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PayPal, Apple, Amazon, and Google Gay: Are we obligated to boycott them all?

But, wait there’s more! Apple is positively blowing up my phone with this stuff today:


They really have arrived; gays, that is. Homosexuality has been accepted across the board, and instead of being content with that, they’re still protesting like it’s 1969, still segregating themselves (even when they vacation), getting their own day at Disneyworld, still throwing giant parades for themselves and demanding their own apps, their own bars—even their own designated days to use public lakes and rivers as they’re doing here in Minnesota this weekend, with the full cooperation of the DNR.

If the whole agenda was simply to integrate into normal society, they’re failing at it. “Treat me normally, dammit! Now get off the public property, it’s MY DAY to kayak!”

If they want to be normal members of society, why do they act like the most elitist club in history?

The Remnant is considering alternatives to the increasingly Christophobic giant PayPal, since this month the company changed its social media avatar to a rainbow. It’s clear where this brand’s loyalties lie. However, a larger discussion needs to happen among serious Christians, because PayPal is certainly not alone.


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So the bigger question is, how far do you go with this? You can quit PayPal, but by that logic you should probably quit all Apple products, also Microsoft, also most email providers and grocery stores. Yes and most food in the grocery stores, too, because the majority of those brands support things which we, as good Christians, can’t support.

Is that Starbucks you’re drinking? How could you!

Is that an iPhone you’re using to follow along on the 1962 Ordo app at the TLM on Sundays? Shocking!

I hope that’s not a Ford you’re driving. And you call yourself a Christian? Really? You’re buying Catholic books from one of the most powerful promoters of gay marriage in the world today?

And when you fired off that angry email to your favorite Catholic blogger because he still uses PayPal, I wonder if you noticed that your own email account is hosted by Gmail? That’s right, Google…as pro-LGBT as it gets.

Not everyone can live off-grid and shop local farmers’ markets (half the hippies there are majoring in women’s studies, anyway). So, I’m not actually sure what to do, but the time may have come for Catholics to “come out from among them,” as St. Paul said, or at least to start the conversation. But what does “coming out from among them” mean in the here and now, especially in our age of technology?  What’s it look like? How do we do it?  And more importantly, are we obligated before God to do it in the first place?

Somehow, we need to distinguish ourselves from the masses with their: #WeAreThe99%, #MeToo, #Triggered, #Pride…but how?

We all say we need to stand out but how many of us are willing to stand alone, with no cell phone, no Internet access, no retail stores to shop in, no online sprees, not even a coffee from the local coffee shop barista?

More realistically, what should this look like? This was the theme of my talk in London at the Family Life International Conference last month. Maybe listening to it will help get this conversation started. We’ve also provided the complete transcript below, for those who would prefer to read it.

I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I certainly have a lot of questions.  And I don’t believe that simply boycotting PayPal and shopping at Walmart (instead of Target) settles the matter.




Michael Matt, London
May 13, 2018

Good afternoon. Thank you very much.

There must be a method in the madness: they’re sticking the Yank up to speak after lunch, so that you all stay awake while I butcher your beautiful language. As Professor Higgins said, “Americans haven’t used the Queen’s English in years.” Well, now it’s gotten so bad that Americans – especially young people – don’t use their lips at all. They use their thumbs to talk, with occasional grunting in between. So I’ll do my best to do honor to your language.

Reverend father, sisters, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters in Christ. Not only thrilled but honored to be here for this most important conference. This mission statement got me – I’m sure you’ve all read it, but I hadn’t read it before I prepared for this talk. I want to read it again. The mission statement for this conference:

“Family Life international is a global partnership of Catholics working to promote and defend the sanctity of Life and the Family. FLI is working on every continent to build strong families and to protect the unborn child, the elderly, and disabled. It is certain that where children are welcomed into the world in intact families, a Culture of Life is born.”

That is a beautiful, powerful mission statement, and I think that we’re going to talk a lot about that today. At least, I am going to try to do so. I am the father of seven children, so the issues of family really really impact me. And I think we spend a lot of time saying, “The pope should do this and that, the cardinals should do this and that, the priests should do this and that.” Well I’m not good at telling popes and cardinals what they should be doing, but I think I can do a good job having a conversation with you – mostly fellow lay Catholics, fathers and mothers, grandparents – about what we can do. And I think we can do a lot more in this fight for Catholic restoration – Catholic counterrevolution, if you will.

This mission statement put me immediately in mind of a little-known but powerful address given by the great Pope Pius XII to the directors of the Associates for Large Families of Rome and Italy, on January 20th, 1958, the last year of his pontificate. So literally, the great Pius XII, in his last weeks and months on this earth, was concerned very very much with the same concern that the organizers of this conference have: for family, and for the preservation and defense of the family, specifically, in this case, in defense of large families. Pius XII then at that time – 1958 – said the following:

“Wherever you find large families in great numbers, they point to the physical and moral health of a Christian people; a living faith in God and trust in His providence; the fruitful and joyful holiness of Catholic marriage. A large, well-ordered family is a kind of visible shrine. With good reason, it has often been pointed out that large families have been in the forefront, as the cradles of saints. We might cite, among others, the family of St. Louis, King of France, made up of ten children, or the family of St. Catherine of Siena who came from a family of twenty-five children, St. Robert Bellarmine who came from a family of twelve, and St. Pius X from a family of ten children.”

So this is Pius XII, in a climate and in an era where God was an author of life, and families were encouraged to have as many children as God sent.

You can consider the words of Pius XII also in the inverse, to get a better idea of where we’ve come to today, since we began to walk away and ignore the papal counsel and advice of Pius XII, all those years ago. Because of this, it can also be considered: wherever large Catholic families are not found, there will be physical and moral problems; wherever large Catholic families are not found, there will be less trust in Divine Providence, less happiness and holiness of marriage. And this, of course, is happening all around us today. A world that is less open to life, as ours is, is now witnessing the destruction of the family, and the resulting chaos in society at large is everywhere evident for all of us to see. They’re redefining the family.

The devil hates the family, which is based on the Holy Family, which is based on the Trinity; he hates it to a degree that they are in all-out war now, with not only the Christian family but the very basic idea of family. They are at war with it because they know, as all of us know, as the family goes, so goes society. A thing cannot long survive if its nucleus is destroyed, and the enemies of Jesus Christ are attempting to destroy our Christian civilization by destroying the nucleus: the Christian family. And this comes – make no mistake about it – from the bowels of Hell. This is truly a demonic affront to almighty God and to the Catholic order.

So that you don’t think that’s just me, ranting and raving and being paranoid: speaking on May 19th, 2017 – very recently – at the 4th Annual Life Forum, shortly before he died, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra – who was a highly respected prince of the Church. He was the founding president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, (so he knew a lot about the family); he was a member of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican; he was a member of the presidential committee of the Pontifical Council for Family, and he was a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

This was not some bomb-throwing nut-job who had some paranoid fantasies; this was a man who knew what he was talking about. And we’ve got sworn testimony to the veracity of the quote that I’m going to read to you now, and I’m sure many of you know exactly which quote that is from Cardinal Caffarra. Because on that occasion, he described how Satan is attempting to destroy the two pillars of creation in our world today, so as to fashion his own – and these are, again, Cardinal Caffarra’s words – Satan is trying to fashion his own anti-creation. And Cardinal Caffarra went on, on that day, to recall that he had received a personal hand-written letter in which the last-surviving seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia said the following:

“A time will come when the decisive battle between the Kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over marriage and the family, and those who will work for the good of the family will experience persecution and tribulation.”

This from a woman who saw the face of the Mother of God, and toward the end of her life was also warning that it’s the family that will be under attack, toward the end. And we can take from these words of Cardinal Caffarra, these words of Sister Lucia, that Our Lady herself, then, would be happy to see everyone here today in this room – the remnant, those few who are left who realize we must do something, if nothing else than simply keep the Faith and sustain and protect the family, because the family has never been under a greater attack than it is in our day, and I don’t need to tell you that. You are as aware of it on this side of the Pond as we are in America.

Gay marriage, for example, let’s be honest: there is no precedent for this – I’m sure there are some able historians in this room, if I am wrong, please correct me afterwards – as far as I can tell, and we’ve studied this, although homosexuality goes back to the beginning of time, no civilization has ever elevated it to the state of marriage. We hold the honors for that, we are the first to do that. So we can say with honesty and with accuracy that it is unprecedented to see this sort of attack on the family, in the times in which we live.

And of course, divorce is rampant, cohabitation now is normal. marriage is becoming rare before a young couple live together. The gender ideology – we won’t go into that, there are children here today – but they are not only attacking marriage, they are attacking the components of marriage: one man, one woman. They are attacking the very idea that a person is a man for life, that God made him a man, that God made a woman a woman and so-forth. That’s how degraded, that’s how vicious this attack is on sexuality and on the family, on marriage.

The glue that’s holding civilization together is being removed at every stage, through these methods, and the results are everywhere to be seen.

In America, you’ve been hearing about violence, school shootings, everyone wants to talk about guns all the time, no one wants to talk about the fundamental reasons these things are happening, and it’s because of the breakup of the family, first and foremost, in my opinion. They’re shooting up the schools, these kids, to the man, who are bringing their guns to school, are from broken homes; they’re fatherless sons, they’re motherless daughters, they come from families where there are two dads and where there are two moms. No one is looking at this evidence, no one cares.

They’re taking babies and giving them to two men – where are the feminists, where are the feminists to say: is not a mother important to the upbringing and raising of a child? What are we doing – we are experimenting with babies (the ones who might happen to make it past the abortionists). We are experimenting on them; “let’s see what happens.” And even when they grow up, and they develop problems that are unbelievable and unprecedented, we still won’t look at the social, moral, spiritual mess we’ve made of the family, as the cause of these problems.

Our children are losing their innocence before they even reach the age of reason, and this cannot go on much longer, because a good God will not allow it to go on much longer. So we need to hang on; but I don’t think we’re talking about hanging on for a hundred years; I think something dramatic is going to happen soon, and we need to make sure that we hang on no matter what, and that’s what we’ll talk about today. Because our survival as a people, as a religion, as a society, as a civilization, depends on the survival of the family. And yet, the society now is at all-out war against the family.

Our adversary is engaged in an effort right now to wipe out the last vestiges of the Christian Catholic moral order worldwide, by destroying the family. They’re trying to destroy us, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we want to be putting our heads in the sand or not. They want this conference and conferences like this to end, they want people like us to shut up, to have no voice. That’s the end game, and they’re coming close; and much of the reason that they’re coming close is because we are afraid. We are afraid to speak up.

And so I want today to talk about the people in our past – our glorious Catholic past – who were not afraid and who changed history by doing two things: keeping the faith and speaking up. Not being afraid to speak in defense of Christ.

Defending Christian marriage, for example, today on social media. You’ve all heard the stories – I’m sure you have more stories over here than I have in the States. But I have a friend, a personal friend, who taught in a public school – I say taught because he was fired a few months ago. What was his crime? His crime was to, on his personal facebook page, restate his support of the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage. And for that, he was fired. Nothing to do with school. He wasn’t using school computers when he made these comments; he was at home, just having a conversation like any one of us might. He was reported by his own students, who saw that he had done this on facebook, and he lost his job. Again, I am sure that you can give me a dozen stories over here of things happening that are very similar. People are, because of that, becoming afraid to speak out. And that’s understandable.

So when we talk about persecution, I think sometimes we talk about the catacombs and the early Christians, and we think it’s such a great, wonderful, beautiful story, and it is. But maybe we can think a little bit about the days, weeks, and months that led up to the dramatic story of Barbara, or Agnes, or Tarcisius, or pick your favorite martyr. The days, and the weeks, and the months that led to that; the ostracization that went on; the incrementalism that went on as they moved from normal life into something else, and eventually lost their lives because of that decision. I think that’s where we are right now – we’re not facing the lions right now, but we’re facing these decisions every day:

Do I write this? Do I tweet this? Do I respond to that text from a friend about life, or about marriage, or about homosexuality? Are they looking at my email, are they watching us?

Well you’d have to be crazy to say that they’re not. Facebook has come out and admitted that they are; they are monitoring us. Youtube, you can see it. Websites such as LifeSiteNews: look at their facebook numbers going down, down, down, down. The Remnant’s facebook numbers going down. What is that? Because the algorithms are being manipulated. This isn’t a conspiracy theory anymore – this is provable fact.

They are moving against the Christian voice online, and you all know this. And Christians are afraid.

An interesting comment surfaced, when I when I announced that I was gonna come and join you today. Maybe whoever wrote this is in this room, I don’t know. But it’s an interesting comment, left on our on our website – This person writes: “Michael Matt is exactly the type of anachronism that the Brit conservatives despise with about as much disgust as do the laborites. I won’t be surprised if this talk leads to him being placed on the banned list or the no-fly list.” Now, perhaps he exaggerates; here I am, so it could be an exaggeration. But the thing is maybe he doesn’t exaggerate because yesterday when my son and I were in the airport and we put our little passports down to get our boarding passes, up pops this rather scary little warning that says, “Based on your passport, we do not believe you have the right to travel and stay in the UK. Please click here and supply more information about your trip.”

Now I’ve been flying around for a long time, for a lot of years. I’ve never seen anything like this. Was it just random or was it not connected –I don’t know. But it was a very strange message to pop up, that I don’t have the right to go to the UK.

So things are happening, whether or not they are as ominous and as frightening as they sound – and it kind of unsettled me a little bit when I saw it. The thing is, it’s having its effect already in a sort of an Orwellian sense. We’re all aware of this now; we’re all wondering how far we can go, how much we can travel, how much we can say. And that already is a form of persecution.

And the question is, without being too dramatic, are we ready to fight? Are we what ready to make a stand? Are we ready to be different – really different? To be ostracized? To say things no one else is saying? I face this everyday as a newspaper guy, and one of the few, because I’m not as big as the larger ones. The larger ones have stopped saying anything that matters! They talk about pocketbook issues, and they talk about feeding poor people, and nice things like that. But they don’t say anything that even hints of Catholic counter-revolution anymore, or defending marriage and all of that. That’s all fading away; and there are only a few voices left who are willing to say it.

So I think we need to think about this right now. What is our plan? What’s our strategy? It doesn’t make sense to wait until things get worse. Things are going to get worse. It doesn’t make any sense to pretend that they’re not going to get worse. And I think a meeting like this is ideal for talking strategy; because if we get to the point where we’re asked to sacrifice a lot more – we’re asked to lose prestige, or status, or even our lives at some point.

Over on that side of the Pond, if we think the Traditional Catholics in England, the conservative Catholics in London are going to make a stand, well maybe we’ll be stronger and we can make a half good show of it. And vice versa. We need to have this conversation. Are we going to back each other up? Are we going to stand with Christ no matter what happens? Or are we going to scatter? And I think that’s why it’s so important to tell some of the great stories of Catholics who stuck together, so we have some sort of a model to follow, especially for our children. Because at this point, it’s up to us; and I really believe – listening to Father Clovis this morning – it’s not just the State anymore. The situation in the Church is without precedent, and it’s terrifying.

So it is up to us and I think waiting for the State to come and save us, waiting for the Church in her human element to come and save us is a little bit “pie in the sky” at this point. We need to take control of the situation ourselves. We’re not going to necessarily have recourse to our bishops anymore. We won’t have recourse to the Vatican, as Father Clovis said this morning. When pro-aborts and sustainable developments and population controllers are being invited in and out of the Vatican now, the chances of us being able to make our appeal to Mother Rome are a little bit shaky at this point. So we need to realize it is up to us to keep the Faith.

It’s up to us to make sure the Faith survives through us. And don’t think we’re so special – this has happened time and time again in the history of our Religion, of our beloved Church, where small groups of Catholics have been called upon to keep the Faith. You can tell me more than I know about the Western uprising in your own country, but you know what I mean by these groups of Catholics who stood strong and through whom the Faith was sustained.

So we’re new Christians – current Christians – living in those old catacombs and again, in a sense, preparing to go down into them. And again, there’s precedent for this. St. Paul in Corinthians – I’ll read the quote even though I know you’re familiar with it – in Corinthians, he gives us a model that isn’t fun to think about; but he tells us what we have to do in times like these, when he says:

“Bear not the yoke with unbelievers, for what participation hath justice with injustice; or what fellowship hath light with darkness; and what concord hath Christ with Belial; or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever; and what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the Temple of the Living God, as God saith, ‘I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God and they shall be My people.’ Wherefore [and this is the relevant part: italicized underlined bold] Wherefore go out from among them and be separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you, and I will be a father to you and you shall be my sons and daughters, say the Lord Almighty.”

Now those are just words from a Scripture quote – or they have been until now. I think for many of us, seeing the way that the world is going, those words mean a lot more to us now – or they should. And no one wants to face the ramifications of those words. When do we take that leap of faith? When do we go down into the catacombs? We’d rather stay on top. Thomas More famously said, pointing to himself, “This is not the stuff of which martyrs are made.”

I pray everyone in this room has the same attitude, because I worry about the man who tells me, “Yeah, martyrdom! Piece of cake! I got this! Of course! It’s a no-brainer! I’m gonna be martyred!” I think he’s going to make the worst martyr. He is the one that will be hightailing it for the tall grass when the going gets tough.

