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SURPRISE! White House And Hillary Tied to Electoral College Scam Against Trump


The Democrat establishment has become disgustingly inbred. Everywhere, Clinton and Obama’s dirty paws are moving their people around, and this case is just one more example.

Megaphone Strategies is the firm backing faithless electors. The firm was co-founded by former Obama green jobs special advisor, Van Jones. One of four board members, Vien Truong, headlined a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as per Daily Caller.

Diane May, the firm’s communications manager, worked for Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. Another co-founder, Molly Haigh, worked for Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Haigh has been outspoken about her dislike of Donald Trump and the Republican Party more generally.

She has placed the blame of Trump’s victory on the Republican Party’s “racist, misogynist, xenophobic fear mongering.”

In fact, not only do these key players in Megaphone Strategies have close ties to Obama and Clinton, but only two employees in the whole organization don’t have direct ties to these two top Democrat politicians.

One of these people is Jodi Jacobsen, who has said, “To Trump, women are sex objects. To the GOP, they are valued only insofar as they can reproduce children or serve their husbands. That is a world in which Donald Trump is very comfortable. Their vision is indeed the same.”

Her inane comment on Trump and the GOP’s position proves she’s not exactly an unbiased actor here. Why would the electors, who would tell you they have only the best interests of our “democracy” in mind (despite the U.S. being a constitutional republic), choose such a partisan organization to represent them? Because they’re partisan.

The only other employee without Clinton or Obama ties is Catalina Velasquez, but she worked for Bernie Sanders instead.

So, the next time someone tells you that the faithless electors are standing up for We the People, point to who they chose to represent them. It’s clear they’re working in favor of Clinton and the Democrat Party. If they were really concerned about the integrity, there are plenty of non-partisan organizations that could help them. Maybe none of them agreed to though!

This is a partisan issue, and it is about stealing the election from Trump and handing it into Clinton’s blood-red hands. We’ve caught them.


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