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Iran lawmakers shout ‘death to America,’ burn U.S. flag after Trump nixes nuclear deal



Iranian lawmakers shouted “death to America” and set fire to a paper U.S. flag during angry scenes at the country’s parliament in Tehran, a day after President Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal.

The protest came as Iranian officials, including parliament speaker Ali Larijani and President Hassan Rouhani, said Wednesday they hoped European leaders will work with them to preserve the deal between Tehran and world powers — without the U.S. — but stressed that the nation could now decide to resume its nuclear program.

“If necessary, we can begin our industrial enrichment without any limitations,” the Iranian leader said. “Until implementation of this decision, we will wait for some weeks and will talk with our friends and allies and other signatories of the nuclear deal, who signed it and who will remain loyal to it. Everything depends on our national interests.”

Iran’s supreme leader, who has the final say on all state matters, struck a more defiant tone. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directly challenged Trump, saying “you cannot do a damn thing” after Trump announced he was renewing sanctions on Iran.

During the demonstration in parliament, lawmakers held up the flaming U.S. flag as their fellow parliamentarians joined in anti-American chants. They also burned a piece of paper representing the nuclear deal and stomped on the papers’ ashes. Larijani, according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency, said Trump lacked “mental capacity.”

Later Wednesday, Trump warned Iran against resuming its nuclear weapons program.

“I would advise Iran not to start their nuclear program,” Trump told reporters when asked about the potential consequences. “I would advise them very strongly. If they do there will be very severe consequence.”

European diplomats meanwhile insisted that the 2015 accord would not suddenly collapse despite the U.S.’s withdrawal. Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, the European Union’s representative to China said Wednesday during a press briefing in Beijing that the EU strongly believes “that this is an agreement which belongs to the international community. This is not an agreement that will fall apart if you just walk away.”

France’s foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told French radio that the deal “wasn’t dead yet” and that European countries would hold talks over how to keep it alive.

Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia were all signatories to the 2015 accord under which Iran pledged to limit its stockpile of enriched uranium for 15 years and its number of centrifuges for 10 years. Both are needed to make nuclear weapons. The EU, U.S. and United Nations lifted economic sanctions as part of the deal.

Israel bombs dozens of Iranian terror targets in Syria in response to Iranian Missile attack earlier today towards northern Israel



Iran launched 20 Missiles from Syria at Israel, and received hundreds in return.
Israel under attack: Golan Heights residents in bomb shelters after Iranian Quds forces fired 20 rockets towards northern Israel.
Israel fighter jets are bombing Iranian targets in Syria In response to the Iranian missile attack.
More than 50 Iranian terror targets have been destroyed in Syria so far.
At least 2 military airports bombed in Damascus. 2 Patriot defense missile launched from northern Israel. Power outages reported in Damascus.
Israel Israel will teach Iran a lesson it won’t forget.
Do not mess with Israel.



Every Western country must stand with Israel against radical Islamic terrorism.
The Israeli people face the frighteningening escalation of Islamic terror acts through Israel.
The Palestinian Authority refuses to take the most basic steps towards ensuring peace with Israel, and instead incites terrorism.
Textbooks in Gaza and the West Bank teach children that Israel has no right to exist.
They teach their children to hate Jews.
The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school. This radical Islamic terrorism must stop.
Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City.
The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security.

Israel built security fences and walls on all its borders after a wave of suicide bombings during the second intifada.
The entire world was quick to condemn Israel for defending itself
The world is silent when Palestinians influct pain and death upon Israel but screams when Israel protects itself.

When Israel left the Gaza Strip, Gaza was free and all Jews were expelled.
Hamas took control on the Gaza Strip, imposed sharia law and declared war on Israel with the declared goal of destroying the Jewish state.
They fired tens of thousands of rockets at Israel, but the world turned a blind eye.
Hamas, ISIS, and Al Qaeda share the same ideology of radical Islam.
The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.

Iran founded the Shiite terror organization Hezbollah in Lebanon with the declared aim of destroying Israel.