The ones that we are looking for, the Thomas Mores? – not me, I don’t think I can do it. That’s a good healthy Catholic attitude. And we know what he does in the end: he loses his head for the faith. Of course it was the stuff of martyrs. But maybe because he put himself down and feared that he would fail, maybe in that is how he strengthened himself to do what he did. And we’re still telling his story today

So coming out from among them is an interesting thing that we have to talk about, because if we’re just going to blame the State, or the bishops, or the popes, or everyone else, I think we’re going to fail. This starts with us now. We have to be big people, we have to be adult Catholics. So long as we believe that we must – again in the inverse of what St. Paul says – as people living in the modern world, participate in the injustice, that we must have fellowship with the darkness or concord with Belial, we will lose, because to come out from among them is fanatical, and nutty, and Amish, and we could never do that. I think we have to reexamine that idea that it’s fanatical and nutty to come out from a world that hates Christ, hates our institutions, hates the family. We may have to take a different look at that.

As a kid, I used to feel sort of sorry for Lot’s wife – I mean, they’re moving away from Sodom, she’s all packed up with her goodies and ready to go, and then she just takes a little quick look back and <bam>, she gets turned into a pillar of salt. I thought boy, that’s pretty harsh; until you read what the experts say. What that look back to Sodom was all about was an inclination – was an attraction – to what was going on in Sodom and Gomorrah. It was a temptation that she fell for and that’s why she was turned into a pillar of salt.

And we have to make sure that we’re not in such close association now, that we’re not beginning to go soft on these things like marriage and so forth, and homosexuality. And we want to reach out, and charity and love, and always be a candle in the darkness for people; but at the same time, we can’t go soft. We can’t use that as an excuse to stop speaking up.

Yes, “the world is really bad; it’s terrible; the culture seems to be possessed by demons,” we say. “But our kids: they still need the smartphones, right?” They still need to have the single largest red-light porn district in the history of the world in their pockets? Really? We believe, as counterrevolutionaries, that it’s necessary for a little twelve-year-old Johnny and ten-year-old Susie to walk around with that thing in their pockets and say, “Johnny, be careful now. Don’t look at the bad pictures”? We’re not serious if we believe that and if we behave that way! Remember the old teachings and the old catechisms: it was a sin to put yourself in the occasion of sin.

And how we’re asking our little sons especially to not pay attention to the little monster in their pockets, for example. We couldn’t possibly have our kids not look up-and-with-it by not letting them have the smartphone and the latest gadget, or the latest video game, or their music, or their movies.

I was listening to these three ladies today, and it was a wonderful wonderful testimony: we can help them out, as parents, if we start backing up a little bit. There wouldn’t be abortion like it is now, there wouldn’t be promiscuity like it is right now, if it had not been for the cultural revolution that preceded the legalization of abortion. The music, remember? Some of you are old enough to remember what was going on back in the 60s – the revolution that was spearheaded by the rock and roll industry. People my parents’ age were outraged and fought it so hard.

I remember one time I was going to the right-to-life March out in the east in the States – I was at a very conservative college that I still support to this day; a great college. We were going out, a bunch of us guys, doing the good thing, going out to fight abortion, make a stand for life at the National Right to Life March. And this guy – he was just a kid, a nice guy, who just didn’t think of it, like many people don’t – is driving the car and he’s got his music going. We’re all listening to this song as we’re going down the freeway to save the babies: The Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”

And this irony just struck me: these are the good people, these are the good guys, going to the good Catholic college, and they don’t see. How many abortions do you suppose old Mick Jagger, Keith Richards were responsible for with the garbage that they were cranking out for so long? I don’t think this is a church-lady concern. It sounds that way, but I think it’s a very real concern.

So if we think that we have to give our young kids the music and the movies that are predominant in culture today, I think we’re missing the point. If we really want to get truly pro-life, we fight the cultural forces that are as pro-death as they can possibly be.

And again, parents, the same response: you can’t say no to everything, you’ve got to live in the world, yes we do. But not of the world. And we have to look at where we are right now. It’s a very serious moment in history. I’m sure most of you have heard of the great mystic Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, who was approved. She has a very interesting thing – on June 1st, 1821 – a little longer quote, but I want to read it, because I think it’s relevant to what we’re trying to talk about. 1821, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich writes the following, and I think she’s talking about our day. What she saw in the future:

“The Church that I see is completely isolated, and as if completely deserted, it seems that everyone is running away. Everywhere I see great misery, hatred, treason, rancor, confusion, and utter blindness. Oh city, city, what is threatening thee? The storm is coming, do be watchful! Then I saw that everything pertaining to Protestantism was gradually gaining the upper-hand, and the Catholic religion fell into complete decadence. Most priests were lured by the glittering but false knowledge of young schoolteachers, and they all contributed to the work of destruction. In those days, faith will fall very low, and it will be preserved in some places only in a few cottages and in a few families which God has protected.”

Now that’s pretty frightening, on the one hand. It’s also pretty challenging, because what if when Anne Catherine Emmerich looked into the future, she saw parents in this room, on both sides of the Atlantic, who would keep the faith? What if she saw that that’s how it would be preserved? What if we can earn the right to stand with those families that mystics of the past were saying saved the situation, saved the faith, in this terrible time?

Friends, the key to Catholic restoration is to transform our homes into those little churches, once again – sanctuaries, places of refuge, catacombs. Not to hide out – I am the last person to say we need to go underground and to hide. We need to fight. We need to be the lights. But if we don’t go down as early Christians did and learn how to be the lights, learn how to strengthen the faith, give the faith to our children, those lights will be extinguished very quickly, and the roaring storm topside above the catacombs.

So we need the catacombs. The catacombs are now. We need to go down and prepare for the fight of our lives, in defense of Jesus Christ and in defense of the traditions of His Church. Now those catacombs, as you all know, were primarily used for the burial of the dead; they weren’t nice places. I should know – I live in one. There’s dead bodies, and there’s bodies decomposing, and skulls, and all of that in the catacombs. But these were the hidden places of worship for persecuted Christians, and by the fourth century, great numbers of the faithful attended religious services in the catacombs on the feast days of the martyrs.

But the question I have for you, again, as we said before, what was it like, before? Why was it like for those people? They were people just like us – Christians. They realized everything was falling apart in their world, and at some point, on some day in their lives, they said “it’s time for me to join that group down underground.”

And what a fateful moment that had to be for each and every one of them. They all had a story about what it was like to go down and hide down there, sneaking through the streets most likely, to get there; where all the “cool people” are partying, by the way, and life is great, and you look like a kook and a nut and a paranoid church lady for trying to find a catacomb. And yet that’s what they did. And we’re still telling those stories. We’re still telling about how thy did it as they went down, hiding, going underground to be with hunted criminals and to pray and worship in secret.

What am I getting at? They knew they were pulling themselves away. They knew they weren’t going to have the same friends, and the same neighbors, and probably their family members would even pull away from them. Because they knew they were doing something akin to building an ark on a sunny day. They were worried about something.

Many of them weren’t even Christians yet when they went to be with the se Christians to learn the faith – so they were ostracizing themselves. The persecution had already begun for them, just as it’s happening for those of us today who are willing to do the same – willing to give up friends, family, position; social status, maybe; that great job, perhaps, where we’re going to lose our faith if we stay on. Willing to do that. And again, I think it only stands to reason that we have to ask ourselves: are we willing to do that? Do we think we’re at the point where we’re willing to begin to be like them?

I think we know how this nightmare ends. Any student of Christianity should figure out that the rise of the martyrs, once again, is how we get out of this. People who believe enough to die for it. Again, this is not all gloom and doom. According to your great Hilaire Belloc, when persecution comes again, when they begin to martyr the Christians, this means the revolution has failed.

They’ve got nothing else; they couldn’t change our minds, they couldn’t brainwash us, so it’s time to round us up and feed us to the big cats again. And Belloc sees this as a hopeful sign: when they get to that point, we, in a sense, won. We kept the faith. But we have to be willing, of course, to be martyrs. Will there be martyrs in our day? Do we have what it takes? I think that we need to have the conversation so we can all strengthen ourselves. I’m not saying I’m ready to do it, but I think we desperately need to have this conversation about when we start making some of these decisions.

St. Thomas More, again, was an example of someone who wasn’t eager for martyrdom; I’m not eager for martyrdom. But if we are truly followers of Christ, it would be myopic to think that we never have to face this. Please God, may we live at a time where it won’t come to that, but think about the history of our Church: the founder of our Church, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was executed as a common criminal on a cross. He kind of set the precedent. He let us know what was coming. If we truly want to follow him, it’s all the way to the cross.

The first 33 vicars of Christ – the first 33 popes – were martyred. Think of the stories that we all grew up with as kids, about the little children of Rome and in the other places that were under persecution, whose blood watered the faith. I think Our Lord was letting us know –this is how the faith grows, from the blood of martyrs. Not just at the beginning, but all the way through down through history. And from every rank, which I think is interesting.

Thomas More is one of my favorite saints, because even as a child, I could tell this was a great man, with great power, great prestige, plenty of money, favor with the king – he had it all. He had what the whole world today wants: power, notoriety, fame, money, everything. And he gave it all up. And that’s one of those things that makes you think, as a kid, that there is no way someone would have given this all up if he didn’t absolutely, 100% – this great intellect, arguably one of the greatest intellects of his day, the second most powerful man in his realm – he gave it all up and lost his head for a simple belief that Christ died on a cross and rose from the dead.

We can see in all these great saints down through time that they had much to lose, and they did it anyway – St. Perpetua, for example, we just did a story about her in the Remnant. She came from Roman nobility, she could have just continued to be a noble woman in Rome, but she gave it all up in order to follow this fisherman – this Nazarene who had been executed – to practice the true religion in the catacombs.

And she was literally outed and she was killed in the Colosseum, guiding the blade because the executioner was so fearful that this great Roman woman was about to die for Christ. She makes it easy on him, she guides the blade to her throat as he pushes, because she was ready to do everything that it took to let everyone around her know that this was real, and she believed, and she was going to Christ.

And you don’t even hear the name of Perpetua very much without hearing Felicity, another one – a Christian noblewoman, mother of seven sons. She raised her boys so devoutly that every one of her seven sons willingly endured martyrdom for their faith. Most of us, when we think of our little kids or grandkids…maybe I’ll make a martyr, but when they start sticking knives into my little daughters, that’s when the test really comes.

And they obviously were doing this to these early Christians: killing their own kids right in front of their mothers, in front of their fathers. But they believed with a faith that’s superhuman, practically; they believed so much that they allowed that to happen with joy in their hearts, like the mother of the Maccabees. And ever since the Old Testament, God has asked mothers to do this, if you think about it. He asked his own mother to do this. Martyrs established the Church in the very beginning, and martyrs defeated every subsequent attempt to destroy the Church, down through history. It was the martyrs who changed history.

So many great stories over this prayer book rebellion in Devon and Cornwall in 1549 over the Book of Common Prayer, over the English Reformation, I’m not even gonna tell you because obviously you could school me on all of this; but obviously it’s so interesting. The only thing I have to add to it is this wonderful story. I’m a huge fan of the Vendée, a student of the Vendée in France. I took a pilgrimage and went down there to Cornwall and Devon with a bunch of people to make a pilgrimage where all of your countrymen died. There’s nothing there. It’s like the greatest cover-up in this country, it seems. There’s hardly any plaques or monuments to the great heroism of your people who literally died for the old mass, for the Traditional Latin Mass.

Maybe there’s a reason for that, because that spirit – the spirit of the western uprising – can change history, even hundreds of years later, as the Vendée is changing France. That historical point which was covered up in France for a long time has come roaring back, over the past 20 years, and you can see in France a resurgence of Catholicism – traditional Catholicism – and much of it is based on the story of the martyrs of the Vendée. We will talk about that later.

Margaret Clitherow. (I hope I’m not boring you with people that you must know). I hope Margaret Clitherow is still revered today, because my goodness, she’s a wonderful example for our time. She’s a noble wife and mother, whose zeal led her to harbor fugitive priests – she knew exactly what we’re going through – for which she was arrested and imprisoned and finally crushed to death, seven months pregnant with her fourth child. Crushed to death. Open to life even in the midst of persecution. And this lady knew what it meant. It wasn’t an accident that she ended up in prison and pregnant – Children were gifts from God. She wasn’t interested in trying to figure that all out, to micromanage it. God’s the author of life, obviously. Even in persecution, she’s wide open to life.

Today, we have good Catholic married couples, even, who don’t want to get pregnant because they want a second car, or they want a nicer house, because we’re buying into this attitude.

Margaret converted when she was just 18 years old. She refused to attend the new heretical religion – the church services, obviously – something like people who don’t want to go to some of the crazy masses that we see today. She refused to attend that, and she was fined and then imprisoned a bunch of times. And reading her life, you can see that she could have been in this room: she’s just a mom, a beautiful young mother who was just on fire with love for Christ and for the Church.

Her third child, William, was born in prison. There was no stopping this woman. After she was released, she went back to the habit of hiding the priests, and organizing the secret masses, and so forth anyway, and so she was arrested again, because they found a priest hole in her home. She was taking care of the priests, the knights of Our Lady, the alter Christus, making sure that they could continue to bring the sacraments to her children, to her friends, and to her family. She got caught, she gets arrested, she’s thrown back in prison again.

Now, which I didn’t realize until researching for this talk: the reason she was crushed to death was because she refused to plea; and the reason that she refused to plea either guilty or innocent was that she knew that her children would be brought in to testify and would be tortured.

She simply didn’t plea at all – and so they made her undergo this crushing between two slaps of wood (or doors, or whatever it was), because they hoped that she would agree to plea somewhere through that ordeal. She didn’t. Fifteen minutes, she was slowly squeezed to death. And probably her greatest hardship was the fact that she knew that someone else was being squeezed to death: a little baby in her womb.

That was her dedication to the faith that we have that we have the honor to call our own. Margaret Clitherow was 30 years old – just a kid and getting back in the general ballpark of that kind of conviction, of that kind of faith, on the part of all of us, is how the faith will be restored.

We need to find that again. We need to tell our children about Margaret and some of these beautiful, powerful saints. Your country is blessed with so many of them. And down to the modern times we see it happening.

I’ll skip over because we’re short on time, but there’s so many stories of Catholics doing similar things in China, and the Soviet Union, in Nazi-occupied countries, in Mexico.

You know the martyrdom of Blessed Jose Luis Sanchez Del Rio; everybody knows about “Joselito”, the little Cristero who died at 15 years old. His mother literally surrendered him to God. She didn’t try to stop him from becoming a martyr. How faithful that family must have been to support this little boy, as they cut the soles of his feet off; as they beat him, as they tortured him, as they finally shot him – but not mortally. They shot him a few times, so he wouldn’t die right away; and as he’s lying on the ground, bleeding out, the last thing he does is carve a cross into the bloody dirt. His last words are “Viva Cristo Rey!”

He had no fear in his heart, because he was raised by a mother and by a family that allowed him, that taught him, that instructed him, that schooled him to expect to have to go all the way to the cross, if necessary for Christ and for the old faith.

This is how revolutions are defeated. This is the way of Catholic restoration. This is the way to restore the faith, the hope and love in families to the point where they will die for it. The revolution is powerless in front of families like this. The revolution cannot touch families like this, because they are animated by the faith, and they have faith in each other.

They will help each other to die, like the famous story of that mother in Rwanda, only 25 years ago, and as her little girls are being tortured and killed – they had the mother there, forcing her to witness this, because they want her to break – she says she has something to say to them. So they allow her to go close, and she looks into the eyes of her bleeding, dying children, and she says, “Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you.” And she goes through the entire Act of Contrition to her little children, as they’re slaughtering these kids. She made no effort to try to save them; she wanted to make sure she saved their souls, that they went immediately to Jesus.

These stories must be retold to our children. We must share them. We must make them ours again. The heroes of our faith. Because how does the faith survive, through families like this? How? And why? It is because the little audience to mothers and fathers who will not shake, who will not defer, who will not surrender – the little audience, from when they’re little kids and when they’re playing, when they’re learning to read, when they’re learning to pray, and they’re looking at their mother and they’re looking at their father. This is the audience. The children.

The children, when they see mothers and fathers willing to sacrifice everything for Christ, will do the same. They will do the same if they see it in their mothers and in their fathers. The children who watched their parents risk their lives to hide priests in your country, to conceal sacramentals in places like Japan, where being caught with a little cross like <this> made out of grass could mean that you were going to be subjected to the most torturous and most brutal execution in history in Japan, for hundreds of years. Children were seeing parents make those crosses anyway, because it mattered more than anything else.

In the Vendée, in France, children saw their fathers going to war, they saw their mothers behind the lines operating makeshift soup kitchens and hospitals. It was a family affair, in the Vendée.

Some of it’s kind of amusing – when the Vendée soldiers, the grand Catholic army, began to lose part of the battle and the men began to retreat, their wives came pouring over the bridge with frying pans in their hands and began to beat their husbands, “Get back out there! What do you think you’re doing?” Literally, the wives pushed the husbands back onto the battlefield to fight. And they won.

These weren’t soldiers, they were people like us – families whom Napoleon Bonaparte called “the little giants.” He said they could have gone all the way to Paris and crushed the revolution, but for one little thing: they all wanted to get back to their families every time they won a battle. They were family men, they weren’t career soldiers; so they’d go back. But there’s the example of a willingness to fight and to die for Christ.

