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The Heel of Our Lady of Guadalupe upon the Global Serpent

Written by  David Martin




The first and perhaps greatest prophecy given after the fall of our first parents is contained in Genesis 3:15, where God speaks to the serpent: “She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” This verse of scripture references the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception and the great power she would exert over the devil, especially in the latter times.

The Virgin’s appearance at Guadalupe is certainly no exception to this. The word Guadalupe, derived from the Aztecan word “coatlaxopeuh” [pronounced quatlasupe], providentially means “to crush the serpent,” which was precisely the work of the Blessed Virgin in her apparition to St. Juan Diego on December 9, 1531. She appeared on the hill called Tepeyac outside of Mexico City, which formerly was the site of the Aztec temple dedicated to the idol Tonotzin. Her mission was to dispel the magic and indigenous practice that had bewitched that part of the world, and bring the One True Universal Faith to the people. Some 9,000,000 Mexican Indians were converted to the Catholic Faith through her intercession, assisted by the clergy of Mexico. She truly stood upon the hill and conquered the serpent!

The clergy of our time are also called to assist Our Lady in this mission to convert the masses and put down the dark forces that presently bewitch the faithful. Unfortunately, these dark forces today are operating under the guises of reform and renewal, evidenced especially by today’s ecumenical escapades and the so-called Charismatic Renewal. As with the ancient sorcerers, these false prophets boast of their work in the spirit, but their spirit is the devil, and what they bring is a new religion not connected with the religion of the Apostles. (so-called renewal)

The problem today is that this false spirit is being promoted through the channels of the Church, which gives it credibility in the eyes of the people, so Our Lady’s intercession is needed all the more to squelch this revolt and revive the Church in a true renewal where the faithful can glory in their Catholicity, and not in things indigenous or pseudo.

Yea, the Church stands in dire need of a universal renewal of the Traditional Latin Mass, of which Mary is Queen. She is the Mother of the Church and Tabernacle of the Most High!  The rays of eternity streaming from her sacred hands are needed to dispel the darkness of the global serpent, which today is tempting the faithful with a new-found ecological precept that we cleave to “our common home,” and not to things eternal.

The argument that it is the clergy and not Our Lady who have the key role in Christianizing the people holds little water when we consider that it was Our Lady who had the key role in converting Mexico, and this being at a time when the Church was in good shape. How much more should this “Queen of Christians” take the lead when the Church is in the worst crisis of its history! The ancient serpent is paganizing the faithful anew, so the same Virgin Mary who nursed the early Church in its infancy is ready to revive the Church in its final battle. Her day has truly come for the final crushing of the serpent’s head.

Let us call upon her then and pray that the Americas be united, not under a godless North American Union, but under her protective mantle, that the people of this hemisphere might cut the pagan dancing and Marxist theology, and learn to be truly Christian in the Apostolic sense, fearing God, and reverencing the Queen in the spirit of St. Juan Diego. What the Blessed Virgin wants is consecrated soldiers who can dismiss the pettiness of ethnicity and culture and embrace that which is universal, so that they can rise above themselves and assist the Queen in dispelling the present-day “operation of error to believe lying” (2 Thess 2:10), as it is being advanced by today’s Vatican hierarchy.

Yes, the Blessed Virgin is all about restoration, and returning the Church to its former position of honor as it stood before Vatican II. She calls upon the inhabitants of the Americas to assist her in vanquishing the head of the global serpent, that globalism might finally die, and the true Apostolic Faith might again triumph.

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    Can someone explain what is meant by the sentence, “She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel”? Mary crushes the power of Satan and *then*? the devil waits to hurt Mary. How can the devil hurt Mary after she destroys him? It would seem the parts of the sentence should be flipped – he waits to hurt her (the Crucifixion) and then later, once Mary’s assumed into heaven, she destroys Satan through her role as Co-redemptrix. Or is Satan waiting for Mary’s heel to crush him? I feel as if I have to twist the sentence into a pretzel to get to that interpretation.