During the first and second Lebanon wars, Hezbollah fired tens of thousands of rockets at civilian communities in northern Israel.
Hezbollah’s name means “an army of Allah.” This Shiite terrorist organization is waging a war against Israel and threatens to kill 800,000 Israelis by bombing a chemical factory in Haifa (a historic Christian city in northern Israel).
Every year thousands of Muslims take to the streets of London, Paris, Rome and other major cities in Europe, to declare loyalty to Hezbollah (Allah’s army).
They call it “Al Quds Day March” This holiday was founded by the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
The Muslim mayor of London allows this to take place in the capital of England.
Shame on London, shame on Britain!
Al Quds Day march must be banned in the West.
The West must stop embracing Islam-based hatred of Israel.



Israel has the right to defend itself.
The rulers of Iran have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.
The Western world is silent when Islamists attack Israel, but screams when Israel defends itself.

Posted by ‎Support Israel – תמיכה בישראל‎ on Wednesday, May 9, 2018



Russia & US-led coalition should bomb Canada if they want to defeat ISIS – Trudeau gives ISIS shelter



ISIS terrorists flee to Canada not because they want to adopt Western values, but because they have lost the war in Syria and Iraq.
Russia had no mercy for ISIS terrorists so Justin Trudeau makes sure to give them shelter in Canada.
Justin Trudeau gives ISIS free housing but let the veterans Live on the Street.
Canada is spending so much on immigrants that they can’t afford care and support for Canadian veterans!
Justin Trudeau values those that try to destroy freedom more than those that fight for his freedom.
These men and women who serve in the Canadian armed forces are putting their lives on the line for Canada, Mr. Prime minister. Are their lives not important to take care of them? You take care of ISIS immigrants coming into Canada. You can’t take care of the vets of Canada?
Veterans should be held to a higher standard than Migrant refugees and ISIS terrorists and even those who serve in parliaments and congress. Shame on Justin Trudeau.




Radical Muslim terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks “in the name of Allah”.
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran.
Politicians in the West always claim “Islam is a religion of peace”,
Despite the fact that some Muslims and even former Muslims such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sandra Solomon claim that there are verses in the Quran and the Islamic scriptures that call for violence against infidels that often what leads to the violence and terrorism carried out against infidels by Muslims.

Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group, according to studies
Christians and other Non-Muslim minorities throughout the Muslim world are being persecuted for being non-Muslims.
The Christian community in Iraq and Syria was completely annihilated by radical Muslims, anyone who could not escape and refused to convert to Islam was executed.
The Western world ignores the cruel persecution of Christians in the Muslim world.
Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West?
Please pray for the Christian minorities in the Muslim world.

Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term “Islamophobia” to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a “racist”.
They ignore the fact that Islam is an ideology that has nothing to do with race.
There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.
It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam.
The Parliament in Canada passed “Motion M-103” to condemn the so-called “Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)” in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada.
According to the sharia blasphemy law anyone who criticizes Islam or the Prophet Muhammad should be killed.
Under Sharia blasphemy law in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslims are executed if they are accused of blasphemy.
In Pakistan, the situation is even worse, radical Muslims use the blasphemy law to persecute the Christian minority.
Is this the law the liberals in the West want to adopt?
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!



Canada should abandon international law and deport ISIS terrorists back to the Middle East.

Posted by ‎Support Israel – תמיכה בישראל‎ on Friday, May 4, 2018




US Officials: Israel Preparing For War With Iran, Seeking US Support




Not that there was much doubt who was behind it, but two days after “enemy” warplanes attacked a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday, killing at least 11 Iranians and dozens of others, and nobody had yet “claimed responsibility” the attack, US officials told NBC that it was indeed Israeli F-15 fighter jets that struck the base, NBC News reported.


Ominously, the officials said Israel appears to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. help and support.

“On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now,” said one senior U.S. official.

Fire and explosions are seen in the countryside south of Hama city, Syria, April 29, 2018

The US officials told NBC that Israeli F-15s hit Hama after Iran delivered weapons to a base that houses Iran’s 47th Brigade, including surface-to-air missiles. In addition to killing two dozen troops, including officers, the strike wounded three dozen others. The report adds that the U.S. officials believe the shipments were intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel.


