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BREAKING: Obama Sabotaged Trump’s White House Transition. This is Confirmed.


Obama tried to take down President Trump from the inside, and now we have proof! His loyalists spies must be removed from all levels of the federal government immediately.

A New York Times report revealed Obama White House officials did indeed wage a vile campaign to leak classified intelligence about Donald Trump’s associates having any type of contact with Russia. Leaking classified reports is illegal, so these individuals must be rooted out, identified, and arrested on federal charges.

Liberals and the mainstream media mocked President Trump’s allegations that Barack Obama loyalists still inside the administration were behind the leaks and were actively trying to undermine him. As usual, our president was right!

The covert campaign to leak classified material on Trump’s associates involved decreasing the classification rating on reports about Russia so they could be shared throughout the various agencies, The Daily Caller reports.

According to the source behind the newspaper’s report, Obama’s cronies launched their campaign out of fear. The source alleged the classification on the intelligence reports were changed and shared in an effort to ensure President Trump would not be able to keep the details private.

This action is despicable. Nothing in any of the leaks that have surfaced have shown even the tiniest bit of illegal behavior. Michael Flynn was ousted not because he did something improper, but because he answered a question about talking to the Russians about sanctions literally, as any military man would.

These leaks were clearly orchestrated by Obama loyalists, and it is probably a safe assumption that Obama was made aware of what was going on, but just distancing himself to keep his hands clean.

This all comes down to the Russians making a mountain out of a mole hill. Many of these men had governmental duties or businesses that required interaction with these entities, but that does not mean they were specifically discussing rigging an election. There simply is no proof they did anything of the sort.

Hillary Clinton communicated with foreign leaders constantly, via her supposed charitable foundation and at luxurious fundraising events. Democrats did not have a problem with Hillary’s mingling with foreign dignitaries or her improper sharing of classified information, which hampered our national security.

The same report went on to say the intelligence officials have zero evidence any of President Trump’s advisers coordinated with any Russian government officials in an effort to influence the election. Heck, they don’t even have any solid evidence the Russians even mingled in American politics by hacking DNC emails.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told Reince Priebus the New York Times story was total “bullsh*t.” Something sure does smell bad, but it definitely might not be the report!

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