And of course in Mexico, with the Cristeros, just a hundred years ago, it was the same thing: fathers lost their jobs, their ranks, their lives, as mothers made the ammunition, the food, the clothing, and everything else in the back. And today, we have an opportunity to copy that. We have to put our children into the same sort of crusade.

Listening here today to these ladies, I am sure that they see young kids all the time, following mothers and fathers to the abortion clinics to fight the crusade itself. Giving the pro-life crusade to children to get them involved in that fight will help them to keep the old faith, help them to stay on the straight and narrow and stay away from all the influences now that are destroying the faith in the family.

That crusade is why Catholicism survived although powerful governments so often sought to destroy it, to crush it, to wipe it from the visible presence of the earth. But in the privacy of so many Catholic homes, parents taught their children to know and to love Christ and the faith enough to die for it, and I think that time of preparation is now, for us. We need to make sure that our children are ready for this challenge.

The angel of death – the Passover, if you will – is here again today, and now is the time to get ready. It begins in the family, it begins in the home, it begins with prayer, getting ready for this great challenge of our lives, keeping the faith in a world that is determined to destroy the faith.

The greatest Catholic action in the years to come, for families, for all of us, will be to keep the faith, pure and simply – to keep the faith when it will appear that the entire world has not only lost the faith but hates the faith and will do whatever they can to crush it. Keeping the faith in times like that, in times like this, will become the greatest challenge.

We have to ask ourselves if we’re ready to do what our fathers and mothers in the past did: turn our homes into little cottages of faith where the faith will survive, just as the Christians did in Rome, as the Catholics in England did during the Reformation, in France during the Revolution, in Japan, China, Russia, and so forth. In the Middle East today, they’re a step ahead of us; they’re already the Christians, they’re already being killed. It’s already gone bloody in the Middle East. We need to prepare.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a recent interview gave us some practical suggestions, and I’ll read a few of those too – now remember he suffered in the clandestine church as well, in the Soviet Union. His family was sent off to the Gulag; he made his First Holy Communion in secret, because he had to. So this bishop understands what it’s like to do what I’m suggesting – we need to begin preparing for what he already did, under the Soviet Union. He gives us a little helpful checklist, and I’ll read just a few of them for you. He says:

“See persecution as a grace from God for becoming purified and strengthened, not simply as something negative.” Isn’t that beautiful? “See persecution as a grace from God,” he says. “Become rooted yourself in the Catholic faith you study of the Catechism. Catechize your children every day, as this is your first duty. Pray with your children daily, such as litanies and the rosary. Turn your home into a domestic church. Withdraw your family from a parish spreading error and attend a faithful parish, even if you have to travel great distances. Withdraw your children from schools, if they are encountering immoral and dangerous sex education. Be prepared for persecution and protecting your children.”

This is a prince of the Church giving us practical suggestions for how we can do this, so when the catacombs become more literal than figurative once again, we will survive on the strength of our families and the faith of our families, the secret because of which Catholics have outlasted every persecution for 2000 years.

Your Dr. Joseph Shaw last year – I interviewed him in Italy, I’m sure you all know who he is – made a really interesting point; he said the reason so many people now are using contraception is that they’re discouraged, they’re brought down by society, by secularism. They have nothing to hand on to their children. In his opinion, that is the main reason contraception appeals – they don’t care, they’ve got nothing to hand on to their children anyway, nothing to give their children.

In his point – and I agree with him – faithful Catholics are having a lot more children. Why? Because they have something, indeed, to pass on to their children; something to hand down. They propagate the species, yes, but also the faith; and there’s a challenge involved with that that makes parents want to have as many children as God will send them. There’s also a safety and a security in keeping the faith, in being willing to do that.

We must be ready to fight for it. It is what God asks of us, it is why we were born when we were: so that we might do our part and our duty as followers of Christ living in an anti-Christ and anti-Christian world. Remember what Christ demanded even of His own mother from the cross. He looks down into her eyes and He asks her to stand with Him. And she does. But she wasn’t a goddess – she should not have been able to survive the grief so boundless of watching her son die on the cross. But Christ glorified her sorrows, because they mirrored His own.

When we unite our sufferings to His, we share in that moment during His last agony; and when we unite our sufferings to His mother, we understand what we must be willing to lose everything for Him, to stand vulnerable and exposed at the foot of the cross, the butts of jokes and derision for His sake. Our willingness as parents to be different from the world around us will save our families, and it will save the souls of our children if we have what it takes to do it.

But we must be ready to stand at the foot of the cross with our families, and that is not going to be easy. It’s not an easy task. And if we’re going to do it successfully, we need to start now; we need to go back to the way things were in family life not that long ago – basic things things that are not that difficult but that we need to rethink. For example, praying. Bishop Schneider’s checklist already covers much of this – how we can become a strong family.

The irony is that it wasn’t that long ago when families were doing it quite well and weren’t having the problems that we have now. It’s the little things, like praying together – and I don’t just mean praying and saying happy thoughts together, but rather having your children see you praying. I’m sure all of you know this, but in case there are some who are new to this idea of rebuilding Catholic family life, consider this: consider lighting a vigil light, for example, in front of a little statue of Our Lady in your own living room.

Turn your living room into a little chapel for a moment every single night, father and mother kneeling on the floor, rosaries in hand, praying the rosary. This leaves an indelible mark on the mind of a child; that even father, even great big powerful dad, is kneeling down in front of Our Lady and praying the rosary is a huge impact. Catholic fathers did this for a thousand years, but we’ve come away from that because we’ve become progressive and all of the other nonsense, and families are moving away from these things.

Families are moving away from eating together, for Heaven’s sake! Make that a ritual. It’s not impossible, and it’s so important, no matter how busy you are. I hope none of you eat McDonald’s over here – in the States, everybody’s eating McDonald’s all the time, then running out and going to soccer, and the idea of the family meal is almost gone. They don’t eat together anymore. Again, sit down together; maybe put some nice music on in the background; take turns asking the children questions, practicing their social skills, practicing getting along with family, while you talk about things that are important. Not heavy, not always religious, just things that are interesting; get back to the ritual of the family meal; get back to the nighttime and not just popping on the TV or a video or a movie; get back to the family playing together.

Get the idea that the family sustains itself. This is possible especially with the internet, where you can learn so much about the great Catholic feasts that you can bring back into your home, such as Christmas and Advent, and how to do those right; but the main thing is getting used to the idea of the family sustaining itself. If you watch movies every now and then, great; don’t have the kids watch their own movie – watch a good old movie with your whole family. Make sure that’s another ritual that includes a little conversation afterwards.

To many of you, this is a statement of the patently obvious and silly, but to many it’s not – the children have their own little music and their own little headsets, and there’s this little anti-social thing that’s going on right in the home, right in this little sanctuary. The children are getting a completely different message – they’re plugged in, and the parents are not aware of it, or they’re fine with it. We need to put an end to that.

There’s no such thing as music for your 12 year old; the family listens o all the same music in the house; the children are not on computers by themselves – that’s deadly. We’re going to lose this war if we don’t start implementing some of these things.

Friends; it would be great if we could all have as many friends as we did back in the 1950s. But this is not he 1950s, so it might be a little more difficult for families. But again, this is not without precedent.  In The Story of a Family, Zelie Martin, St. Teresa’s mother, talks about how she was leary even of cousins associating with her children, because of some of the influences in France at that time.

So you see, the parents of saints were willing to do things that are not going to necessarily make them all that popular; but it’s very necessary, if you’re going to have children that are not going to be brought down by the society and the world in which we live.

We don’t have time to go over all of this, so I’ll cut towards the end. But I hope afterwards, we can all begin having conversations or even conferences about Catholic family life – how to do it, how to restore it, how to keep pop music out of it, how to bring good music into it, old folk music, how to bring that back.

Raise your children on classical and good folk music, so that there isn’t any great temptation – I’ve got five daughters, and I’ve never once said to one of my daughters, “You can’t listen to Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry.” It just doesn’t come up. They would never think of that; not because they’re saints but because it was never in our home, and there was always so much good music, and they were learning how to play violins, and flutes, and pianos, that they look at that sort of music as not for them.

So as a parent, you can avoid some of those trials by planning early on, giving good cultural influences so that the bad ones won’t be as tempting. And again, I don’t think it’s rocket science at all – I think it’s very easy to do – and we need to start talking about how to do it.

I had a whole section here on homeschooling, and I can clearly see what won’t have time for that. Let me just say this for homeschooling: when you have such an attack on the family, there is no better way. Now this is not to say that all Catholic schools are dens of iniquity, but if you really want to fight against the culture, fight against what’s happening in education, and fight against the attack on the family, there is no better way to do it than well-organized, well-run home schools that take advantage of all the assets that are now available to us.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to go into all that; I am a huge, huge supporter of homeschooling for those who can do it and who have the resources to do it right. If you can’t homeschool, you shouldn’t, but if you can, it is a powerful way to keep the family together and to resist the culture of death from day one all the way through high school. I can’t possibly recommend it enough.

I hope my talk wasn’t all gloom and doom – I’m not a gloom and doom type of person; life is wonderful! I’ve got seven kids that are the greatest thing in my life; I’ve got a five-year-old son, he’s the baby, and I have empty-nest syndrome. I’m just terrified he’s gonna be gone, it’s so much fun.

So if you do this right, and if you make your home Catholic, it also has its own built-in rewards of wonderful payoffs, and you all know that who are having children and raising them in this way.

We have an opportunity to give to them this notion of the crusade. We’ve all told them the story of Lepanto, we’ve told them about what it would be like – Don John of Austria fighting against the Turks – we’ve told them the story of the Vendée. So it isn’t doom and gloom and no-no to everything. We tell our children to stand on the decks with Don John of Austria, to be part of a huge movement, to resist what’s happening; because the culture of death has nothing to offer but death.

It’s not difficult to show young people that what the Catholic Church offers in the good traditional way, what Christ offers, what Our Lady offers is wonderful! It’s light, it’s full of fun, it’s full of wonder and mystery; but what the culture of death has to offer is nothing but death.

So we need to present this Catholic counter-revolution in a way that challenges young people, makes them want to be a part of it.

We were talking about the Chartres Pilgrimage – I’m going to go there in a few days. Those of you who have not come you’ve got to try to come to that, where you see ten, fifteen thousand young people, alive and excited and shouting out the words of the Salve Regina, walking for three days under banners of Joan of Arc and all the saints. They’re so excited about this little microcosm of catholic culture, so they’re bringing it back, right near you in France. We can do this; it’s happening.

We just need to rise up and be committed to doing it. Homeschool your kids, if you have the opportunity. There’s no better way to keep them out of the clutches of the enemy. Make pilgrimages; play; pray the rosary every night; stay united to Our lady, make your children and grandchildren fall in love with her again, as they were at Lepanto, on the decks of those ships, where every man knelt, pulled out his rosary, and sang the Sale Regina out of love for her. Look what she did for them – one of the most historic turnarounds in military history, se gave them, because of that love of a child for the mother of God. So we need to have that attitude here, as far as restoring Catholic family life.

I’ll end with a quote from the hopefully someday sainted Pope Paul XII, who writes:

“Far from being a social malady, large families are a guarantee of the moral and physical health of a people. Virtues flourish spontaneously in homes where a baby’s cries always echo from the crib, and vice is put to flight as if it has been chased away by the childhood that is renewed there, like the fresh and invigorating breath of spring. So let the weak and selfish take their example from you; let the nation continue to be loving and grateful to are you for all the sacrifices you have taken upon yourselves to raise and educate its citizens, just as the church is pleased with you for enabling her to offer along with you ever healthier and larger groups of souls to the sanctifying activity of the Divine Spirit,” says Pius XII.

Brothers and sisters in Christ; it is the family that matters; it is the family that is under attack by the forces of Hell in our society; it is the family that must survive, for it is the Christian family that is the hope of the whole world, based on the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, modeled on the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and resting in the arms of Holy Mother Church.

If we devote all of our efforts from this moment forward to restoring the family, defending the family, and living the Catholic family life, then in the end when we stand before the judgment seat of Almighty God, we can say we will have done our duty before God, before our fellow men, and the gates of Hell will not have prevailed on our watch. Christ promised us that He will be with us always even unto the consummation of the world; let us promise him today then that even if the world stands against Him from now until eternity, our families will stand with Him until the consummation of the world.

Thank you very much for listening. Long live Christ the King!



    Say it with me: Globohomo Industrial Gayplex


    Thank you Sir for this most excellent talk!! Fire came out of your words and you have recruited many for this essential Crusade. Enrique Munita


    Com-on Michael……., do you remember what Walmart did in Indiana!!! Walmart was one of only a handful of companies that started the destruction of marriage nationwide! Our family is Target and almost Walmart free. What Walmart did against God’s form of marriage and Christians in Indiana was beyond what Target has been doing. It’s like a race to see what corp retailer can out pervert the other! WALMART IS NOT CHRISTIAN FRIENDLY, don’t be fooled!

    I don’t have the answers, all I know it is a pain to shop these days! We have to boycott the best we can because having them fail is the only answer. I want my vendors and retailers to keep their sexual desires to themselves and sell things without lecturing me on what I should / have to believe!!


      I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Are you under the impression Mr. Matt is endorsing Walmart? Might I suggest you reread the paragraph? He’s saying nothing of the kind.


      There is nothing wrong with switching from an openly sin endorsing business to a neutral one (for any product) if it is easy enough to do, but if we are being realistic here 90-99% of business out there oppose or soon will oppose the Catholic worldview. Often they couldn’t care less about moral issues and just want to advertise whatever is the popular public opinion.

      Unless someone here is suggesting a mass migration to some unclaimed corner of the world, the more effective approach would be to engage the world with traditional morality rather than shunning it and trying to bury our heads in the sand.

      Both liberals and the Trump presidency have shown that public bombast and a willingness to openly come into conflict with your opponents pays off. In fact this is how I imagine the early Christians spread the faith.


      Yes, great points! Mr. Matt specifically says in his talk that the people who changed history did two things: they kept the Faith and they weren’t afraid to stand up and speak out.


      Well Mr. Matt, in light of the SPLC lawsuit, good news may be around the corner!

      “Contained within the Wednesday letter is a warning to companies such as Facebook, Amaaon, Google and Twitter – all of whom rely on the SPLC for guidance on “hate groups”:

      Editors, CEOs, shareholders and consumers alike are on notice: anyone relying upon and repeating its misrepresentations is complicit in the SPLC’s harmful defamation of large numbers of American citizens who, like the undersigned, have been vilified simply for working to protect our country and freedoms.…

      I think it’s tie we all had ourselves a nice big class action lawsuit, and drag Silicon Valley into the proceedings for complicity.


      To be honest, I am glad I never had children. Apart from the fact that due to my own mental and emotional problems I would probably not have been a fit and adequate parent even in a world like the 1940s and ’50s I grew up in, by the time I came of age in the 1960s things were already getting so bad, to say nothing of the way they are today, that I would not have been up to the task of responsible and competent parenting anyway. I feel for those who have to raise children today in the moral cesspool that western society has become. As I have mentioned before in other threads, there are some people who are actually moving to Russia (yes) because they believe that in some respects it is a more moral place in which to raise their children than North American and western Europe.


      Now REI has jumped on the gay bandwagon… 😥


      It’s not that hard to stay away from the big “gay” companies since there are alternative out there. Coffee? Nah. Get a cup at home or the local mom/pop. There are tons of other outlets online other than Amazon…I haven’t shopped there for years. No need for PayPal either. I stay away from the IPhones, don’t want that blasted email and internet following me everywhere. And there is an online list that the sodomites create that rate companies who either support or don’t support them. I use it as a tool to support companies that get dismal ratings:+) FYI: Nissan is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to cars and supporting the sodomite agenda:+)

      So what I’m saying is that I just try to be proactive in avoiding the big and obvious firms and do a little homework (thanks to the pro-LGBTXYZ sites LOL) before making a big purchase to support outfits that don’t support the destructive agenda of sodomy.

      The food stuff is tough. Whole Foods is the only major player right now with organic food, although others crop up i.e. Fresh Market and local stores. But I’m all for the other commenters here suggestion: let’s get back to the land. Go Amish or at least attempt to create a network of Trads that can supply foods and other things where the principles and donations of the company are Catholic/Christian (Hobby Lobby, Chick Filet etc).