Meanwhile, as we reported yesterday, the Syrian army said early on Monday that “enemy” rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that Israel on Tuesday morning had four problems, one more than the day before: “Iran, Iran, Iran and hypocrisy.” The comment came one day after Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu “revealed” a cache of documents the Mossad stole from Iran detailing the country’s nuclear program, which however critics said were i) old and ii) not indicative of Iran’s current plans.

“This is the same Iran that cracks down on freedom of expression and on minorities. The same Iran that tried to develop nuclear weapons and entered the [nuclear] deal for economic benefits,” Lieberman said.

“The same Iran is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel cannot ignore Iran’s threats, Iran, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Israel,” he said. “They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Khatami threatened Israel on Tuesday, saying it should stop its “dangerous behavior” and vowing that the “Iranian response will be surprising and you will regret it.” Khatami’s remarks came Following Netanyahu’s speech which Khatami described as Israeli “provocative actions,” and two days after the strikes in Syria.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a potential hint at the upcoming conflict, Haaretz writes that two and a half weeks after the bombing in which seven members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed at the T4 base in Syria, Israel is bracing for an Iranian retaliation for the Syrian strikes (and if one isn’t forthcoming, well that’s what false flags are for).

As Haaretz writes, the Iranians’ response, despite their frequent threats of revenge, is being postponed, screwing up Iran’s war planning. It’s also possible that as time passes, Tehran is becoming more aware of the possible complex consequences of any action. Still, the working assumption of Israeli defense officials remains that such a response is highly probable.

The Iranians appear to have many options. Revenge could come on the Syrian border, from the Lebanese border via Hezbollah, directly from Iran by the launch of long-range missiles, or against an Israeli target abroad. In past decades Iran and Hezbollah took part, separately and together, in two attacks in Argentina, a suicide attack in Bulgaria and attempts to strike at Israeli diplomats and tourists in countries including India, Thailand and Azerbaijan.

In any case, Lebanon seems all but out of bounds until the country’s May 6 parliamentary elections, and amid Hezbollah’s fear of being portrayed as an Iranian puppet. The firing of missiles from Iran would exacerbate the claims about Tehran’s missile project a moment before a possible U.S. decision on May 12 to abandon the nuclear agreement. Also, a strike at a target far from the Middle East would require long preparation.

* * *

For now, an Israeli war with Iran in Syria is far from inevitable: the clash of intentions is clear: Iran is establishing itself militarily in Syria and Israel has declared that it will prevent that by force. The question, of course, is whether this unstable equilibrium will devolve into a lethal escalation, or if it will somehow be resolved through peaceful negotiation. Unfortunately, in the context of recent events, and the upcoming breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal, the former is looking like the most likely outcome.


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URGENT: Pence Just Announced Trump’s New Foreign Strategy That Puts Obama to Shame


Iraqi President Saddam Hussein criticized Arab leaders who contributed to the U.S.-led multinational force that ejected his troops from Kuwait in the 1991 Gulf War during an address marking the 76th anniversary of the Iraqi forces, January 6. **POOR QUALITY DOCUMENT** – RTXHRA8

There is no red blooded, God fearing American alive who can actually think that Obama has done a good job as a leader on the international level. Hell, even most Democrats will admit he royally f#@ked that one up.

However, Donald Trump is ready to sweep into office and deal with all the terrible crap Obama has let pile up over the last 8 years, plus hopefully work to undo some of the damage he has already done.

This may seem impossible, but Mike Pence has just let slip what Trump Foreign Policy really means.

“In a Trump-Pence administration, we will not negotiate with those who threaten our people.”

Pence revealed the long-awaited strategy at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia today.

“America needs to be strong for the world to be safe. Donald Trump will lead from strength on the world stage.”

But where will Trump find his inspiration for taking on such a daunting task as fixing the US on an international level in just 4 years?

