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BREAKING – First High Quality Picture of Trump’s Inauguration Just Released, Media Humiliated


The mainstream media were wrong and pushed out another fake news story. I never tire of writing that, and I’ll likely be writing similar things for the next four years!

The first high quality images from Donald Trump’s inauguration have been released. The enormous crowd captured in the photographs totally debunk the claims by CNN that a lot of empty space was left after the president’s reporters filed in to watch the monumental change of power. Fake news is once again reigning supreme in the mainstream media.


These photos clearly show a full-capacity crowd was present to watch the 45th president of the United State take the oath of office. The crowd stretched back for more than one mile on January 20.

The high quality image, which truly depicted the Trump inauguration crowd, was taken from a press riser and is from CNN‘s Gigapixel. The amazingly clear image allows you to get a wide view of the event AND zoom in to see individuals in the crowd.

The expression on Hillary Clinton’s face, as captured by the Gigapixel image, is absolutely priceless! We will likely never know the true attendance numbers from the inauguration, but the wide scan view of this image leaves no doubt that it was one heck of a gigantic crowd!

When you go to the CNN Gigapixel page, there are instructions on how to maneuver around to get a broad view and how to zoom in to get a close-up view on individual faces. That’s all fine and dandy, but they only give us the option to check out the crowd around the podium and first few rows and not the ENTIRE scene.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets spent the bulk of two days claiming low attendance figures for the inauguration. They are actually still mocking President Trump for trying to set the record straight and being concerned about the sharing of accurate information – be it written, spoken, or snapped with a camera lens.

The widely distributed image claiming to show the crowds at both Barack Obama’s first inauguration and Donald Trump’s quickly went viral. Liberal mocking rapidly ensued, as did claims that Press Secretary Sean Spicer was lying about the number of proud Americans who watched the ceremony.

Sean Spicer said Donald Trump’s inauguration was the “most watched” presidential swearing-in ceremony in history. There is zero proof he was making a false claim.

Spicer was obviously noting ALL of the tens of millions of Americans who watched Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible and take the oath of office in person, on television, and on social media live streaming feeds.

Unlike liberals who have ample time on their hands and can spend days on end walking in protest, the bulk of Trump supporters simply could not take the day off work to travel to Washington, D.C. to watch the exciting event in person.

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