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The Muslim Invasion of America must be STOPPED!!! What do you think??





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NO SHARIA LAW !!! Obama needs to be arrested for high treason. HE IS SUCH A LIAR, HE SUPPORTS ISIL AND TERRORIST GROUPS, HE SUPPLIES THEM GUNS AND AMMUNITION THROUGH THE CIA AND OTHER COVERT MEANS. And he is deliberately trying to provoke instability by allowing possible criminals and terrorists into the country. THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE. Plus at the same time, he is doing everything he can to make new laws to take away our freedoms, and to leave us defenseless against these Muslims jihadist invaders.

Obama is literally bringing the enemy into America without a fight. He is a criminal, and a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. Most of these so called Muslim refugees are men of fighting age. SO WAKE UP YOU DUBBED DOWN SLEEPY AMERICANS, YOU NEED TO GET OF YOU ASS’AS AND START PROTESTING, BEFORE YOUR NATION BECOMES A COUNTRY FULL OF DEMONS AND PAGAN SATANISTS.


Hello folks, thanks for watching the video’s i put up, i put them up for mainly only one reason, and that is to try and wake up the sleepy people of the mainly western world, to what is really going on behind closed doors, and to what our secret hidden world government is up to. Much of what you here on my channel, you wont hear on main stream illuminati owned media TV. Why ? Simple! Because Lucifer does not want you to hear the real truth, and he is behind the western owned News Media channels, like Fox News and CNN. They only give you half the truth, along with stacks of propaganda and lies.



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