      God bless~


      I would love to boycott Whole Foods but I’m on an organic only diet due to major health issues *sigh* and don’t live in the country *sighs again*. I try to use local stores too but sometimes their stock is very limited. I can’t wait until all the food stores go back to organic again…then we can officially be rid of Whole Foods:+) God bless~


      Have you heard of Azure Standard? They’re a Christian organic co-op in Oregon. They deliver all over the northwest, southwest, and midwest. If you go to their website you can see where all the drop off points are. I don’t know where you are located, but hopefully, they have the products that you need. Sometimes you just have to stick with Whole Foods, I get it. I hope you feel better. I only buy organic, too. And yes, like we hope and pray that the Church will go back to being Catholic, I hope the world will go back to being organic… 🙂


      I’ll check out Azure Standard! Thank you for that:+) Although I live in the Northeast and in Florida for part of the year, it’s always good to know of companies that are Christian. They might expand at some point:+) Am glad I’m not alone in wanting both the Catholic Church and organic food to come back:+) God bless~


      Good suggestions, and we’re happy to hear you’re finding alternatives where you can! The discussion we’re encouraging is where to draw the line. Your own email address, for example, is at yahoo…which is owned by Verizon–huge proponents of gay marriage (…. Now that Amish-styled co-op you’re talking about—those are great. We already have one, in fact. But not everyone has access to something like that, and unless we drill our own oil, we’re buying gas for our trucks and tractors and tillers and supporting the most pro-homosexual, pro-abortion multinational companies of them all. Do you have a VISA card, or AMEX? How much of your fees goes to support causes antithetical to what you believe in? Do you use Google? Bing, then? They all are the most efficient conduits to pornography and Satanism in the history of the world. Do you use a bank, because all the big ones are in bed with the Devil at this point. Do you drive a car? I’d be happy to discover a car company that isn’t supporting the LGBT agenda. And what about taxes, do you pay those? A percentage of taxpayer dollars are used for abortion. Also, you might want to check out some of the causes your electric company supports. Ours is as green and progressive as it gets. We’re already heating with wood and working on a wind turbine, but that’s not cheap and the government is trying to control those too. So, at the end of the day, going homeless, cold and pretty darn hungry is really the only sure way to stop supporting the Devil in our society. I don’t mean to be flippant, Margaret. I’m just trying to show you the times in which we live and the full extent of the problem we face. From the Book of Revelation: “And that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.”


      Yes, it is getting harder and harder to escape things and still live in the world. There is a large shopping mall near me, and I go there several times a week to walk around to exercise my old joints. Usually I first have coffee and a pastry at a coffee bar before starting my walk. Most commonly, I have gone to Nordstrom’s coffee bar, as I prefer their coffee over Starbucks, it’s a little cheaper anyway, they have ample seating, and they have delicious brownies.

      Unfortunately, I have run into a dilemma. Nordstrom openly supports Gay Pride Month, or whatever it is called, with the gay rainbow splashed all over the store. Do I give up my coffee and brownie, one of the few pleasures I have in life, or do I patronize a store whose public expression I disagree with? My alternatives at the mall are Starbucks, and I don’t know about their positions on homosexuality, abortion, and the like (as well as their limited seating), or the Barnes & Noble bookstore’s cafe, when I don’t know their stance either. It becomes a real quandary when perversion and intolerance for moral values are getting more and more in your face.


      I understand:+( And I don’t use the Yahoo acct you send this too anymore…it’s forwarded to another account I use. I just try to do my best to be informed of the alternatives (if there are any) and go from there. Nissan doesn’t support the LGBT stuff, at least according to their status on the pro-gay website:+) I try to use other search engines and don’t use AMEX. But like I said with the food, if there is no alternative (like the taxes and big oil—although I’m sure there might be a gas company that doesn’t support sodomy—might have to check out that list again:+) Our Christian ancestors paid taxes to Ceasar who wasn’t exactly pro-life:+) Just do what we can to be informed and choose the best alternatives until trads figure out a way to bypass it all. Good discussion point to bring up, though:+) God bless~


      Margaret, I’m not sure of all the facts but Nissan and Renault were trying to merge earlier in the year. I don’t know where Renault stand on LGBT but I’d be pleasantly suprised if they followed Nissan’s example of not financing them.


      What is the website that homosexuals have to list those who do and do not support their agenda? I would like to take a look at it to see if there are merchants / vendors / companies that might be less objectionable.


      I forget which list I looked at years ago. But here is one as of this year. Hess (for gas), Bed, Bath and Beyond, Dick’s Sporting Goods, LL Bean are just some of the ‘grey’ answers i.e. they don’t bother responding and don’t have a good rating when their basic website info is looked at.

      Start on page 93 or so:+)…

      Nissan it looks like is back in the bad guy column *sigh* but Honda isn’t:+)

      God bless~


      Thanks for the link. I downloaded the report and will take a look at it as I have time. One issue for me is that I consider there is a difference between a company merely hiring and retaining an employee who is competent, conscientious, and reliable and does not make an issue of his/her stance on certain issues, regardless of other personal characteristics, and a company which openly supports, even flaunts, the practitioners of an immoral agenda.


      Thank You Mr. Matt for defending our Catholic one true faith.

      Eventually the Dolan & Martin SLOP show will end ……………… an old tv show flop


      There is a better option than frequenting hippy farmers’ markets – grow food yourself on your own farm. Back to the land! For the same price as upscale apartments in some crowded liberal hell-hole like Los Angeles, London or New York City, you could have thousands of hectares of good agricultural land to grow your crops and meat.


      We are fortunate to live in the middle of Amish country in central Pennsylvania. We have many Amish farms where we can buy our produce, even better there is a local farm that offers fresh farm produce in a community food program where you prepay in March , our choice is the $300 plan which gives us a box of in season produce every week in June, July, August, September, and October fresh off their family farm and other coops , they also have a meat plan and a bakery plan. Besides the amish do have a lot of organic shops in the area and health stores. In the winter they do sell a lot of canning items for sale. We also are fortunate to also have furniture shops where the Amish sell American made furniture from their own shops at reasonable prices. It is also a plus to hire local Amish carpenters and builders who work hard and price reasonably. What America needs are more Amish like local communities where we can purchase good merchandise and not be at the mercy of the global fat cats who prey on our families. Buy local Think local. BTW we do live on seven acres and have the land to grow our own food but it is more economical to buy in season products from local farms. My son in law usually provides our meat during deer season and it is not hard to keep a few chickens usually six is enough for a family of six tp provide us with all the eggs we need.


      In your haste to avoid being in the presence of the depraved culture, you are retreating into smaller and smaller corners. If you cede the entire world to the depraved, they will eventually come knocking on your door anyway.


      Retreating to smaller and smaller corners? No, just the opposite – retreating from a small but luxurious apartment in an overcrowded city to a much, much larger tract of farmland. Sure the sodomites and feminazis may come knocking – but they have to drive on dirt roads for a few hours first!


      Not in the UK you can’t. Another problem is, if you could afford the farm, it would likely be a long way from a Latin Mass. I’m trying to grow food in our tiny garden and I’m afraid I’m not good at it. I seem to be flogging myself stupid to grow four lettuce and a dozen tomatoes. (I’ve got lots of nice, fat, juicy slugs though. {Eeeew!})


      Same as me, Chloe, I seem to kill everything I plant and the slugs are having a great time, usually under the leaves munching quietly away, and destroying the integrity of the plant, just like modernism is doing to the faith.


      Great talk, Michael. A lot of people are getting the message. Alastair Roberts, a rising star of Evangelical theology, wrote a wonderful reflection on marriage inspired by the recent Royal wedding. It contains much material which Catholic teachers could adapt for marriage preparation classes.


      In this article, Alastair quotes a fascinating passage by the French author Michel Houellebecq, who, of course, wrote the novel “Submission” about the future islamisation of France. It ties in well with part of Michael’s article:

      Michael Matt:

      “Your Dr. Joseph Shaw last year – I interviewed him in Italy, I’m sure you all know who he is – made a really interesting point; he said the reason so many people now are using contraception is that they’re discouraged, they’re brought down by society, by secularism. They have nothing to hand on to their children. In his opinion, that is the main reason contraception appeals – they don’t care, they’ve got nothing to hand on to their children anyway, nothing to give their children.”


      “Children existed [in the past] to inherit a man’s trade, his moral code, and his property. This was taken for granted among the aristocracy, but merchants, craftsmen, and peasants also bought into the idea, so it became the norm at every level of society. That’s all gone now: I work for someone else, I rent my apartment from someone else, there’s nothing for my son to inherit. I have no craft to teach him; I haven’t a clue what he might do when he’s older. By the time he grows up, the rules I lived by will have no value—he will live in another universe. If a man accepts the fact that everything must change, then he accepts that life is reduced to nothing more than the sum of his own experience; the past and future generations mean nothing to him. That’s how we live now. For a man to bring a child into the world now is meaningless.”

      see more


      For all this public glorification of homosexuals, why do they still seem so miserable and prone to emotional hysteria? There’s a few in my apartment building who sometimes come to me and ask for help if they need a lift to the doctors or something, but I can’t call them friends – they’re just too narcissistic, dramatic and angry to feel comfortable with.


      Very encouraging somewhat frightening in some ways but understandable. Sad to say my six children never attend Mass my grandchildren do not hear the name of Jesus but do know what Halloween is about and celebrate it I could weep every night and often do. Also the persecution in my family has already started as I can no longer mention God without the anger and fights that come our way.Mary be their salvation and mine and my husband Amen. God bless the remnant.


      If you offer up their persecution of you for their salvation, their own bad behaviour could bring them great graces. Weird how God works isn’t it?


      Great idea! Thank you for posting it.


      Powerful, helpful, uplifting talk. Thank you. Would that these sentiments were coming forth daily from the Holy See. Alas, they are not. This talk would not be approved, nor allowed, in the vast majority of parishes in America. Too much hate, too much of a mean spirit, far too judgemental, not inclusive enough, and it made no allowence for differences. GOD BLESS THE REMNANT!


      Our family business took a public stand against homosexual “marriage” during the recent postal vote here in Australia – and we lost half our work overnight.


      A medical laboratory


      We must be ready to bear the consequences…and in the future perhaps they will be severe, even to martyrdom. St. John the Baptist was martyred for not being silent about the truth of marriage. Will we be silent about the truth, the Truth? I gave up my medical career because I could not go along with the unethical and immoral things demanded of me. There is a price. We must be willing to pay it. Teachers who teach immorality and perversion to little children are also complicit and must find another position if they want to remain without sin. Our prelates who are all on board with the Marxists and current social justice issues but are silent on the Truth are complicit with the scandals and direction of our secular, hedonistic society. So few seem to have courage and those that do are excoriated. We can name them among the bishops and cardinals…


      Today is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist:

      In Tone 1

      O mountains, give forth your sweetness;
      O hills, skip about like lambs;
      for today the Lord’s forerunner, desiring to abide with us, is born of Elizabeth.
      At his birth he loosed his father’s silence.
      Therefore, let us cry out to him:
      O Baptizer of Christ, implore Him to save our souls.

      The God-named Voice and Lamp of the Light, the Forerunner of the Lord,
      was attested to by Christ as the foremost of the prophets.
      Please remember your flock in order to preserve it intact,
      and we also ask that you pray for the world.

      Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Great Vespers at the Litiya


      A few years ago we had the local medical board threaten us with extinction because our website listed immoral medical procedures with which we won’t co-operate. Apparently listing these legal procedures e.g. abortions/murders, tubal ligations, vasectomies etc. as immoral risked causing distress to patients.





    Where Have All the Catholics Gone?


    We just followed along, confident that we were being led to Heaven.

    That’s what we talked about then, Heaven and Purgatory, and what we had to do to reach the one and shorten the other. We shuddered to think about Hell, and so we didn’t talk about it much either. We just set about working out our salvation with fear and trembling, like St. Paul told us to do. All for the love of Jesus, the Glory of God, and the Salvation of souls, we used to say.



    …The Catholic Schools?

    Consider the first obstacle. Too many years of agnostic priests and professors telling us that we don’t really know anything about Heaven has dampened supernatural faith and hope. Nothing seems clear. Questions aren’t answered; doubts are not dispelled. Retreats, religious education lectures, and classroom discussions often go something like this:

    “Is Heaven a place?” a student asks.

    The pedant-in-charge shakes his head, but says nothing. He strokes his chin and lowers his lids, pondering the question. Everyone waits.

    “It is a state of being,” he says at last, carefully, as if he were imparting a deep truth.

    The student persists. “But what does that mean?”

    “We’re not really sure.”

    The student sighs. He turns his head, looks out the window, and never brings it up again.



    …The Catholic Identity?

    I’ve heard this sort of thing too many times. No sooner spoken, but the words evaporate, portentous as thin smoke. Nothing adheres to the mind; nothing cleaves to the soul.

    Enough of this nonsense. Of course Heaven is a place, and those in authority should say so, loud and clear. What this supernatural place is like is beyond our imagination, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. It is above nature, incorruptible; its substance endures forever.

    I mean, come on, if Heaven is not a place, then where is Our Lord? What does He see through His beautiful eyes, and what does He touch with his Wounded Hands? And just where is Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, she who was assumed body and soul into Heaven?

    They’re not floating in some ethereal mist. We’re talking physical presence here. Someday, when we behold our King and Queen reigning gloriously in Heaven, it’s real faces we’ll see, real voices we’ll hear.

    The denial of the substantial reality of Heaven shatters one doctrine after another. If Heaven is not a place, what about the Resurrection of the Body? Aren’t we supposed to get our bodies back on Judgment Day? Our own blood and bones? Our own fingers and toes? That’s what the Church teaches. That’s what we believe. But where would these glorified bodies go?

    Ah, so that’s not so certain either, then.

    The Incarnation, the Ascension, and the Second Coming are all called into question. We wind up with some sort of esoteric blather about the Next Life. They tell us we have to have faith that life goes on after death, we’re just not sure how. Perhaps it’s a spiritual immortality, unencumbered by flesh. Who knows?



    The second obstacle to open discussion about salvation is the problem of sin and its consequences. Christ died for our sins. Everybody repeats the formula, but do the words really sink in? Does anyone realize why?

    To save us from Hell. That’s why. That’s what salvation is. To rescue us from damnation. If we’re not saved, we’re damned. It’s as simple as that.

    I’m afraid people don’t fear Hell anymore. They reject the whole idea. It’s just too preposterous for the modern mind; the image doesn’t hold. Flames and darkness and the stench of sulfur—who believes that?

    But Hell exists. It is real. And it is eternal.

    Imagine the very worst pain, the worst sorrow, the worst regret you’ve ever experienced. Feel again the anguish, the bitterness, the most soul-wrenching loneliness you’ve ever felt. That’s only a glimmer of what Hell is like, and sin consigns one there.

    Yet we can’t talk about sin. We must not be judgmental. Let’s not mention the Commandments. It’s as if sin didn’t exist. You’d think the priests had all become Rogerian psychologists. By practicing unconditional positive regard, negativity dissolves, and a beautiful flower grows from the depths of the perfect human heart, rather like a modern version of Rousseau’s Noble Savage. No taint of original sin for them. It’s all good.

    And what’s the effect of denying evil? Perdition, that’s what.

    Think of all the things people accept now. Things we used to call Mortal Sins—mortal, because they would kill us. The Church used to warn us about them, so we would not be lost, but there’s a lot of silence now.

    The biggest one is artificial contraception. I’ll never forget what happened the Sunday after Humanae Vitae was issued. The encyclical was front page news in the local paper. A lengthy article quoted a whole slew of theologians who stated with seeming authority that the teaching was not infallible. People could make up their own minds about it. They were responsible adults.

    Curious, I thought, as we went to Mass, expecting to hear true Church teaching. But the priest didn’t even mention the encyclical, and not the next week, either, nor the next. Later we learned that even bishops had rejected it, and Rome did nothing. The dissent stood. No one talked about it. Family planning was a private matter, after all. What did celibate priests know about marriage? they asked.

    So people did what seemed right in their own eyes. There were no repercussions. In all these years, I have never heard a priest say from the pulpit that a woman can’t go to Communion if she’s on the pill, or heard a priest talk about the evil of sterilization, the death blow to the body, the infamous mutilation of the flesh.

    They are reluctant to talk about the perversion of homosexuality, even in the face of all the scandals. They don’t talk about adultery or fornication or covetousness or theft. Lying? No, not a word.

    They rarely speak about the beauty of Heaven, the suffering in Purgatory, or the burning pain of Hell. Imagine that. Nobody mentions that we may not all wind up in the same place. There are no warning signs. I guess there’s nothing to worry about.

    Is everyone saved? Is no one lost?

    The pedant speaks again:

    “Jesus is so merciful,” he says with a wave of his hand. “He couldn’t bear to send anyone to Hell.”

    “But don’t you have to do anything to go to Heaven?” an innocent student asks. “Don’t you have to be worthy?”

    The pedant rolls his eyes.

    The boy persists. “You have to be baptized, right? You have to be Catholic.”

    Another student pipes up. “Since the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, don’t the sacraments change us? Make us fit for Heaven?”

    The pedant lifts his chin. His gray eyes are distant, as if he sees beyond the room, beholding something no one else can see. He inhales, deeply, through his nose.

    “One must not be divisive,” he says, then expounds at length upon the new understanding, the probability of universal salvation. There is invincible ignorance, after all, and the whole idea of the unconscious Christian. And then there are those near-death experiences that seem to point to a pleasant afterlife for everyone. There’s no sense talking about it, he concludes.

    But I say we must.


    Why won’t the Magisterium clear the fog? Why won’t the priests and bishops just say: Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Scared, are they? Afraid to offend the infidels? Or worse, have they lost the Faith?

    Regardless of that, the doctrine is true.

    Let me tell you what that teaching meant to me a long time ago, when I was just a little girl. It was nothing less than an invitation from Heaven.

    I was not born Catholic, although I didn’t quite understand that. After all, I knew the Nicene Creed by heart and dutifully recited it at Christ Episcopal Church, proudly proclaiming my belief in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I was no Protestant, that was for sure. But it took my fourth grade Catholic friends to set me firmly on the Road to Salvation.

