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Why they need illegal immigration etc.

From foxnews article
In reference too demrats & illegal immigration etc.

(William Sanders)

I’ve lived in California my entire life – I’ve worked in the construction industry for the last 35 years and I speak fluent Spanish. Throughout the years I’ve listened to literally dozens of illegals brag about voting in state and federal elections and without any fear whatsoever of being caught. There is no doubt in my mind that voter fraud is rampant in California and that this is exactly why Democrats have created a sanctuary for illegal aliens, vigorously protecting them as though they were an endangered species. Democrats know that if the illegal vote were taken away, that California would change from blue to a deep red state in the twinkling of an eye. Hence, their refusal to turn over the States voter roles. ” “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” ~ Barack Obama ~~
~~ And Hillary Clinton ~~~


Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
Sanctuary cites for illegal immigrants !


19-yes, plus marks!
Letter date 01/23/2018

Got caught by foxnewsonline copying specific comments and they banned my access to that section. Read this comment to discover why?
Liberals fall apart when the truth comes out and it’s real deal here!
No dems if no more illegal immigration !

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