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Pro-Criminal Immigrant Protestors Take on Homeland Security

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A large group of protestors has begun what is likely to be a new wave of “defense” for illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in the US. They gathered at a Los Angeles detention centre as Homeland was trying to pick up prisoners for deportation. They blocked the truck and wouldn’t move.


Around 50 people are gathered around the ICE van near Aliso and Alameda.

— Marcus Yam 火 (@yamphoto) February 16, 2018


We should really be asking the question: Why are these protestors so determined to keep criminals in the country? When we hear chants of “no human is illegal” it can be very emotive, but it also makes no sense. Not one single person is saying that an individual’s existence is illegal or a violation of the law, just that the person’s actions are illegal.

Their lack of logic is madness. If they are, in fact, saying that “no person’s actions” are illegal, then they won’t mind if I help myself to their wallets and cars, no? So the point is that these folk committed a criminal act…That makes them criminals, not “illegals”, would the left prefer we start referring to folk as “Criminal Immigrants?”

And what was their first criminal act on US soil? To cross the border! It shows a lack of respect for the laws of the country. Sure, some people may have had paperwork problems or made an error, and this means they had no criminal intent, but for those who willfully crossed the border illegally…They truly are criminal immigrants.










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