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Hillary Accuses Trump Of Ignoring Russian Threat, They Are “Still Coming”

Many Democrats are backing this position.

Austin Lewis by Austin Lewis

It seems like the last few months have been nothing but a repeating story about the Russians and how they are poised to manipulate upcoming elections and America’s system of government as a whole.  As of now, nothing concrete has come from the Mueller investigation, but it still makes for a great story.

Now, Hillary Clinton, who you may remember from her second failed attempt to become President of the United States of America in 2016, is screeching a warning, claiming that the Russians are “still coming” in 2018.  This is an interesting change from what she said during her time as Secretary of State, and it’s interesting to see her accuse President Trump of deciding to “ignore and surrender” to Russia.

When talking about her fears that the Russians are “still coming,” Hillary Clinton cashed in on her ‘credibility’ as a former Secretary of State to push her claim that the Russians are a threat to the 2018 election.

She accused President Donald Trump of ‘ignoring’ the Russian threat, and of not giving Admiral Michael Rogers, who currently heads up cyber command, direct orders to counter possible Russian meddling in the 2018 elections.

Admiral Rogers, in testimony on Capitol Hill earlier this week, said that before he could take more steps, he would need the approval of the president.

According to Rogers, he needs a policy decision to direct his movement on the cybersecurity front. That would mean the president would have to make a decision, which would likely be based on a policy recommendation from the current Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

Democrats, who suddenly seem to be spoiling for a fight with Russia after spending decades placating them and condemning aggression toward them, said that they were tired of President Trump being a “wuss” toward Russia.

However, this ignores a lot of Democrat history. The Democrat party has not been willing to take on Russia until just recently.  In fact, going back as far as the second Obama term, they openly mocked Republicans who suggested Russia was a threat.

During the presidential debates, incumbent candidate Barack Obama mocked challenger Mitt Romney for identifying Russia as an opposing foreign policy influence in the world.

Hillary Clinton herself has a long history of being friendly to Russia. In fact, it was Hillary Clinton and her ‘Russian Restart’ that allowed Russia to seize the Crimea.

In fact, if it had not been for pushback by the Polish and other former Soviet satellite states, Russia might have been able to take control of much of the former Soviet empire.

When viewed in this light, it’s hard to take warnings by Hillary Clinton, who also approved a deal to sell much of America’s uranium to Russia, with any degree of seriousness.

Hillary Clinton’s policy didn’t involve ‘taking on’ Russia in any way until the war in Syria began in earnest.

Incidentally, the war in Syria was also the result of failed Clinton-Obama policy.  ISIS was armed, in no small part, by the State Department and intelligence agencies, against the wishes of the United States military.

Thinking they were arming ‘Syrian rebels,’ they armed what turned out to be Islamic extremists.

Hillary Clinton campaigned on the promise that, in order to stop the Syrian government and military from being able to bomb alleged Islamic extremists and rebels, she would declare a ‘no-fly zone’ above Syria.

That would have brought the United States into direct confrontation with the Russian air force, which was supporting the Syrian government and military.

This is in no way an attempt to say that Syria’s government or military were in the right. However, the pretense that the Democrats have a long and principled stand against Russia, in any way, is simply a lie.

Despite claims that they took Russia very seriously, Obama’s administration outright failed to take ANY steps against Russian interference in the election or in multiple other facets of the American government.

According to various sources, Russia even managed to hack voter rolls in multiple states (though, allegedly, they never managed to hack the results).

Should Donald Trump take active steps against Russian interference in our elections? Absolutely.

But is Hillary Clinton the person to talk to anyone about taking on Russia? After multiple failures to do so throughout her political career, absolutely not.

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