the past 8 years we’ve been ruled by treasonous asshat who has only had the best interests of illegals and his Muslim buddies in mind. It will be so refreshing to finally have a president in office who loves our country, and will work to establish policies to put Americans first. I’m sure we’ll see more tantrum-throwing on the part of Obama however, as we move closer to the glorious day when he finally vacates our White House in a little over 50 days.

H/T [Breitbart Federal]

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