    We used to stand in a circle at recess at Southwestern School, hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice and make us play kickball or Red Rover or some other boring game. We had important things to discuss. There were five of us—Dolores, Mary Kay, Anne, Barbara, and me.

    Sometimes it was really cold. The snow banked over our saddle shoes, and we huddled together, pulling our coats close and shivering like crazy. But I hardly noticed. Those girls told me the most astonishing things. Things I had never heard before. Things about the Other World. I could have listened to them forever. They had funny words like Purgatory and Limbo and indulgences. They actually believed in Hell. The devil was real, they said.

    My friends knew all sorts of things about Heaven. It was amazing. It was like they shared some secret knowledge. There was no doubt in their minds that Heaven was a place, and they talked about it as if they had been there. I clamored to know more.

    They looked at each other, shook their heads, then looked sadly at me.

    “But you can’t go to Heaven,” they said.

    “Why not?”

    “’Cause you’re not Catholic.”

    “What do I have to do to be Catholic?”

    “You have to go to Catechism.”

    Those words struck my heart like an arrow. Even though I was not able to actually “go to Catechism” until I was a sophomore in college, I made up my mind right then. I would be Catholic. A real one, not just one saying the Nicene Creed in the whitewashed Episcopal Church, wondering how I could believe in the One Holy Catholic Church and not be in it.

    Those nine-year-old girls possessed the Truth, and they didn’t hesitate to let me know it. They told me what was necessary for salvation because I was their friend. They didn’t dilute the doctrine. I didn’t need to know about the exceptions. I just needed to be Catholic.

    Please spare me the nuances. They exist, I understand that. There can be people in Heaven that we didn’t think would be there. That’s good. I have no idea how the Lord goes about rescuing people at the last minute who didn’t enter the Church during their life. I don’t pretend to know how grace burns the unbelief from their minds before their souls depart this world, but I don’t have to know those extraordinary things. That’s God’s business.

    All I know is that every human being on this earth needs to be rescued from Hell. Our Lord died to secure a place for us in Heaven. He founded a Church, the One True Church which is necessary for the salvation of souls.

    If that’s not true, then everything we’re doing is a waste of time. Why should we fight so hard? Why should we hold so closely to tradition? Why should we struggle to stand against the flood of immorality and despair that engulfs the world? What does it matter? What’s the point? If there is salvation outside the Catholic Church, then we don’t have to do anything. Just jump right back in the Sea of Unknowing.

    For myself, I’d rather be like my old friends, those valiant girls who first told me what I had to do to save my soul.


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        ????? If you don’t believe it why are you a Priest? You’ve paid the price? For what? Following Christ and obeying him? Grandma or their son may well be in Hell – it might shock them into praying for the dead – something I failed to do for decades. Why? Because Priests couldn’t be bothered telling us the truth. If we ignore that particular dogma, we may as well ignore the lot because ignoring it makes a joke of everything else. It doesn’t mean we can’t also remind people that, as I’ve been told on here a number of times, God is not bound by His own laws, which are for our benefit and spiritual good, so we may still HOPE and pray that everyone visibly outside the Church can still be saved by God, but that we should not ‘assume’ that because that is both spiritually dangerous and presumptious.

        I’m amazed I can still be gobsmacked by what Priests say but confess to getting a bit angry now (righteously, I believe) when I hear all the sob stories. which cover up what it simply a lack of belief/conviction/desire to do what a Priest should be doing – teaching the Faith and ALL its dogmas and doctrines.

        Prayers for you………


      Don’t be taken in…Fr Harry….Potter….get it now?
      This guy has plainly not read, or chooses to ignore, the disturbing and tough bits of scripture. Jesus the long haired liberal wimp, not!
      Extra ecclesiam nulla salus is tough and shocking.
      Religion with ‘bite’ is like that.
      Some do seem to prefer the thin soup from CathLite.
      That sickly stuff that does little to nourish the soul.


      I was giving him the benefit of the doubt on the name because, frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me any more if a Priest should choose Harry Potter, Harry Houdini or Dirty Harry. Sad thing is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he really is a Priest, which says it all, really.


      “it might shock them into praying for the dead”.

      It also might shock people into praying for the living. How many souls might be saved if people prayed for those who are in a sinful state while they are still alive on this earth. We see a ton of people living lives that are objectively sinful but if we think everyone goes to Heaven anyway then we don’t pray for them. What’s the point, right? Well the point is that our prayers may get them back on the narrow path because God might answer our prayers for our sakes if not for theirs. Think St. Monica and St. Augustine – he credits her prayers with God turning his heart around. Perhaps if it was just Augustine God wouldn’t have bothered to send those extra graces his way – free will and all that. But the virtuous life Monica lived and her unceasing prayers for her son obviously touched God’s heart and I suspect it was for her sake that He broke through the young man’s obstinate will. It was pity for the father that caused Jesus to raise his daughter from the dead, compassion for the woman that caused Jesus to drive demons from her daughter, and reward for the centurion’s faith that caused Jesus to heal his servant.

      Like you, Heloisa, I didn’t pray for people, either living or dead, for decades Religious pushed the “God’s not bound by His own laws” mantras as a way to get to the “Everyone’s saved” schtick that effectively ends any reason to pray for anyone’s salvation, along with any reason to lead a moral life. I’m so cynical anymore about why all of this was done.


      I agree with you completely, Annie. I didn’t pray for the living either for decades. I was just so angry last night – and still am this morning. It’s this kind of thinking that’s got us all in this mess. Whoever the poster is, he’s got Catholicism turned upside down and I’m wanting to reply to every sentence. Along the lines of:

      The truth isn’t nice and upsets people so better to give it a miss and let people stay in some false sort of ‘Catholicism’ in their own minds? We gain nothing from telling the truth? Jesus wasn’t compassionate when he kept repeating the truth? He wasn’t being ‘Catholic’ enough? He might as well have just made friends with those who couldn’t take it and have done with it? Hellfire sermons almost every other week?
      What do they get the other weeks? The Church of Nice? No wonder people can’t cope with it – sounds like a split personality giving sermons – who shall we get this week.

      This Priest is either having a very bad crisis of faith in which case HE need our prayers badly or he’s exactly what he claims not to be, ie ‘another liberal
      mistaken modern priest’.

      Yes, I’m still jumping up and down – think I’ve finally cracked! Aaaaagh! Pseudo-Trad Intellectuals? Jesus was a Pseudo-Trad Intellectual? Sounds like Pope Francis!


      Sorry you had that experience. I was born in 1950 and the Catholic Church that I grew up in taught the reality of Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell but there was no “brimstone” attached to it. Catholics heard Bible stories at Mass but it was the Baltimore Catechism that generations of Catholics studied and mesmerized. There again, the description and truth of H, P, & H were spelled out but the nuns didn’t go on a rant about it. Lesson 37, Book 3 says it all. The information was presented in an almost clinical way. You read it; you memorized it. I know it like I know the multiplication tables. It’s like having an encyclopedia of dogma stuck in your head for life. Kids like to know what the rules are and God’s rules were spelled out for us in an almost impersonal way. Then came VII and out went the Catechism – interesting, that – and in came “Bible studies” with everyone interpreting what the stories meant – like our more enlightened Protestant brothers, don’tcha know. Now we have the bible stories minus the doctrine to guide us in interpreting them. Instead, our feelings are our guide and that’s gotten us “mercy” minus Truth which is no mercy at all.


      So, what’s your actual problem with the article, then? You just don’t like one of the Catholic dogmas?


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        “Dogma should not be used as a tool of deconstructing faith,”

        So your take is that if a dogma causes someone to move his or her bum off your pews, it’s best to pass over that particular dogma and what exactly? See if another one fares better?

        I’ve realized why your posts are making me so angry, Father. Whilst I believe there are plenty of Priests out there who genuinely have no concept of True Catholicism because of bad catechesis/formation (which doesn’t excuse them not learning the Truth about Catholicism) you, on the other hand are publicly stating that you know what you should be teaching with regard to this dogma but think it should be kept under wraps to keep bums on seats.


      Far better the ‘American Catholic’ vomit up the Truth than that Christ should vomit a Priest out of His mouth for being luke-warm.


      Cool shades, Father!


      When I was in school before VII, I felt safe and secure in the Faith. I knew it was the bedrock I could depend on.
      I am 69 years old. My first shock was in 1960 when the Third Secret of Fatima was not opened, as the Sisters who taught us it would be. They taught us it would be world changing…
      Downhill from there…
      I still wonder who was the “angel” who told John XXIII to call that abomination? Our Church has never been the same since.


      I remember that. Not only the Sisters but parents talked about it. Anticipation, excitement! Then came the announcement that the secret would not be told. Something about the time not being right. About only certain people were supposed to see it. Huh? How could that be when Mary herself had said the Secret should be revealed to the world. By 1960. The Church defying Our Lady? She was to be disobeyed? It smacked of the Church protecting itself from what the letter said. You’re right, oldfogey, if was after that that the Second Vatican Council came into being and we live with the wreckage it has wrought. And all of the VII Popes have been in on it. That’s the harsh truth. I find it hard to even type that.


      Being a ‘nice person’ is what the Catholic faith for the many has been reduced to.
      Occasional Mass going, liberal/secular neo-protestant sentimentality rules. It’s all about ‘lurv’ and not having to actually believe in anything, including God, Christ’s dual nature and other old fashioned stuff.
      Spot a gap God centred Islam might readily fill?


      Francis says Hell doesn’t exist. Cardinal Pell says Adam and Eve weren’t real people. Cardinal Kasper said the Resurrection isn’t a real physical event. Anyone on the outside looking in would be inclined to ask; Do Catholics actually believe anything?


      Here’s a clue:
      They’re few and far between in the FSSP and the SSPX…


      The problem is the Church apparently believes in anything. Doctrine is downplayed and has been for a long while. It is outright mocked under Francis. With very few calling foul. The lack of core belief among the hierarchy – as we are witnessing by the tepid response among those few questioning Francis – is shocking but tells a tale.
      Gallup just released a poll on Mass attendance in the US. It has collapsed since 1955 when it was 75% to 45% in 2008 and finally a sharp decline during the last years of Benedict’s Papacy to today under Francis when it is 39%. At the same time, Protestant attendance at Sunday services has remained stable since the mid-2000s. So one can’t put the blame totally on the secularization of America as that would have impacted Protestant churchgoers too. Seminary numbers are falling sharply and have since 2012.
      This article informs and helps explain these stark numbers. If the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church continues to abandon doctrine more people will leave the Church. Francis and the hierarchy seem not to care. For believers struggling with all this the FSSP and other “Latin Mass” groups as well as the Eastern Rites provide an alternative. One in which doctrine is preached and the fullness of the faith is intact.


      Dear Remnant, this is a soul-touching video after having walking to Chartres twice myself. It is an indescribable experience that truly wakes up our soft souls to WANT to give everything for GOD, and NOT OURSELVES. The world has forgotten, but WE have not. God bless you and save me a spot for Chartres 2019!


      Great article. Depressing, yet terribly accurate. One of the things I found odd, as a new Catholic convert, was the prevelance of Notre Dame football talk among the Catholic men I met. When there was a decent homily, no one talked about it after-Mass, just football, or weather. And at the church suppers I attended, all the talk was secular. No table talk about Bible reading, nor anything God related, so I thought, Catholics have the Mass, but little else. The Assembly of God, my former denomination, didn’t have the truth of the Mass, but they were interested in Bible learning and about the life of Jesus.
      This article struck close to home. Our Church needs help desperately…


      Yes, such men are Idolaters. Football is a Cult with each area having its local sub-cult (team) and patron deities (team stars).


      It’s a caricature that Catholics were not allowed to read the Bible … but, but it was not heavily encouraged. I have older friends in their 80s who experienced the Church before V2 and they tell me that their parishes as a rule did not have Bible study. Or any real outreach by the laity to bring in converts. That was left to the priest. It’s an unfortunate thing but it appears to be a fairly valid picture of the Church in the 50s and 60s. Scott Hahn, who was an evangelical Protestant in the early 90s, focused on bringing young Catholics to “real” Christianity, sadly reports it was easy. Young Catholics had virtually no Biblical knowledge or ability to state and defend Catholic doctrines. This is why, since his conversion, his focus has been on teaching the Bible and the Biblical basis of Catholicism to as many Catholics, including seminarians and priests, as possible.


      As someone earlier mentioned, Francis seems unconcerned and oblivious to these sentiments. His love doesn’t seem to extend to the rank and file, to the everyday struggling Catholic. He seems strangely intent on other things. Nor does he seem to care about the harm he is inflicting. But it’s far worse, in fact, I sence a deep disrespect, even a loathing, on his part, toward those that yearn for a closeness with Christ in the Mass, for Christ’s Mother, and our religion in general.


      At the wedding of a niece of mine some years ago, I met an acquaintance of my (older) sister who had been raised Catholic pre-V2. She admitted quite honestly that she really didn’t know much about the Bible. It just wasn’t taught much to Catholic children when she was young (in distinction to the Biblically-oriented Protestant childhood my siblings and I had.)

      My father, a lifelong Protestant, had for a time been engaged to a Catholic woman before the engagement broke and he later met my mother (another lifelong Protestant). For a time he had been taking instructions from a priest, and he once said to me that the priest had told him, You want to know what the Bible says? You come ask me, and I’ll tell you. This was in the 1930s. (In other words, don’t go back to your Protestant ways and try to figure out the Bible for yourself.)


      Has Hell frozen over? Isn’t this what rad trads have been saying for five years? Better late than never. Welcome, Michael V.


      Archbishop Lefebrve’s position is still absolutely correct all these years later. At some point- only God knows when- the Magisterium must address all of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo.


      Isn’t it interesting to notice how far the SSPX has moved from the ideas of Lefebvre. Where Lefebvre said the Novus Ordo church is irreconcilable with Catholicism, we now have Bishop Fellay seeking a personal prelature with the most radical, Marxist, revolutionary pope the Church has ever seen.


      Uh, no. The Pope is still the head of the Church, right? When he asks to meet, you meet. Has Bishop Fellay signed the agreement? No. And if and when he signs something, it will be with the backing of the SSPX’s General Council. But I suppose you’ll tell me that it’s under Bishop Fellay’s control.


      Yes, I have also noticed the same thing.


      The Enemy now occupies the highest positions in the Church, including right at the top. Since 1965 the faith has not been preached from any pulpits of the Novus Ordo Church. There are still a few – pitifully few – real Catholics left: Most of them associate with Society of St Pius X.


      SSPX isn’t the only option for traditional Catholics, thankfully. There are other independent priests and organizations that offer traditional Catholic Masses. Without getting mired down in a sede/R-R dialogue, there may be other options for you.


      I was depressed with what seemed a bleak future for the church. Then I went to a Latin Mass at Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, read about Priests of St. Cantius, and the seminary near Lincoln, Ne. SPPV (?). All embrace the Latin Mass! Seminaries are filling with vocations! Then I read about youth who are exploring the TLM and getting hooked with passion and enthusiasm about it. Latin Mass parishes growing! But the one thing that really gave me new hope for the Church is a youth group called JUVENTUTEM, which embraces the love for the Latin Mass! It is world wide and growing! The Archbishop of Portland, Oregon is another positive joy for the future of the Church! I expect a rebirth and flowering of the Church! We just have to be patient. Architecture will be restored, beautiful sacred art will return, Gregorian chant, and beautiful music. Communion rails will return. Reverence will be the norm again.


      I love your enthusiasm! I believe the same thing. Those who are very liberal will be given the opportunity to join us, or continue in their stubborn NO ways and, well, we can pray for them, but they will have to make a choice. I am a convert and so excited to be in the RCC. I know the doctrines, the dogmas, the traditions of the Church (thanks to the Baltimore Catechism) and can explain them to anyone. You have to know your faith, sisters and brothers. It is gratifying to tell others of the glory and magnificence of Jesus’ true Church. God expects us to be his hands and feet in the Kingdom. We have to learn our faith, and be able to clearly define it. I have been called medieval in my understanding (mostly because I veil at Mass) but the teachings are the true Church, not a secular one. Let’s shed the culture and enjoy and embrace the one true faith!! Blessings!


      I have one question. If the SSPX seminaries have a full enrollment, why do we not see more SSPX chapels across the world?


      There are 590 priests in 175 priories in 62 countries. The missionary plan set up by Abp. Lefebvre means that priests generally live in a community during the week and then travel to their chapels for masses. Perhaps there would be different benefits of having 590 priests stationed at 590 different priories, but Abp. Lefebvre felt strongly that the priests should have a life in common where they could become spiritually strong for their apostolates.

      Also, his missionary idea is based on what he did as a bishop in Africa: establish a priory with many priests that feeds priests to the small chapels. Ideally, the priory should have a school, which will foster more vocations. Over time, the small chapels grow bigger and become their own priories and, eventually, they have their own schools from which come more vocations, which leads to more chapels, priories, schools, vocations.


      There’s over 600 priests now and 16 more will be ordained by the end of June but yes, the need is great.


      Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi. The Church–the True Church–is already very small. All the rest just occupy traditional Catholic real estate. Starting with the pope, they are all not true Catholics. They are not the Church. What is left of the Church is a remnant. They remained faithful to the traditional Church even after the horror of VII. Thank you, Archbishop Lefebvre and the rest of the few.


