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Notre Dame is on Fire and God is Just Getting Started with France



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Notre Dame is on fire.

It is Monday of Holy Week and we are told that the act was an accident – construction gone wary. Don’t believe it.

France was the Eldest Daughter of the Catholic Church. For 1200 years France was the home of devout Gauls and the the producer of the greatest thinkers, saints, artists and priests in Church history.

It was the jewel of Christ on Earth.

Satan hated this state of affairs and contrived the demonic French Revolution where militant urban criminals murdered the King and Queen and massacred the faithful French priests and laity in the countryside. That began the non-stop descent into being the most secular country in the world, where the Church is clinically dead, and where native French anarchists and feminists break into Churches and steal consecrated Hosts to smear them with Feces in the shape of a cross.

Notre Dame is the most beautiful Cathedral in the world outside of Rome. Heaven has decided, and I type this as the 900 year old Church burns, that the French are not worthy to have it in their midst. It is only fitting since they long ago decided that they don’t want God to be in their midst.

I wrote this on March 14, 2019:

“I would like to direct your attention to Matthew 11:21-24. This is how it reads:

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Jesus is not only making a commentary on the *contemporary* towns that he mentions but a *warning* for future regions/countries that reject Him. That’s how scholars have always read this passage. Read it again and shudder and think about who I am referring to.

England, Germany, France. You were given the Gospel, it built your societies to unbelievable wealth and power, and then you rejected it. Woe to you. You have a terrifying future ahead of you.”



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