“We ought to look at what the judgment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has wrought, particularly on the world stage. For all the world, it looks like the world is spinning apart.”

Makes perfect sense. Just take a look at what doesn’t work (everything Obama and Hillary do) and work outwards from there. (H/T – Conservative Tribune)

This is the kind of leadership and businessman thinking that is gonna make Donald Trump the best president the US has ever seen.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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“If they bomb EVEN one city in Russia, I swear, in half an hour every Muslim will die” Vladimir Putin…………….



“I swear if they bomb Russia, in half an hour every Muslim will die” Vladimir Putin

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

Putin is set to mobilize 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military in September.

Yesterday, following the Paris attacks, Putin hinted he was ready to join forces with the West to tackle Islamic State.

He told David Cameron: “The recent tragic events in France show that we should join efforts in preventing terror.”


Website Article Comments Below:

Leslie Staines ·


Hillary is to weak to be any force in the world, Trump on the otherhand will be a force of power. Trump needs to be in the White House Hillary needs to stay in the kitchen and Obama needs to be in his grave.

Like · Reply · 7 · 3 hrs

Amby Stanyer-Hunter ·

Owner-Operator at Pole O Rama

Wow… I thought sexist nonsense talkers like you had all died out!

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Scott Shuey

Amby Stanyer-Hunter please explain how what Leslie said is sexist. I read absolutely no reference to any candidates sex. Did your feelings get hurt when Leslie said something you disagreed with and you decided to falsely accuse her of being sexist?

Like · Reply · 3 · 1 hr

Kendall Wilkerson ·

Works at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Amby Stanyer-Hunter Coming from an owner/operator at Pole o Rama LOL!

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Jim Blose ·

Works at Self-Employed

Putin and Trump together can solve the problem.

Like · Reply · 36 · Sep 19, 2016 12:36pm

Wayne Hosh

Nobody can “solve” this problem – especially now that so many terrorists have been let into countries around the world….
But yes, people like trump and Putin are a good start and can save many lives and freedoms that would die under the ineffectual Obama/Hillary government.

Like · Reply · 16 · Sep 19, 2016 5:37pm

David Bullock ·

Lawrence, Kansas

Wayne Hosh It’s really flawed thinking to believe you can greatly improve terrorism or eliminate it by bombing the shit out of it ! ! Trump may believe that, but if either of these idiots gets loose, we’ll have more terrorists than ever. The CIA and NSA have both agreed that our war in Iraq CREATED FAR MORE TERRORITST BY GIVING THOSE IN THE MIDDLE EAST EVEN MORE REASONS TO HATE US FOR INTERFERRING IN THEIR AFFAIRS AND RELIGION ! !

Like · Reply · 6 · Sep 19, 2016 6:19pm

Blake Wyndlow ·

Works at Retired

I do not think that Trump has the attention span of a earthworm! I get ill when I consider that Canada now relys on this asshole for protection!

Like · Reply · 1 · Sep 19, 2016 6:34pm

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Tim Cos ·

Physical Therapist at Self-Employed

It really sucks that I respect the leader of Russia more than our own leader.

Like · Reply · 8 · 4 hrs

William Brink ·



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Dieter Wichert ·


And remember trash day is November 8, 2016

Like · Reply · 7 · 7 hrs

Linda McCall ·

Farmersville High School, Farmersville, Ohio

Dieter Wichert Amen Voting in Ohio Trump

Like · Reply · 4 · 6 hrs

Martin Hutt ·

Ngaruawahia High School

He is the “MAN”,no pussy footing around.

Like · Reply · 15 · Sep 19, 2016 9:22am

Ricky Hensley

Reality check .. He sounds like Trump .. Here is why that’s a bad thing .. There are 30 million peaceful Muslims living in Russia with only a few thousand that are Radicals .. One or more of the Radicals will set a bomb off .. Here’s why .. They want the millions of peaceful Muslims to join the fight .. Will Putin kill 30 million Peaceful Men Women and Children over the acts of a few ? Hitler killed 6 million peaceful Jews .. There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world with less than a million of them Radicals .. If he kills 30 Million peaceful Muslims in his own country How many Peaceful Muslims will turn into Radicals by his actions ? Putin should take President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy advice: “speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

Like · Reply · 14 mins

Jessica Martin

Smartest man alive.. we need him to become America’s president.