      The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord — so, if we let people know there is a good reason to fear the Lord — that we have to work out our salvation in fear and trembling — that is a good way to bring people back to the true faith.


      A sobering thought is this,everyone who has ever lived,who is living today,and who will ever live until the end of the world,that the majority of souls are DAMNED! who said that? the Church Fathers said that! basing their belief on scripture and Our Lord’s words. so how in the name of Heaven can ANYONE take their salvation so lightly?


      When men lose his faith, why should he bother about salvation?
      He is then not even thinking about that, let alone fighting for it.


      Sometimes at the Novus Ordo parish I do hear “go to confession” but never, ever about what is sin or why to go to confession. I attended a TLM last Sunday and heard about sin and about the devil, the world, and the flesh and what temptation is and where is can come from. Just a totally different outlook at most TLMs. In November we heard about Heaven, Hell, Judgment, and Purgatory at the TLM. Nothing like that at the TLM where just the readings are sort of reread but without much extrapolation.


      Hi Susan! Thank you for your wonderful “turn on a word”. Adds to the certitude. I’ll be reading it to my children at lunch. “the Changes”. Love it! Where are the catechism changes? Where are the good books? Where are the unedited books? They’re hard to find. And getting harder considering “editions”.


      Tan and Sophia Institute Press have old, solid books–I’ve often found used “out of print” Catholic books on Amazon.


      Well said, Susan:

      “Why won’t the Magisterium clear the fog? Why won’t the priests and bishops just say: Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Scared, are they? Afraid to offend the infidels? Or worse, have they lost the Faith?”

      In fact, some of the high and mighty in the Church are saying the exact opposite:

      1) The Papal Preacher telling the Holy Father back in 2002 that all religions are willed by God:


      2) The Pope’s alleged ghostwriter, Archbishop Vincent Fernandez, who declares flat out that everyone is saved:


      3) The head of the CDF, Archbishop (soon to be Cardinal!!) Luis Ladaria, explains in this 2008 book how God acts in a mysterious way through other religions. As he is a Jesuit, he puts in a few token lines about the possibility of damnation, but he is plainly willing to consider even the salvation of Old Nick and all the fallen angels.…

      4) Father Gerry O’Collins also seems keen on Universal Salvation. By an amazing coincidence, his book was also published in 2008. And, by an even more amazing coincidence, he is also a Jesuit. They must be putting something in the coffee at Jesuit social gatherings.……

      5) Best of all, even Martin Luther can smell that Pope Francis is a “raging Universalist” (at the 47 seconds mark). A less than respectful contribution from the Lutheran satirists:

    LEFEBVRE: What is Happening In The Church? (1980)

    What is Happening In The Church?
    A Sermon Pronounced by His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre at the Church of St. Simon Piccolo, Venice
    7 April 1980

    In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

    My dear brethren,

    I hope you will excuse me if I am not very fluent in your language but I hope that you will understand my words.

    Perhaps there are some among you who are having doubts. They are maybe wondering why Archbishop Lefebvre has come here to Venice, without having been invited by Cardinal Cé. My presence here creates a situation which, in the Church, is not normal.

    This is true. When I was Archbishop of Dakar, if a bishop had come to my diocese without having asked me and without having been invited, I would have been very surprised. I realize this, that we are dealing with an abnormal situation. We definitely have to ask ourselves what the present situation in the Church is.

    Never, never would I have wanted to do anything contrary to the Church! All of my life has been devoted to the service of the Church. In my fifty years of priesthood, thirty-three of them as a bishop, I have done nothing but serve the Church as a missionary, as a bishop in France, as Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers, and as a missionary bishop. The young seminarians and the priests that you see here with me represent a very small part of all those presently studying in my five seminaries.

    Ten years ago I began this work – this Society of St. Pius X – with the intention of wanting always to serve the Church. Why, then, is Cardinal Cé, Patriarch of Venice, not happy that I have come here? Why does he not understand the reason? How can I best explain? Obviously, he is not happy that I have continued my duties unchanged since the day of my ordination to the priesthood. I have never changed in any way, whether it was when I established new seminaries in Africa, or when, as Apostolic Delegate of His Holiness Pope Pius XII, I visited the sixty-four dioceses of French Africa during the course of eleven years. I visited all the seminaries, laying down to the diocesan bishops the standards for the new ones to be opened.

    I have never changed. I have preached and done what the Church has always taught. I have never changed what the Church said in the Council of Trent and at the First Vatican Council. So who has changed? Myself or Cardinal Cé? I don’t know, but I think that considering the way things are – that is, the fruits of the changes made in the Church since the Second Vatican Council – as Catholics we can observe the fruits for ourselves, you can see it with your own eyes.

    How are things going in the Church today? Ask His Grace Monseigneur Pintonello, former Chaplain to the Armed Forces, who has made a detailed report on the present conditions of the Italian seminaries: a disaster! A real disaster! How many seminaries have been sold or closed? The Seminary of Turin with three hundred places – empty! And how many others have you seen closed in your own dioceses? So then, surely, something is wrong in the Church, because if there are no longer any seminaries there will in the future be no more priests – thus, there will no longer be the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. What will become of the Church? All this is unbelievable! They have changed, yes. They have changed, but why? They have done this, of course, with the idea of saving the Church, of doing something new. Before the Council there was a real decrease of fervor and therefore they thought that by changing, the Church would become more alive. But one cannot change what Jesus Christ has established. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, the Creed, our catechism, the Sacred Scriptures – all come from Jesus Christ. To change them is to change the establishment of Jesus Christ. Impossible! One cannot say that the Church has been mistaken; if something is wrong one must look for the reason somewhere, but not in the Church. They also say that the Church must change as modem man changes, that as man has a new way of life, so too the Church must have another doctrine – a new Mass, new Sacraments, a new catechism, new seminaries – and, in this way, everything has gone to ruin. Everything has been ruined!

    The Church is not responsible. It is not the Church but rather the priests who are responsible for the deterioration of Catholicism. Pope St. Pius X, your Holy Patriarch of Venice, in the first pages of his encyclical Pascendi, writes that already in his time there were errors and heresies not outside but inside the Church; within the Church and not only among the laity but, more to the point, amongst the priests. St. Pius X saw these enemies from the very beginning of this century. Today we can add that if St. Pius X were still alive, he would see them not only amongst the priests but amongst the bishops and cardinals as well. It is certain, unfortunately, that there are even some cardinals who are diffusing error.

    Where does the Dutch Catechism originate? Certainly not from the Catholic Catechism, even though it was approved by cardinals and bishops. Even the French catechism, with which I am acquainted, contain errors. It is no longer the true Catholic doctrine which has always been taught. We are dealing with a very serious situation.

    Throughout the world, everywhere I have been, I have visited groups of Catholics like you, who ask themselves: “What is happening in the Church?” The Church is hardly recognizable today. The ceremonies – the half – Protestant, half-Catholic liturgy – are a circus; it is no longer a Mystery. The Sacred Mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – a great Mystery, heavenly and sublime – is no longer considered such. One no longer feels the supernatural character of the Mass; those who are present have a feeling of emptiness and no longer know whether they have been at a Catholic ceremony or at some king of secular gathering.

    This is an inadmissible situation. The faithful, good and simple people, are opposed to it. Because they intuitively know that there is something which is not right in this reform. They see seminaries empty; the novitiates of religious communities empty throughout the world. This, too, is inadmissible.For the good of the Church we must resist without being against those in authority.

    I have always had a great respect for the Holy Father, for the bishops and cardinals. I am not capable of pronouncing uncharitable words in the confrontation with Cardinal Cé, but that does not stop me from affirming Catholic doctrine because I want to remain a Catholic.

    When I was baptized, the priest asked my godparents: “What does this child ask of the Church?” They replied: “Faith. He asks Faith from the Church.” And even today I still ask Faith from the Church – the Catholic Faith. Why do the godparents ask Faith of the Church for the child? They do so to enable him to obtain everlasting life. If it is the Faith that obtains everlasting life, then it is this Faith that I want- and I don’t want to change it!

    The Catholic Faith is the Catholic Faith. The Creed is the Creed. They cannot be changed. One cannot change the Catechism; one cannot change the Mass, transforming it into a meal as the Protestants have.

    The Mass is a Sacrifice, the Sacrifice of the Cross and, as the Council of Trent says, it is the same Sacrifice as Calvary, with the only difference being that one is bloody and the other unbloody. But the two are the same; the same priest – Jesus Christ, and the same Victim – Jesus Christ.

    If the Victim is truly Jesus Christ, God, our Creator and our Redeemer, who shed all His Blood for our souls, it is impossible to receive Him in our hands like just any piece of bread. And it is therefore impossible for a Catholic not to have respect and adoration, if he truly believes that in the Blessed Sacrament is Jesus Christ – God Himself – the Creator, our Judge, who will be seen coming in the clouds of heaven to judge the entire world. Like you, I am also scandalized, I am saddened and it pains my heart to see it – they even show it on television – pictures in which a cardinal or bishop approaches the Blessed Eucharist without making a genuflection or any other sign of respect towards the Blessed Sacrament – nothing! Once again, this is inadmissible and does not reflect the attitude of the Catholic Church. We must keep the Faith in this storm through which the Church is passing – a storm that has lasted for a long time and that we hope will soon be over so that the Church can return to the Faith that she had before. We must have a little patience.

    I go to Rome five or six times a year to plead with the cardinals, the Pope himself, to return to Tradition and to give back to the Church her Catholic spirit. I quote again from St. Pius X: “Who are the friends of the people? The true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries nor the innovators but rather the traditionalists.” Those are the words of St. Pius X to the French bishops. The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor the innovators – and it was precisely the innovators who condemned St. Pius X – but rather the traditionalists. We want to be in the same spirit of St. Pius X whom for this reason I have chosen as patron of our Society, which is recognized by the Church.

    My Society, in fact, was officially recognized ten years ago by Rome and by the Bishop of Fribourg in Switzerland in which diocese it was founded. Afterwards, progressive bishops and Modernists saw in my seminaries a danger for their theories. They were enraged with me and said to themselves: “We need to destroy these seminaries, we need to finish off Ecône and the work of Archbishop Lefebvre, because it presents a danger to our progressive and revolutionary plan.” They addressed themselves to Rome in this calumnious manner and Rome consented.

    But as I said to His Holiness John Paul II, the suppression was carried out in a manner contrary to Canon Law. Not even the Soviets pronounce judgments as the cardinals at Rome have done against my work. The Soviets have a tribunal, a kind of tribunal to condemn someone, but I have not even had this tribunal – nothing! I have been condemned without having had anything, not even a forewarning or a summons – nothing! One fine day a letter arrived to tell me that the seminary would have to be closed.

    I have repeated this to the Holy Father that not even the Soviets behave like this. I told him that I have continued because this is not how the Church acts – it is the enemies of the Church that want her seminaries closed down. The Catholic Church cannot just forget her Tradition, it is impossible. It is the enemy, as St. Pius X said, the enemy who is working within the Church because he wants the Church to be finished with her tradition; because he is in a fury against her Tradition.

    It is up to you to judge the facts. In my seminaries we have over 200 seminarians and many vocations to the religious life. When a house opens it is soon filled with many new vocations. Why? Because the youth seek to find the Church – Tradition. There, where one finds Tradition, one also finds the Church. Through a priest all finds its ideal; all his heart is in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. To go unto the altar of God, to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to give Our Christ, the true Victim – to souls. Thus the fullness of the priesthood and the priests. My seminarians, such as those at Ecône, know this; they prepare themselves for the priesthood upon this basis.

    I congratulate and thank those who have invited me to come. I hope that my visit has encouraged Catholics to maintain the Church of all time, the Catholic Church. In Rome it has been said of me that I have done nothing other than halt, impede, progress in the Church. In that alone I would be doing a splendid thing! If only this, to halt, to impede the ruin of the Church!

    That is not our only purpose. Not only do we wish to halt this ruin but we desire also to reconstruct the Church, a living Church. For this end I preach to you a crusade, a true crusade of all Catholics who desire to maintain the Faith. In order to do so you must gather about good priests who wish to conserve the Faith by assuring life in the Church.

    In closing, I ask all who are gathered around this altar, a true altar with a true priest, I ask you to continue the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We pray also for your children that they may see and know the Catholic religion, that they may frequent Catholic schools. Indeed, there are great trials for Catholic parents. These children must also conserve Tradition. We invoke, to this end, our highly venerated Patriarch of Venice, Pope St. Pius X, who was a saint who foresaw the future.

    During the course of this Mass let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to whom we must have a great devotion, especially through the invocation of the most holy Rosary, let us ask her to terminate this crisis in the Church and return to the Church the peace and grace of Almighty God.

    In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Ghost. Amen.

    MAJOR NEW STUDY: Homeschooling Spikes Due to School Violence, Far-Left Bias



    kids in the aftermath of this year’s deadly school massacres, first in Parkland and then in Santa Fe, Texas.

    “When the Parkland shooting happened, our phone calls and emails exploded,” said coalition president Tim Lambert. “In the last couple of months, our numbers have doubled. We’re dealing with probably between 1,200 and 1,400 calls and emails per month, and prior to that it was 600 to 700.”

    While the debate rages anew over familiar topics following such tragedies — tougher, more restrictive gun control laws and bolstering security at public schools — the revolution in homeschooling has been taking place quietly, behind the scenes and off the radar screens of most political organizations.

    But again, it’s not just the shootings, which admittedly have increased in the past couple of years. Christopher Chin, head of Homeschool Louisiana, told The Times that parents are fed up with “the violence, the bullying, the unsafe environments.”



    The Left is driving more kids OUT of public schools

    There is also the Left-wing social engineering. The craziness over transgender students and bathrooms/locker rooms, allowing students to “take a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem, the Left-wing curriculum, and refusing to allow students to wear shirts that praise POTUS Trump or feature the American flag are also driving parents into homeschooling.


    REMNANT COMMENT: We here at The Remnant are always eager to promote the home-schooling movement, and this report helps illustrate why.

    At the moment and personally speaking, my own family’s home-school is going great guns. We have a daughter still in high school and three in grade school. Our family couldn’t be happier with our decision to homeschool—yes, all the way through high school.

    And as for our older home-schooled children: My third-eldest child is preparing to head off to college in the fall. Her older sister just finished a semester studying in Austria and will graduate with a double major and a minor degree next spring.

    My son will be a junior this fall, working on a Mass Communications degree at Franciscan University. Here’s an example of his work:


    Perhaps this video from a couple of years ago will be useful to those considering home-schooling this fall:


    Friends, please give serious thought and prayer to home-schooling your children. I realize it’s a challenge, but few challenges have greater payoffs in this world or the next. There is no better way to keep the Catholic family together and committed to the Catholic restoration than the Catholic home school.





    Michael Matt has been an editor of The Remnant since 1990. Since 1994, he has been the newspaper’s editor. A graduate of Christendom College, Michael Matt has written hundreds of articles on the state of the Church and the modern world. He is the host of The Remnant Underground and Remnant TV’s The Remnant Forum. He’s been U.S. Coordinator for Notre Dame de Chrétienté in Paris–the organization responsible for the Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres, France–since 2000.  Mr. Matt has led the U.S. contingent on the Pilgrimage to Chartres for the last 24 years. He is a lecturer for the Roman Forum’s Summer Symposium in Gardone Riviera, Italy. He is the author of Christian Fables, Legends of Christmas and Gods of Wasteland (Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and regularly delivers addresses and conferences to Catholic groups about the Mass, home-schooling, and the culture question. Together with his wife, Carol Lynn and their seven children, Mr. Matt currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    This group explains in detail What Common Core Education is and How Damaging it is!!  To Your Children!  It’s Evil to the core!
    Teaches them Nothing!  No Manners, nothing but common Islamic indoctrination and gender bender evil among some of ts garbage.
    GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!  HOME SCHOOL Is the safest way.  Join up with other parents and share…
    Your kids will thank you for doing this!!!!

    Anatomy of a Coverup: An Open Letter to Pope Francis


    You suppressed and ignored a tsunami of requests, pleas and evidence about Bishop Juan Barros’ complicity and involvement with predator priest, Fr. Fernando Karadima. In 2011, Karadima was removed from his priestly duties and banished to a life of penitence, after a guilty finding at the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    You made a mockery of your self-proclaimed, “zero tolerance policy.”

    Your arrogance and clericalism blinded you to the obvious and sustained pleas of the abuse victims of Karadima and Barros.

    You dismissively scorned all the protestations from Chile, like the clever dictator pope that you are. You believed that threatening and deriding victims would silence them. After all, your Bergoglian strong-arm tactics worked so well throughout your years in Buenos Aires as Bishop and Cardinal. As you told your buddy, Rabbi Skorka, in the book On Heaven and Earth, “In my diocese it (clergy sex abuse allegations) never happened to me.”

    Nothing there, says Bergoglio.

    Yet, the Argentine media was replete with dozens of clergy sex abuse cases during the years that Bergoglio was Bishop and Cardinal in Buenos Aires.

    So you employed your cover-up tactics, employing well-worn denials and name calling with the Barros scandal.

    And you almost got away with it.

    Except for a photograph…..