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    Don’t be so fast to condemn the charismatic renewal! Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the famous exorcist noted that the prayer groups from this ‘renewal’ were often good for deliverance needs. Besides that, God seems to approve of this renewal and performs miracles. The charisms often evident in the charismatic groups were evident from the time of the apostles. Perhaps we have a great need for such again?

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      We have a great need today for the Traditional Catholic Faith, as taught always and everywhere until V-II. I must disagree with your comment. The charismatic renewal is nothing more than a funnel that sucks people out of Catholicism and into Pentecostal faith communities. It is all about sentimentality, and when the local parish can’t keep up that “good feeling,” they move on to where they can reclaim it. I have personally lost many, many members of my extended family to this deceitful movement. Be careful, as the Devil usually attempts to seduce practicing Catholics under a semblance of piety.

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        I too have lost many members of my family, nearly all my siblings, to Pentecostal feel-gooders thanks to the allure of charismaticism. No doubt charismatics are sincere and desire to be good followers of Christ. But, eschewing the universal advise of the mystics of the Church, they voraciously seek after sensual manifestations of “the Spirit” (they often omit “Holy” for some reason) and this invariably leads them into various errors which they hold with an unreasoning tenacity.

        God help these poor deluded souls. They are blind to how easily Satan deceives those ruled by their sensual appetites, even the appetite for the consolations of God. If they would only be open to correction by St. Teresa of Jesus, for instance, they’d see that the consolations they regard as the highest of spiritual goods, are actually among the lowest given to neophytes in the spiritual life. To constantly seek after miracles like they do is extremely dangerous. It’s an open invitation to be deceived by the devil. I know not why I was spared the same fate as my family members, except maybe to suffer on their behalf. The traditions of the Church are the antidote and safeguard against this error-filled enthusiasm.

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      Every Christian heresy ever conceived has claimed for its source the Apostles. And what are these miracles you speak of? Fake ‘faith healings’? So called ‘speaking in tongues’ where someone flops around on the ground in and speaks gibberish? This modern idea of ‘speaking in tongues’ is clearly a revival of the ancient pagan practice. The Greek Oracles performed similar ‘miracles’.

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    God bless, RemnantNewspaper (Staff, Writers, Commenters) for your continuing coverage of actual events: for your straigthforward analysis of the APOCALYPTIC dimensions of phenomenons that would otherwise be completely incomprehensible, and therefore stultifying=paralyzing any pious attempt to react with spiritual means. Only be saying the demons name can we vanquish it! It’s just about seeing things as they are. I just want to thank you for your EDIFYING contributions in a world gone crazy. Regards from Germany (Munich) (home of apostasy, but also hope, with respect to certain german cardinals on both fronts).

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    Excellent article, Mr. Martin. The Church will be restored by Our Lady’s merciful crushing of the head of the demonic monster, Satan. I love it. It really makes my day.

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    It’s an astonishing thought to think that Satan might try to claim the very Church that Jesus bestowed to the care of Peter and his successors. Satan the great father of lies and relentless deceiver. Yet; as I contemplate this great mystery Christmas that dawns before us in prayerful humility. Our Blessed Holy Mary Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception stands out as an exemplary. She call us to pray as children unceasingly praising God and the great wonders He has done through the ions of time seen and unseen. I am comforted by many words in Scripture. When I think of dire troubles in the Church today I think of Isaias Chapter 55 verses 6 through 11…. and Matthew Chapter 16 Verse 18. (“That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”) We must undoubtedly be reassured by out Faith in Jesus Christ our Savior along with His Immaculate Mother Mary our Mother and Protector in prayer. The Holy Catholic Church isn’t just a material building. We Catholics who persevere in fervent Faith, Prayer and Humility are part of the entire the One and Only True Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. We are the Church. Let Us preserve in Faith in Christ

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    Something good is coming. As the news from the world and from Rome become more and more intolerable, all the more is the hopeful anticipation I have of holy promises becoming fulfilled in our time. I’m not trying pose as a prophet, it’s just a vague, in-my-bones sense which I think many of us may share. There is every need for concern, certainly, but also every reason to have hope.
    O, Mary our Queen pray for us.
    St. Peter, and all the holy popes, pray for us and for the Church.

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