Like · Reply · 6 · 16 hrs

Justin Thorsson ·

Mt evelyn tech

Do you promise putin??�

Like · Reply · 4 · 18 hrs

Rebecca Gee ·

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

TRUMP // PENCE 2016!

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Doug La Pierre ·

Works at Shamrock Foods

This will never end unless we are willing to do the unthinkable. Islam is NOT the religion of peace far from it. The Quran teaches that “Lying to infidels” in the name of Allah is acceptable. So don’t believe a word these mother fuckers have to say. For centuries now Islam has looked for a way to push forward their jahadi mission. They want us either to convert or die, that’s it! Well, I say fuck them, and if bombing the shit out of them doesn’t do it, nothing else will. There is no negotiating with these mofo’s, just got a drop them where they stand.

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 hrs

Stephen Puckett

Who is David Cameron?

Like · Reply · 1 · Sep 19, 2016 11:07am

David Talbott ·

Motor Coach Driver at Star Master Coaches

the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom up until July 2016, think hes a member of parlement again?

Like · Reply · 1 · Sep 19, 2016 3:17pm

Iain Pearson ·

Anarchist at Retired

David Talbott No, he has resigned as a backbencher, so when did David Cameron say this to Putin?

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Muslim Koran Teacher Takes Eight Year Old Girl And Orally Rapes Her, Then Urinates In Her Mouth And Forces Her To Drink It!!!!


Coming To The USA if Killery or the Dem’s get their way!  Deport All Muslims No Sharia Law Ever in The United States!!  Barbaric animals go back to the middle east and live in your Own messed up country!!!

  Angry smileAngry smile



Another reminder that all of the violence which Muslims commit against non-Muslims they also commit against their own people- it is just ignored and people pretend like it does not happen in order to preserve the image that Islamic society is something peaceful and wholesome when, like a rotten apple, it has the veneer of order and beauty when on the inside it is rotted and collapsing:

According to reports, Mohammad Aslam taught Arabic to the young girl at her home in Saraswati enclave, on the behest of her parents, so that she could recite the Quran.

Aslam, who also practices embroidery on clothes, seized the opportunity on Wednesday when the child’s mother went out on an errand, and allegedly indulged in oral sex with the girl. He also reportedly forced her to drink his urine.

On her return, her mother found the distraught child in a pool of tears, and narrated her ordeal. (source)

Never forget that what Muslims do to Christians they also do to their own.



VIDEO: Bachmann Calls Muslim Migration A ‘Planned Invasion’ To ‘Destroy Western Christendom’


“We saw this mass migration, this people movement, which is a historic people movement of Muslims from Islamic nations tending to be the most radicalized nations — from those nations into nations that are known as Western Christendom.”

Representative [former], Michell Bachmann (R-MN)

Yes, we did, and yes we are. What do you think this means? Do you really believe that as the countries of the Middle East empty out, and their degenerates are vomited out upon the Western World, that they are simply “refugees?”

That they are trying to escape tyrannical madness? If you do, you are a moron. They bring their anti-human ways with them—gang raping all genders and ages, killing people, committing terrorist acts, screaming for Shariah Law, and are getting their way.

This is, as Bachmann calls it, a “planned invasion.” This is a well-thought out effort, the purpose of which is “destroying Western Christendom,” she said while speaking to Jan Markell of Understanding the Times radio show (2-6).

Funny thing, “…you don’t see this mass migration into Russia, or into China, or into Indonesia,” states Bachmann. She’s right. It’s because those nation will stomp their derrieres for even trying to pull the vile things they pull in Western countries

“This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States.”

“I believe for the specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom, because that has been the strength of the world, economically, but also the strength of the world in terms of leadership, the nations that are known as Western Christendom.”