    You foolishly misjudged these Karadima/Barros victims. Clergy sex abuse victims are some of the most broken and traumatized of sex abuse victims. They seldom possess the perseverance and strength to challenge Church bureaucracy, especially the Vatican hierarchy, and the Pope himself.

    You arrogantly thought that if you lashed out at them, calling them ‘slanderers’, and haughtily dismissed their protests, that they would fade away, like most clergy sex abuse victims. It worked in the past for you as Cardinal of Buenos Aires. Better yet, now, you are the powerful Pope, the Vicar of Christ.

    Yet, you misjudged these Karadima survivors. These men are damaged, but unbowed. They were not intimidated by your notorious temper and scurrilous scorn. These men had survived the worst imaginable abuse and they were not going to be silenced by your repeated empty threats and vicious verbal assaults.

    You never expected that the Karadima/Barros victims would outsmart you.   Despite the vicious abuse they suffered, these men are smart, persistent. They possessed power; it’s called the Truth.


    They knew that they needed demonstrable proof that you, Pope Francis were aware of the specific allegations of horrendous abuse by Fr. Karadima while Bishop Barros watched and did nothing. Imagine, the anger and shock felt by these victims toward a priest who watched their abuse and did nothing. Nothing. Imagine their fury when they learned that you honored and elevated Barros, as Bishop of Osorno?

    You were cornered when the world saw the photograph of the envelope detailing the abuse suffered at the hands of Fr. Karadima by Juan Carlos Cruz. The photographic evidence and documentation handed to Cardinal Sean O’Malley by Marie Collins in April 2015. Gotcha.

    You were cornered when Cardinal O’Malley told the victims that Juan Carlos Cruz’s letter was given to Pope Francis.

    It would be nearly 3 more years when that photograph would finally surface for all the world to see that you were given evidence, the sordid evidence of Barros’ utter unsuitability for any clerical role.

    Below is the timeline of your coverup. It establishes uncontrovertibly that you possessed knowledge about the reprehensible conduct and unsuitability of Juan Barros. You waged a personal, very public, media campaign to destroy any critics of Bishop Barros. You personally defended Barros and excoriated the Barros victims. Your own Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the CDF) investigated this case had reams of files and documents about the Karadima case and Bishop Barros. You refused to listen to anyone who possessed the facts and the truth.

    The Case Against Francis

    This is the case against Pope Francis for ignoring and failing to adhere to his own zero tolerance guidelines:

    Jan. 31, 2015 Letter from the Chilean Bishop Conference to the Vatican protesting the appointment of Bishop Barros- Ignored and Suppressed

    Feb. 2015A month later, over 1300 Catholics in Osorno, along with 30 diocesan priests, and several members of the Chilean Parliament sent a letter to Pope Francis urging him to rescind the appointment of Bishop Barros which was scheduled for March 21, 2015. The letter was given to Pope Francis, yet the appointment was not rescinded by Francis. As the Osorno Catholics would soon learn, Church internal politics trumps the will of the people in the pews.

    Ignored and Suppressed.

    Feb. 3, 2015-Juan Carlos Cruz delivers a letter to Vatican Ambassador objecting to the appointment of Bishop Barros, detailing Barros’ protection of Fr. Karadima. Ignored and Suppressed.

    Mar. 21, 2015- Barros Installation Mass Protest-Global Media carried footage of the massive protest by Chilean Catholics over the appointment of Barros. Ignored and Suppressed

    March 31, 2015Francis’ Vatican publicly defends Bishop Barros saying it “carefully examined the prelate’s candidature and did not find objective reasons to preclude the appointment.” Ignored and Suppressed.

    April 2015-Members of the Pope’s Commission for the Protection of minors relate that in April 2015, they sent a delegation to Rome specifically to hand-deliver a letter to the Pope about Barros. Marie Collins gave the letter to Cardinal O’Malley and click the photo was taken and O’Malley conceded that he gave the letter to Francis. Suppressed and Ignored.

    May 2015 A video surfaces of Chileans in St. Peter’s Square personally plead with Pope Francis to rescind the appointment of Barros: On video, Pope Francis angrily calls them ‘stupid.’ Suppressed and Ignored.

    May 2015Chilean Supreme Court issues a subpoena to the Vatican for information regarding Bishop Barros. Suppressed and Ignored

    January 2018Papal Chilean Trip. Pope Francis again defends Barros appointment in an airplane press conference.

    Pope Francis says that “The day that they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, then I will speak. There is not a single piece of proof against him. Everything is slander. Is that clear?” He also said: “no one has come forward, they haven’t provided any evidence for a judgment. This is all a bit vague. It’s something that can’t be accepted.” In the Barros’ case, it was studied, and it was restudied. And there is no evidence…I don’t have any evidence to convict.” Suppressed and Ignored.

    January 2018 Papal return trip to Vatican on plane…confronted by an AP reporter, the pope said: “You, in all good will, tell me that there are victims, but I haven’t seen any, because they haven’t come forward.” Suppressed and Ignored.

    This author has investigated many clergy sex abuse cases. I witnessed the lies, threats, and hard-ball tactics of episcopal coverups. This is nothing new or particularly complex. The intimidation tactics of Pope Francis demonstrate the classic insidious coverup by a Bishop….the Bishop of Rome.

    Francis was forced to relent and concede defeat because of photo of an envelope, full of sordid and violent allegations of a notorious predator who preyed on minors. Pope Francis was handed “the evidence and the proof” by his very own Cardinal, head of the Commission for the Protection of Children. Pope Francis was handed “the evidence and the proof” in April of 2015.

    When the photo emerged in February 2018, the papal cover up gig was up.

    Francis could stonewall no more.

    He thought he could deny, suppress, and ignore the baleful pleas of wounded victims, like he did so many times in Argentina.

    Francis, and only Francis, is personally and authoritatively responsible for this contemptible coverup.

    Using the power and prestige of the Holy Office of the Papacy, Francis has repeatedly denied allegations, covered up the evidence and when he is caught in his web of lies, what does he do?

    Francis now blames and scapegoats the 34 Chilean Bishops of the Chilean Episcopal Conference, a number of whom had originally protested the appointment of Juan Barros.

    Zero Tolerance is an empty trope, unless Pope Francis resigns in shame and spends his remaining years in penitence for his failure to protect Chilean children and respond to the pleas of faithful Chilean Catholics, clergy abuse victims and countless Chilean priests.

    How much more could the victims and Chilean Catholics have done to bring this matter to the Pope’s attention? They used every means humanly possible to stop this dangerous appointment. In response, Francis derided them, scoffed at them and insulted them repeatedly. Some Holy Father.

    So much for the Pope of Mercy.

    The College of Cardinals should immediately convene and remove Francis, the Bishop of Rome for his gross and grave negligence and personal complicity in the systematic flouting and abuse of his own zero tolerance policy causing a scandal of epic proportions brought upon the global Catholic Church and the Chilean Catholic Church. In Francis’ new Motu Proprio Guidelines on Bishop Removal the standard for removal is “In the case of the abuse of minors and vulnerable adults it is enough that the lack of diligence be grave.” § 3. Three years of papal stonewalling and coverup is the definition of grave.

    It is easily arguable that the Francis coverup timeline demonstrates overwhelming evidence of a pernicious and wanton breach of ecclesiastic duty to ensure the protection of children and the moral integrity of the episcopacy. For once, will the Princes of the Church protect the little children? Or will they continue to quake in their mitres in the face of the dictator Pope?

    Next installment: The coverup continues…

    Elizabeth Yore is an international child advocate attorney who has investigated clergy sex abuse cases.



      Hey Cardinals of the 2013 conclave, “nice job.” There were a number of strong candidates who were and are holy men of God, very knowledgeable of the Catholic Faith, including theology,(unlike Francis)yet you seemingly chose the worst possible candidate by far. And from reading Dictator Pope, the vote wasn’t close. How does this happen?




    • Avatar

      “You foolishly misjudged these Karadima/Barros victims.”

      And the power of the internet to expose the truth. The one thing the Bergoglians are failing steadfastly to understand is the internet and how it works. Thank God for our only advantage.


      I think the Second Coming has come and gone. Welcome to the Hell Phrancis says doesn’t exist.


      Elizabeth Yore, very well said.


      We have to pray for the bad pope.
      Not insult him.

      “Even though the Catholics who are faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the true Church of Jesus Christ.”
      The Holy Athanasius

      “Where faith is in danger, it is legal, even correct, to resist the Pope’s decision publicly, as did Saint Paul, oppose the Holy Peter.”
      The Holy Thomas ab Aquino

      “If a future Pope teaches something that is contrary to the Catholic faith, do not follow him.”
      The Blessed Pope Pius IX



      Regarding the ” … do not follow him” quote of Blessed Pope Pius IX … this is why I haven’t been to Mass for several years now. I haven’t been able to reconcile the prayers that include the statement that we offer the sacrifice in union with Francis. I just can’t. I DON’T follow him; I believe, based on his actions, that he is a heretic and therefore cannot be Catholic, therefore cannot be Pope.

      I have been in a quandary for years … I hate not assisting at Mass, but I can’t pretend I’m in union with a heretic. I haven’t even been to a priest because even the ones I believed were orthodox started changing after Francis. One friend in the Catholic publishing world told me that priests are afraid not to change to Francis’s party line. How is one to know? I suffer because I feel I am offending God; but wouldn’t it be worse to go to Mass hypocritically?





      “As it is permissible to resist the Pope that attacks the body, it is also allowed to resist the Pope that attacks, worries and distresses the souls – especially the Pope trying to destroy the Church. I say it is highly legal to resist him through not to do what he wants and to prevent his will to be carried out – but it is not allowed to judge, punish or abstain from him, as there are acts that only suit him who is superior to him.”
      The Holy Robert Bellarmine, SJ



      Tis a wicked time we live in. It was predicted: this false church. We must cling to the Truth and Teachings that can never change and look past the evil shepherds and look to Christ and Our Lady and seek holiness, the counter to evil, and await the Lord’s intervention and Our Lady’s Triumph which surely must be drawing closer.


      The cover-up long predates Francis. It has been a systemic problem in the Church for a long time. The case of the Legionnaire’s and Marcel. Personally I believe JP2 knew a lot more than is admitted by his supporters and helped cover that up. The refusal to accept the resignation of Cardinal Law. The scandal in the US in which almost no bishops were held accountable and in which it is likely most bishops knew what was going on.

      Right now the Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing a scandal which has been met with a breathtaking act of leadership in which Pastor Mohler this week gave an outstanding address on the scandal and admitted openly that there has been a huge problem as regards the participation of SBC leaders in a cover-up of the scandal. Some leaders have already been removed and other will soon be removed.

      Imagine if a US Catholic cardinal had given an address like that back in 2002, at the large bishops’ meeting in Dallas that addressed the sex abuse scandal, how might things have been different — and better — for the Catholic Church today? Sadly, despite the latest from the Vatican, I believe the cover-up continues. The homosexual element in the priesthood and among the hierarchy is so pervasive and controls so much of the Church that correction/removal/punishment on a large scale is not going to happen.



      In Mexico, the general word was that Maciel asked Pope John Paul to hear his confession, and thereby tied JP’s hands via the Seal of Confession. I heard this years ago, when the scandal was just starting to really break out. Apparently, Maciel bragged about his shrewdness, and the word got out. I couldn’t say whether or not it’s true, but I think it’s possible.



      I hope the holy father does resign in shame-soon-and can spend the rest of his life in a dreary drafty old convent like they did to pope benedict.



      Other than Pope Francis dressed in the other trappings of papal attire, much like wolves in sheeps clothing I find very little distinguished attributes to give accolades by saying this man is truly holy. His deceitful verbal utterances and written actions thus far have given proof that this so-called pope is anything but holy; despite Bergoglio being named the present Vicar of Christ. If he were a true Vicar of Christ he should emulate Christ Jesus in every manner of humble upright speaking and action without question. (“By Their Fruits You Will Know Them”)





      He is neither a father nor holy, even though he successfully connived to be elected to the office that merits that designation.

      But your genuine piety for the Petrine office assuredly is praiseworthy.




      To allow him to meditate and pray, as do the HOLY Contemplative Orders. A charism he utterly and sorely lacks.


      One of a few Georgetown graduates I admire (Pat Buchanon another one). I pray for her safety…She is shaking a big tree.


      Being a Victim of a horrendous torturous gang-rape at gunpoint outside the Church. I never really found any help from within the Church after speaking in private with both a pretty-much speechless priest and later an Archbishop struggling to deal with the affront of 150 victims and counting of clergy sexual abuse of children. The profound richness of my interior Catholic Faith is what brought the better part of an acquiesce of peace not found in this realm of existence. Pope Francis appalling cover-up of clergy-abuse of minors goes beyond contempt. I’m just satisfied I’m not his judge.


      This Pope needs to be ignored and suppressed.


      As always Elizabeth maps out the truth with expertise precision! We must say a full decade of the rosary for this pope. This brings to mind the excellent talk given by Elizabeth last year, what an eyeopener!


    • Avatar

      Francis is the most corrupt Pope in history. And not far behind are the Cardinals and Bishops who lack the courage to do anything about removing him. The Church today exists without a moral clerical leader. Thus Church sovereignty has devolved to the laity who will have to fend tor themselves.



      He surely has a pal in Hillary Clinton whose moral standards are pretty shady and who has become quite professional at shifting blame.


      “Pope” Frank has got to go!


      God help God help us all!


      The quotation from V.S. Naipaul is a tribute to the intellectual background of the author.


      Unfortunately, what Elizabeth has chronicled is the Truth. I know, I watched it unfold in real time, as she did and as many readers here have done.

      May the Lord come and rescue his poor children from these deceitful false shepherds.


      Let us pray.

      O King, O Lord Jesus Christ, help Pope Francis, put him under the protection of Your most Holy Heart.
      O God, O Lord and Master of Your Church, look from heaven mercifully to Your servant Francis, whom You have chosen for Your deputy on earth.
      We beg You grant him the graces:
      – to be preserved from all heresies;
      – to be released from Satan’s influence;
      – to be able to be a model for everyone in Your Holy Church.
      O Almighty and eternal God, have mercy with Your servant Francis, and give him Your help to ask only for what is best for You.

      Our Father
      (three times).

      O Mary, Mother of Mercy and Refuge for all sinners. We urge You to look with mercy at the infamous heretics. You who are the Seat of wisdom, enlighten those miserably encircled in the darkness of ignorance and sin, so that they can clearly get to know the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is the true Church of Jesus Christ, beyond which there is no salvation. Pray for their conversion and induce them to accept the truths of the Holy Throne.
      O Rejoice, Glorious Virgin Mary, You Who Have Destroyed All Heresies.

      Hail Mary (three times).



      I am wondering why Barros has not yet been removed…..


      The little princes of the Church have failed the children for so many years.

      I doubt if any prelate shall respond to this excellent essay, which shows credible evidence of Francis’ direct complicity in the sexual abuse of children by priests.

      The Walls behind the Vatican are a cesspool of stench. I doubt if the princes of the Church shall respond.

      thank you most kindly for your essay, Ms. Yore.

      For all the victims………….God’s mercy shall be shown greatest to those who are victimized by priests…… Catholic priests………by Catholic bishops and Catholic cardinals who looked the other way and allowed it ALL to continue. all the way to Rome.

      For all the perpetrators, and in particularly, those who covered up this diabolical attack on the most innocent……….not even all the prayers on this earth for your soul, shall deliver you from the hands of the Almighty’s Judgment, unless you repent and do great penance for the rest of earthly life. ,




    Elizabeth Yore served on the Heartland Institute Delegation that traveled to the Vatican in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change.  She is an international child protection attorney who has investigated several cases of clergy sex abuse of children. She served as Special Counsel and Child Advocate to Oprah Winfrey. She is the former General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and former General Counsel at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.







    New from RTV: Michael Matt Interviews Father Clovis (London)



    Vatican II & Pope Francis: Fr. Clovis Interviewed by Michael Matt

    RTV in LONDON: Michael Matt interviews Father Linus Clovis. The conversation covers the question of refusing Communion to pro-abort politicians, the necessity of the TLM, Pope Francis, and Amoris Laetitia, which Father calls a “Trojan Horse.”

    Plus, is Pope Francis an anomaly, or did Vatican II make Francis inevitable?

    Subscribe to The Remnant YouTube Channel, as this week we’ll be in France doing RTV work for the Chartres Pilgrimage.

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    Michael Matt has been an editor of The Remnant since 1990. Since 1994, he has been the newspaper’s editor. A graduate of Christendom College, Michael Matt has written hundreds of articles on the state of the Church and the modern world. He is the host of The Remnant Underground and Remnant TV’s The Remnant Forum. He’s been U.S. Coordinator for Notre Dame de Chrétienté in Paris–the organization responsible for the Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres, France–since 2000.  Mr. Matt has led the U.S. contingent on the Pilgrimage to Chartres for the last 24 years. He is a lecturer for the Roman Forum’s Summer Symposium in Gardone Riviera, Italy. He is the author of Christian Fables, Legends of Christmas and Gods of Wasteland (Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and regularly delivers addresses and conferences to Catholic groups about the Mass, home-schooling, and the culture question. Together with his wife, Carol Lynn and their seven children, Mr. Matt currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.



