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Sachs Watch: White Man Lectures Black Man

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“Hi, I’m Jeff Sachs. I’m with the United Nations, and I’m here to help”


The globalists are so predictable and easily identifiable. Watch their language and follow their tactics. They never change. They sing from the same global warming alarmist hymnal as they import and traffick in their own arrogant brand of leftist ideology and self-imposed globalist solutions. They exploit and terrorize the poor with fear-baiting predictions to induce compliance with the dictates of the New World Order elites.

Africa is in their crosshairs.

This cynical tactic was on display during a speech on globalization in Johannesburg, South Africa this week. None other than Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University professor of economics, UN uber technocrat, Vatican papal advisor, globalist guru of sustainable development, warned that the population growth in Africa remains out of control and sent out the alarm that the continent could not develop sustainably with nearly 4 billion people.

Simply put, the dark continent must stop having so many children, insists the white man from his ivory tower.

Welcome to the New World Order of the Globalist’s vision of the world where the UN elites admonish the vast uneducated and unwashed with their haughty and pre-ordained formula for success and sustainable development, while posing as caring humanitarians seeking the best for the poor and illiterate. They promise education, poverty eradication, full employment, climate perfection, a virtual utopia on earth, if and only if, Africa follows the repressive decrees of the United Nations and its trans nationalists bureaucrats.

Throughout his peripatetic world travels, Jeffrey Sachs reigns as the globalist guru. His Johannesburg speech reflects his common globalist refrain.   He reinforces the UN message in South Africa by arguing that the education of African girls is the single most important determinant of future economic growth.

When UN bureaucrats talk to Africans about education for girls, read it as a code language for the UN proliferation of sexual reproduction health education for girls. The UN infiltrates Africa with reproductive health services for girls at the earliest age possible to ensure the reduction in the birth rate of black children. The tyrannical hubris from this white man is staggering who self-proclaims as the arbiter over a suitable size of the African black man’s population.

In his South African speech, Sachs wields the sledge hammer of globalism, as he pontificates that, “the overwhelming issue is that girls are not enabled to stay in school long enough, to delay marriage, enter the labour market and to choose to have two children rather than five or six.” Here’s the UN/Sachs despotic command: You, Africans, need to “limit your families to two children,” says the white man who has three children of his own.

His autocratic condescension is always couched and concealed in the soaring utopian language of sustainable development. We all desire sustainable development, right? It sounds so perfect, too perfect.

Listen to the globalist’s promises as Sachs imperiously instructs South Africans, “This is really important and it is another reason why education is so fundamentally core to ending poverty and achieving sustainable development in Africa.” The holy grail of UN sustainable development, dictated by a ruling elite, serves as the globalists’ First Commandment of the New World Order. Honor the UN in the name of Sustainable Development. Submit to its authority as the dominant power and final word on all things sustainable.

Fear mongering is the #1 tactic of the global elites, by intimidating with angst and alarm of imminent global collapse. Globalists employ this device to motivate action and compliance by the naive populace. Concocting impending alarm and catastrophe fuels the globalist’s agenda without the need for factual proof. Jeffrey Sachs, the Vatican’s expert routinely rails at papal conferences that the “world is at the tipping point.” Here are just a few of his fatalistic nuggets taken from the alarmist playbook employed and ratified at the Vatican and elsewhere:

•   “The world is headed to a catastrophic environmental trajectory”

•   “Environmental Sustainability—the coming catastrophe”

•   “We are drifting, losing vital time.”

•   “Nuclear threat is equal to the environmental catastrophe unless we choose and alternative force. The damage that humanity is creating thru the biosphere and reorient our actions.”

•   “Humanity is so numerous, and heavily using the earth’s basic resources in an unprecedented way. Fundamental changes of earth in the hands of human beings. (Globalists always blame too many people).

•   The pace of change is so extraordinary that we are in imminent peril on the planet.”

•   “Co2 is threatening the earth, food supplies, light happening rapidly.”

Those examples are just some of the globalists’ scare tactics. Has Sachs sufficiently alarmed you? Better turn off the lights, charge up the windmill, store up on contraceptives, and stop breathing. The Soros-funded shock troops are coming to control your life.

In the rush to intentionally skewer our vision and reason, the globalist pushes the panic button with one hand, and offers a magical solution with the other. At once, both seer and savior, the globalist places humanity at his beck and call. A glaring indicator of the new world order is the brazen apocalyptic siren which repeatedly sounds that the end is near. This end is not the second coming of the Lord, but rather the imminent destruction of the earth by man’s own dastardly carbon footprint.


Female fertility is the mortal enemy in this global battle. This population control initiative is a carefully coordinated and fully funded strategy by the United Nations, its partner Planned Parenthood Federation, and various UN agencies, NGOs and Soros. The New World Order elites self-ordain, calculate and dictate the appropriate population of the continent of Africa, and its 54 countries.

