Now just how am I supposed to feel about this?

How come it is a big surprise to anyone?

It is just the chickens coming home to roost.

Sorta , use it of loose it.

Do you know?

The Abrahamic Religions are monotheistic, consisting of

Christianity , Judaism and Islam.

Christianity was turned into Churchianity.

Did Churchianity obey the Lord and go into all the world and preach the Gospel ?

Well, Fb friend here is your answer, do you even know what the word Gospel means. Well, do you? Well, do you preach it !

And then as an act of total rebellion and defiance against Christ

The high tech TV Preacher pulled off the biggest ecumenical

scam of all times by cleverly and for 30 pieces of silver yoking up with the forces of Judaism and blatantly calling themselves christian- Zionism, big Z small c.

A gun loving, war mongering pack of mutts and nuts.

Stephen Harper is one of them.

Yep true to form he built and sent tanks into the not so Holy Land and helped create something called the Islamic Refugee.

Who oddly enough became Missionaries for Islam.

Sorta like what Jesus asked his followers to do but without the bombs and bullets chasing them.

Well baby, there you stand with your little head down in your hand OMG , you can’t believe its happening again (eagles 101)

So where do we go now?

Buy a “AR15” or find “John 3:16”.

christian-Zionism the ultimate union of “Church and State”

If you want to find the Genesis of this unholy union read the Balfour Declaration and look for the broken promises.

Aka Disgraced Deacon Daly