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PT. Buses and Sound Transit Schedule Mapping

Fixed the problems or most of them with some help of the computer and the schedules maps used by the


















As shown on the map, the new PT. #1 bus main stop is at South 14th & Pacific Ave.  The ST. #590-594 also uses this same stop to drop off passengers.  The ST. buses usually arrive earlier then the times shown in the schedule book.  Usually 5-7 min. ahead of the posted schedule time in the book.

Note this the weekday Map.  We are still in the process of fixing the timing error in the schedules for the connections on Sat/Sun.   This above is for regular weekday service and will not necessarily help on weekends as the timing is much different and do remember on Sundays, there is an extended wait over here,  sometimes up to about 45 min..


The above is for transfers for those using PT, Buses to connect with ST. buses going to Seattle.

One thought on “PT. Buses and Sound Transit Schedule Mapping

  1. gems3125 says:

    The Above information is linked to the one bus This covers the complete Puget Sound Area! North and South. Notice the unique Stop numbers. Write these down. This site also has cell phone apps for I-phones and Android type cell phones. You’ll need those number to look up the exact “real Time” your bus is expected to arrive at that bus stop as indicated in the pictures above. When using website. Be at the stop when requesting timing info. because buses do arrive early and you’ll miss your connections otherwise. 🙂

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