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Stop the Invasion: America Is Not Obliged to Take the Refuse of Failed Nations




“As a backup measure, I say trained, armed patriots should be prepared also to defend our nation against unlawful invasion…”

Finally, a President leads this country who is dedicated to this country. Finally, a man who is not guilt-conflicted and who acts only in the nation’s best interest. Finally, someone with the good sense to say, effectively, “You will not topple this nation from within, using invading hordes from foreign countries.”

The sheer madness of the response from the Left to President Trump’s decision to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border, to stop a “caravan” of illegal aliens from entering our country, speaks volumes about the hatred the Left holds toward this country.

Their disregard for our sovereignty is breathtaking. What’s even more stunning is they think we patriots will sit quietly by as they manipulate current suicidal laws. Laws that enable the least productive from other countries to violate our sovereignty. If laws exist that not only do not ensure our survival against an enemy, but also actively lend to our demise, those laws are in need of suspension. Prime example, the Asylum law.1

Such laws may have been beneficial during an earlier time in our nation’s history, but today they are being used against us.


This latest leftist fiasco has even brought former President of Mexico Vincente Fox out from under his rock to tell us how to run our country. That the media even prints the garbage this man spews is an insult to all patriots.

We have reached a point where either the patriots who want to preserve this nation as a Constitutional Republic will run it, or the socialist secularists who want to transform it will run it. It cannot be both. There is no sharing of leadership when worldviews are at opposite ends of the spectrum. And anybody in this country who is not aware by now that the progressive Left are enemies of this nation’s survival as a Constitutional Republic, is delusional. Thankfully, President Trump is not among them.

The President has directed Defense Secretary James Mattis to deploy troops to the southern U.S. border, as any strong leader would do when sovereignty is threatened. And every one of those 4,000 troops (an estimate) should be armed to show that this President is serious. Currently, Secretary Mattis has approved troops with weapons for self-defense only. They will leave enforcement duties to the Border Patrol. The Secretary leaves open, however, the possibility he could approve such involvement in the future if necessary.2

As a backup measure, I say trained, armed patriots should be prepared also to defend our nation against unlawful invasion.

To show he means business, the President has also directed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to prevent the illegals from crossing our border as a matter of national security. I am certain some traitors ensconced in the federal bureaucracy (Obama leftovers) are working overtime to thwart the success of that directive. But if the Homeland Security Secretary is worth her salt (and there is no guarantee she is), she will do her part to ensure that the invaders will not be allowed to enter.

I am hearing blather from so-called legal experts about what President Trump can and cannot do about this matter. Frankly, I’m sick of laws being used to hamstring people who have this nation’s best interest at heart, as President Trump does. Suicidal laws that say we must take people from anywhere if they can qualify for asylum have no place in a strong nation, not if that nation wants to remain strong.

We know these people have been prompted by traitorous lawyers and open-borders operatives to lie about their circumstances, to get into our country. And when they are in, they disappear into the populace to sponge off of American citizens, natural born and naturalized legal immigrants.

I, like President Trump and many other citizens, have had it with twisted arguments about our duty to assist people who scheme to enter our country. Those who advance these pernicious arguments are preying on the ignorance and idiocy of “bleeding hearts.” Enough with this insanity. The Left wants this nation overrun with third-world people who offer no real value to our country, so that these people will vote for the Democrats’ socialist agenda. That fact is incontrovertible.

It’s time the “conservatives” in positions of leadership stop playing pansies and man up to the fact that we are at war (albeit not yet “hot”).

Admittedly, we are still up against folks on our side, like Dinesh D’Souza (noted author and political commentator), who think we are all one big national family. We must, therefore, not look upon our progressive brethren too harshly. They merely have a different perspective on how we go about doing what’s in the best interest of the country, so they say.

That kind of thinking will turn this nation into a socialist hell-hole, for sure, because you can bet the Left does not view patriots and conservatives as “brethren.” In their eyes, we are the enemy. Like the loathsome character Barack Obama, who set this nation on a path of “transformation” into a hell-hole, his leftist minions remain set on carrying out his wishes regardless of a plurality of patriotic citizens saying, “No you will not!”

Fellow America patriots, we are at war. The sooner that reality sinks in, the more likely we can win it.


1 From the Homeland Security Web site, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Every year people come to the United States seeking protection because they have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution due to:
· Race
· Religion
· Nationality
· Membership in a particular social group
· Political opinion
If you are eligible for asylum you may be permitted to remain in the United States.

2 Defense Secretary James Mattis deploys National Guard troops along the U.S. southern border.

© Sylvia Thompson