    Latest from Michael Matt | Editor





    The Church and Islam: Dangerous Illusions



    When I first began writing about the Church and Islam, I devoted a lot of space to describing ways that Church leaders could resist the spread of Islam. It seemed only a matter of time until they would wake up to the need to resist. As it turned out, however, that assessment was overly optimistic.

    The immediate task, as I soon learned, was not to find ways to counter Islam, but to convince the Church’s hierarchy that Islam ought to be resisted. There’s no use talking battle strategies to people who won’t admit that they have an ideological enemy.

    The enemy is not Muslims per se, but a belief system adhered to by the majority of Muslims, albeit with varying degrees of commitment. Although Islam does not easily lend itself to moderation, many Muslims manage to practice their faith in peaceful ways. Others merely give it lip service, and still others are on fire with a passionate zeal to spread it—by fire and the sword if necessary.

    The idea of opposing dangerous ideologies is not foreign to Americans, but the idea of opposing an ideology that is also a religion is more problematic. It has become increasingly problematic now that we live in an era in which merely disagreeing with another’s opinions is tantamount to a hate crime. So, just for the record, critiquing Islam does not mean that one hates Muslims. Criticizing Islam is not the same as criticizing Muslims, any more than criticizing communism is equivalent to criticizing Soviet-era Russians. One can acknowledge the humanity and good intentions of others without having to endorse their ideology. And if their ideology or belief system presents a grave danger to others, it would be wrong not to criticize it. Of course, one should employ tact and prudence when offering such criticism.

    The distinction between Citizen X and his beliefs is a simple one. You do not have to respect his beliefs, but you should try to respect him as a fellow human being. Many Catholic leaders, however, have difficulty making this distinction. Rather than try, they have, in the case of Islam, simply declared it to be an upstanding fellow religion with many similarities to Christianity. That way, no one’s feelings are hurt. The problem of Islamic terrorists and extremists is handled in the same way: they are assumed to be a small minority who have misunderstood the peaceful nature of their religion.

    By the same token, it stands to reason that critics of Islam have also misunderstood Islam, and need to be set straight. If they persist in their obstinacy, they are dismissed as bigots and “Islamophobes.” Likewise, Church officials assume that opponents of Muslim immigration must be poorly informed, or else racist and xenophobes. If they loved their neighbor, they would not challenge his beliefs or question his religious practices

    Under Pope Benedict XVI there were signs—such as his Regensburg Address—that the Church was developing a more realistic view of Islam. But whatever ground was gained by Benedict was given up by Francis. Indeed, it seems fair to say that under Francis, the Church’s understanding of Islam regressed. Perhaps the most glaring example of this regression can be found in the Pope’s assertion that “authentic Islam and a proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” It’s hard to imagine any of his predecessors or any of their advisors making a similar claim.

    Unfortunately, very few churchmen have taken issue with Francis’s profoundly flawed view of Islam. Instead, many have joined the chorus—some out of naiveté, some out of misplaced sensitivity, and some, perhaps, out of cowardice.

    Several decades have passed since the emergence of worldwide Islamic terrorist networks, and Church leaders are still clinging to a fantasy-based view of Islam. In their defense, it must be admitted that other world leaders have also been in thrall to the cult of sensitivity, and have been equally slow in giving up their dreamy narratives. For a long time, Western leaders kept repeating the mantra that Islamic terror had nothing to do with Islam. But now their tune is beginning to change. The Austrian prime minister has threatened to close one of Vienna’s largest mosques, the French have shut down numerous mosques and deported several radical imams, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have effectively closed their borders to Muslim migrants, and Hungary’s prime minister has unapologetically defended the Christian identity of his country.

    It’s strange that the Church which, because of its history, ought to be the first to know, appears to be among the last institutions to grasp that Islam is not really a religion of peace.

    Or, perhaps, Church leaders do understand the dangers of Islam and have adopted a strategy of silence to protect potential victims of Islam. That’s one plausible defense of their inaction. Perhaps they fear that any criticism of Islam will bring harsh reprisals against Christians living in Muslim lands. During World War II, Catholic leaders quickly learned that denunciations of Nazism brought swift and deadly reprisals against both Jews and Christians. As Nazi power increased, the Vatican developed more covert tactics for helping Jews to escape, and Catholics to resist.

    One might argue that today’s Catholic leaders are following a similar strategy in the hopes of mitigating the persecution of Christians and other minorities. But there’s a difference. If the Church simply maintained a prudential silence about Islamic aggressions, that argument might make sense. But Church leaders have not simply refrained from criticizing Islam. Instead, they have taken every opportunity to praise Islam, to declare their solidarity with it, and to join in various Islamic initiatives, such as the campaign against “Islamophobia.” Judging by the Church’s great solicitude for Islam, one would think it was the most persecuted faith on earth, rather than one of the chief persecutors.

    The Church’s current Islam policy does not look like the cautious approach of one who is dealing with a dangerous enemy. It looks more like the trusting innocence of one who thinks he has no enemies. Pius XII may have maintained a prudential silence about Nazi evils once it became apparent that many innocent people would pay the price, but he never praised Nazism as a force for peace, and he certainly never declared the Church’s solidarity with it.

    By contrast, Church leaders and Pope Francis in particular, have become, in effect, enablers of Islam. Pope Francis has denied that Islam sanctions violence, has drawn a moral equivalence between Islam and Catholicism (“If I speak of Islamic violence, I must speak of Catholic violence”), and has campaigned for the admittance of millions of Muslim migrants into Europe. Moreover, he has criticized those who oppose his open borders policy as hard-hearted xenophobes. In return for his efforts, he has been publicly thanked by several Muslim leaders for his “defense of Islam.”

    One might be tempted to use the word “collaborator” instead of “enabler.” But collaborator is too strong a word. In its World War II context, it implies a knowing consent to and cooperation with an evil enterprise. It seems clear to me that the pope and others in the hierarchy are enabling the spread of an evil ideology; however, it’s not at all clear that they understand what they’re doing. Francis, for instance, seems to sincerely believe that all religions are roughly equal in goodness. Thus for him, the spread of any religion must seem like a good thing. It’s an exceedingly naïve view, but one that seems honestly held.

    But one can’t plead ignorance forever. Eventually, the reality of the situation will become plain to all but the most obtuse. At that point—at the point the threat is undeniable—we assume that the people in power will wake up and take the appropriate actions. But what if the awakening comes too late? The pope, for one, has shown little evidence that he will change his views on the subject. If anything, he has doubled down—recently going so far as to say that the rights of migrants trump national security. We should not look to the pope to lead the way on this issue. He seems constitutionally incapable of entertaining doubts about his Islam policy. It looks like the impetus to change course will have to come from bishops, priests and Catholic laity. They had better get busy. There is no time to waste.

    Originally posted at

    Professor William Kilpatrick, who taught for many years at Boston College, is the author of several books on cultural and religious issues, including Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad. His articles on Islam have appeared in FrontPage Magazine, JihadWatch, Crisis, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Aleteia, and other publications. He is also the founder of Turning Point Project, an initiative dedicated to educating Catholics and other Americans about the threat from Islam.

    POPE HONORS KATY PERRY: Vatican Promotes TM



    By the way, Katy Perry’s breakout song, I Kissed A Girl, was nominated for the Kids Choice Award in 2009, and after her visit with Francis she announced the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the song’s release.

    And finally, did you hear that Katy won her case against the two little old nuns out in California who were being forced to sell their convent to the raunchy pop star? Yep, Katy got the convent and the audience with Pope Francis. She’s had a good month!

    Michael concludes with a suggested strategy all Catholics can get behind.

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    • Avatar

      I muse whether God is testing the Vatican machinery before calling for a full overhaul…..
      Shock waves were the result of the woman sinner brought to Jesus when He rebuked the Pharisees who tried tricking Him, forgave the woman, and LOVED her enough to warn her to sin no more.

      Now a great sinner has been brought to the Vatican, someone who does not even realize how deep into the demonic she has fallen, and what do they do? They give HER the podium to teach others about how to call up demons. (And she’s not the first–recall Jeffrey Sachs, Emma B., etc.)

      Just meeeting the Vicar of Christ can be a powerful, disarming experience, why stop there? Give the Holy Spirit a voice, speak a phrase of hope, love, warning, anything at all from the mouth of Christ. Has he completely lost all fear of God?

    • Avatar

      Tell me who thou goest with…. and I’ll tell you who thou art.

    • Avatar

      Anyone notice the theme of the Met Ball idiocy this year? Heavenly Bodies and The Catholic Imagination. Fr James Martin and Cardinal Dolan were consultants in this travesty. Katy Perry had the gall dress as an angel, supposedly St Michael. Madonna was in pseudo Franciscan habit…I can’t go on. They are mocking us with this spectacle. I am so disgusted. Sweet advocate Mary, pray for us. St. Michael, defend us.

    • Avatar

      I’m unclear as to what a ‘personal meeting’ actually entails? Did he meet her ‘privately’ i.e., an official diary appointment, one to one? Or did he meet her while he was walking among a group of visitors to the Vatican?
      I have never heard of this young woman , and I try to keep up with what’s happening. So there’s a good chance, if it was the latter, he was equally clueless.

    • Avatar

      Imagine anything you like, Martin. At this point, imagining the current pontiff with a Margarita in a swimming pool, while Katy Perry is ranting “Hot ‘N Cold” in front of him clad in a cardinal’s cassock with nothing underneath it, is as much valid now to me as seeing the two of them holding hands looking in sheer adoration at a Madonna of El Greco in the Vatican Museum. At this point, nothing is beyond the possible.

    • Avatar

      When you have no substance, you need to rely on flash. This is what the Church is reduced to.

    • Avatar

      I used to regard the Catholic hierarchy as the church’s version of RINOs. I was wrong. They are outright sellout liberals.

    • Avatar

      I was going to say that the people running the Vatican are the biggest buffoons on earth. Then I heard Dr. Robert or “Robby”, as Katy Perry called him speak. A “Doctor” groveling at the feet of a pop singer and proclaiming her wisdom on the basis of Twitter followers was astounding. Then Katy Perry spoke and she always speaks condescendingly while uttering phrases that are profoundly sophomoric and moronic.

      What a perfect match of venue, Doctor and resident moron.

    • Avatar

      “If you’re the Pope why wouldn’t you…….?” Hmmm. Yet another unbearable shock to the Body of Christ with this honoring of Katie Perry. Or do we have the first anti-pope or impostor in many centuries?

    • Avatar

      Meanwhile, the Catholic clergy — cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priest — continue to do nothing about anti-pope Francis….

    Join the discussion…
    • Avatar

      I muse whether God is testing the Vatican machinery before calling for a full overhaul…..
      Shock waves were the result of the woman sinner brought to Jesus when He rebuked the Pharisees who tried tricking Him, forgave the woman, and LOVED her enough to warn her to sin no more.

      Now a great sinner has been brought to the Vatican, someone who does not even realize how deep into the demonic she has fallen, and what do they do? They give HER the podium to teach others about how to call up demons. (And she’s not the first–recall Jeffrey Sachs, Emma B., etc.)

      Just meeeting the Vicar of Christ can be a powerful, disarming experience, why stop there? Give the Holy Spirit a voice, speak a phrase of hope, love, warning, anything at all from the mouth of Christ. Has he completely lost all fear of God?

    • Avatar

      Tell me who thou goest with…. and I’ll tell you who thou art.

    • Avatar

      Anyone notice the theme of the Met Ball idiocy this year? Heavenly Bodies and The Catholic Imagination. Fr James Martin and Cardinal Dolan were consultants in this travesty. Katy Perry had the gall dress as an angel, supposedly St Michael. Madonna was in pseudo Franciscan habit…I can’t go on. They are mocking us with this spectacle. I am so disgusted. Sweet advocate Mary, pray for us. St. Michael, defend us.

    • Avatar

      I’m unclear as to what a ‘personal meeting’ actually entails? Did he meet her ‘privately’ i.e., an official diary appointment, one to one? Or did he meet her while he was walking among a group of visitors to the Vatican?
      I have never heard of this young woman , and I try to keep up with what’s happening. So there’s a good chance, if it was the latter, he was equally clueless.

    • Avatar

      Imagine anything you like, Martin. At this point, imagining the current pontiff with a Margarita in a swimming pool, while Katy Perry is ranting “Hot ‘N Cold” in front of him clad in a cardinal’s cassock with nothing underneath it, is as much valid now to me as seeing the two of them holding hands looking in sheer adoration at a Madonna of El Greco in the Vatican Museum. At this point, nothing is beyond the possible.

    • Avatar

      I was going to say that the people running the Vatican are the biggest buffoons on earth. Then I heard Dr. Robert or “Robby”, as Katy Perry called him speak. A “Doctor” groveling at the feet of a pop singer and proclaiming her wisdom on the basis of Twitter followers was astounding. Then Katy Perry spoke and she always speaks condescendingly while uttering phrases that are profoundly sophomoric and moronic.

      What a perfect match of venue, Doctor and resident moron.

    • Avatar

      “If you’re the Pope why wouldn’t you…….?” Hmmm. Yet another unbearable shock to the Body of Christ with this honoring of Katie Perry. Or do we have the first anti-pope or impostor in many centuries?

    • Avatar

      Meanwhile, the Catholic clergy — cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priest — continue to do nothing about anti-pope Francis….






      She is certainly not a christian SHE IS A SATANIC WITCH ! Life Site News had a clear article about it and even non-believers figured out she was doing witchcraft (Grammy 2014, I think; singing Dark Horses). How can the Vatican be so blind, so naive and so stupid? Faith seems to have been lost at the higher level indeed. Thanks for beeing there.


      How do you answer family members (elders whom you must respect) when they rabidly defend Francis? For example, my pious in-laws staunchly support not just Francis but all the post-conciliar popes. They think Francis is humble for living in the Vatican hotel and consider him practically a saint. Anyone else in this uncomfortable situation?
      Of course by comparison with the terrible apostasy and suffering afflicting Holy Mother Church, my petty complaint is infinitesimal. Still, peace and strength through prayer and family life are great supports during this maelstrom; I don’t want to upset my family members BUT can’t lie or pretend to approve of these infamies. Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this question. It must be pretty common.
      Nam ejusmodi pseudoapostoli sunt operarii subdoli, transfigurantes se in apostolos Christi.



      Yes, I, too, was in the same situation. The peace and strength you mentioned above, find with God, with Mary and Joseph, with all the saints, not with family and friends. It is a sad predicament, my prayers are with you.

    • Avatar

      many of us are in this very very painful situation all over the world…..

      such darkness right from the heart of our Church.. but Jesus has overcome the world! Let us remember that. Today is Ascension Thursday – 40 days after He Rose …. !!
      We are an Easter People – but we have to also carry our Cross .. and this is our Cross today… The holy Eucharist, Confession and the Rosary are our weapons!





      Do you ever feel as if you are in a sinking submarine, and the depth gauge has long since pegged in the red, the hull is groaning, rivets are popping, the faces of your shipmates look drained and hollow from the stress, and you are wondering if you’ll hit bottom before you reach crush depth, and if so, then what?




      Brace yourself for reaching ‘crush depth’. That eventuality is actually preferable to the Church being transformed into a working and compliant subsidiary of the NWO. For Christianity to survive it appears we will have to endure the collapse.


      Well… least Francis is against the Mafia (sarcasm). I think he was remembering jp ll’s denouncemrnt of it.


      Being so pro LGBT was her main credentials to be invited and so, promoting a pagan agenda. If not the abomination of desolation in the Holy Place, tell me, please, what is this?



      In fact we are seeing Revelations 18:1-3 fulfilled to the letter. The abomination of desolation described to detail in that same chapter and mentioned in Matthew chapter 24 is about to come with the introduction of the Bergoglian New “Mass” and the rumored abolition of Latin in the liturgy. THEN it will take place.



      There is a time for outrage: when the outrage will be heeded and in turn effect change. But we are way beyond that point, outrage means nothing to the pope or his entourage of atheist homosexuals.

      Now it’s time to laugh and make the change happen yourself.





      Remant Moderator.

      I suggest that laity who wish to give themselves to God.. as lay consecrated or Third Order,or simply believers – start uniting their forces and building next to Monasteries or helping Monasteries to be built … or at least get into the same area—

      In other words we the Catholic Laity who are not being fed as we should must act… the time for shock is over – by now we have seen and we know what is happening.

      We must raise up new communties and move to them… and in that community with either an authentic Bishop at the centre of priest…
      who will still celebrate the Mass the way he should… and give the Sacraments — it will be the way forward to strengthen us with The Lord…



      Well, maybe if enough folks got serious with their hatha yoga, and really buckled down their pranayama breathing, maybe, just maybe…
      Or, the Rosery.
      Other than that, it seems Francis is on an unstoppable roll.


      The Pope, putting her in high profile in The Vatican, is scandal as well as inappropriate, to say the least. When will he be removed from His Chair! BTW: if God cast The Devil into Hell, what makes her think she will reach “The Pearly Gates?” People will do anything for attention; but what’s Pope Francis’ excuse? Katy Perry will be very surprised when she reaches Hell if she does not repent.


      Tell me I didn’t see what I saw, Katy Perry(whoever that is) was giving a talk in the hall where the pope, cardinals and other bishops gather for various meetings, and was sitting in the seat the pope sits in.


      Didn’t Pope Benedict XVI condemn TM as being dangerous?