The United Nations bureaucratic bean counters now predict that Africa’s population of roughly 1 billion people will reach almost 4 billion by the year 2100 (its so-called medium forecast). Enter Jeffrey Sachs, the UN population control proponent, who jests around the globe dispensing demographic dictates to the dark corners of the world.

This global initiative to cull the black population knows no boundaries. Remember, globalists seek the eradication of country borders and sovereignty (except their own). As the UN and its Planned Parenthood partner carpet bomb the Dark Continent with contraceptives, abortifacients, and pro-abortion legislation, similarly Planned Parenthood strategically placed its abortion mills within walking distance of the U.S. inner cities, such that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are strategically placed in low-income minority areas.

Location of abortion mills in the inner city proved an effective master plan for the population control proponents. New pregnancy statistics from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for 2013 demonstrate the shocking results that 54.6 percent of black babies in healthy pregnancies were aborted that year. This means 79 black babies are aborted in the city every day and 66 are born alive. In other words, for every 1,000 black babies born in New York City every year, 1,200 are aborted.

This finely hewed demographic tactic is underway on the continent of Africa with the indoctrination campaign of phony man caused climate change and faux population explosion.

Are you paying attention, Africa? The climate is changing. The global elitists have determined that black lives are not sustainable.


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    Excellent piece. Thank you Elizabeth Yore. This should be mandatory reading for every Catholic.

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    When a pope says a woman with 7 children is “breeding like rabbits”, you know Sachs is the go-to guy.

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    Good read, Elizabeth, we need more of the truth to come out.

    Obviously, Sustainable Development is a Hate Crime. Margaret Sanger’s mission of eliminating the undesirables from the international society is the mission of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a tool of the UN international Population Control Elites. What we are not familiar with are those who fall into the category of “Undesirable People”. These international population controllers are not about to let you know that they are fundamentally racists who are no more than a new generation of geneticists who are following in the footsteps of the Aryan Philosophy:

    .. “The idea of an Aryan race is certainly not the idea of the Nazis. It was put forward as early as in the middle of the 19th century by the French writer and diplomat, Arthur de Gobineau, in his work in four volumes, Dissertation on the Inequality of the Human Races. This work rapidly became very popular among the German national romantics who made its doctrines a part of the foundation of German Nationalism. However, it was not before the work of the English-German philosopher, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, The Foundation of the 19th Century, that was published in 1899, that the Aryan idea got the meaning which usually is associated with the German nazism.”

    These Elites such as Jeffery Sachs are not unfamiliar with the genetic research that has taken place over the last one hundred years and how the many peoples and races of the world have been tested as to IQ intelligence and other genetic facts concerning height, life expectancy and cultural advances. What they are doing with the results of these life factors is playing god and determining which races and peoples to preserve and which to eliminate. The dirty little secret is that it is racism which is why there are so very few Native Americans left in the US. Margaret Sanger’s ambition was to weed out the undesirable humans so as to only breed Thoroughbred Humans. Look it up folks.

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    The Zulus in South Africa traditionally measure their wealth first by the number of children with whom they are blessed – and then by the number of cattle they own. Their custom is for the bridegroom to pay “lobola” for his bride to the bride’s father – a consideration largely based on how many children she is likely to give him. A woman with wide childbearing hips and large breasts can fetch up to 50 fat cattle for her family. The families of skinny women brainwashed at communist universities are lucky to receive one underweight cow in the exchange.

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    Better pray that our 4 cardinals will begin the Fall of the Vatican—-with the discipline of Bergoglio. The dominoes will then fall…

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    “Enter Jeffrey Sachs, the UN population control proponent, who jests (sic) around
    the globe dispensing demographic dictates to the dark corners of the world.”

    Sorry, but the typo adds fortuitous–if unintended–humor to a mildly amusing exposé of an epic fool.

    But hey: everybody loves a clown, right?

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    Eugenics of Sanger, Hitler, Mao, now the Vatican?

    Pope JPII always said “do not be afraid”. Pope Francis Vatican now says “Be afraid”?

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    Sustainable development and unsustainable hubris – great combination.

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    But I thought black lives mattered? Oh, I see. Only American black lives. And I guess Soros has that covered too as our black brothers and sisters are being decimated in the womb and on the streets, right on up to the nursing homes where their lives are newly in jeopardy through euthanasia.

    This Sachs creature is to be pitied as he will be going to a very dark place when he dies, and (hint, hint) it won’t be Africa.

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    Great expose. It highlights the depths of depravity to which our hierarchy has descended, by allowing such Satanists as this guy to be a global warming advisor to our Pope.
    George Soros is certainly getting his penny worth from Rome.

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    They seek heaven on earth ! an impossibility

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